Saturday, April 30, 2011

Were You Reading This,April 23+May 2

Assume, No speculation. Just hedge Silver put options against Market decline, as advised by us. That alone would have have been ENTIRE YEARS PROFIT IN STOCKS

And then on 5/2, as a continuation we advised to sell again at 120.90 and now, as of this writing at 04:00 ET, on 5/3/2011 the security is at 119.60, we advise to take all/or partial profits. !


boris said...

Dear Reader
I could close my site for any all unwanted individuals.

But I will not. Because, no stinking individual will change facts.

We are among the best and Most unique market forecasters that ever came to this business.

My Confidence and trust in my god to keep my powers going is unlimited

So, the site will remain OPEN
for anyone, even my enemies

That takes courage

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks for all of your great advice and direction.
Please do not let these distractions affect you in any way.
Good trading.


ps How about that silver?!

boris said...

Dear Wanderer,
Thank you very Dear Friend.
Yes, I got many balls to juggle , but
, as you know, I am used to that(:-

Good Trading Dear Friend