Thursday, April 14, 2011

Were You Reading This April 14/2011?

On April 14 2011, the simple message was sent to our subscribers.

Would you like to have been reading the same?


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Thanks a lot for all of your hard work this week.
I hope that you enjoy the weekend.
Good trading, dear friend.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
Thanks and
all the same best wishes
to your loved ones.

Good Trading Dearest Bert

boris said...

And then we said
this morning at emini 1317 to take half profits from 1300 and keep the stop on half at 1306.
that is fine is not it?

Nathan said...

what happened to your 3/20 forecast of impending doom? still in play?

boris said...

Dear Nathan,
We published enough information
For you to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the details are
for subscribers only

DOOM, BOOM, I do not know.
I go with the markets.
W asset allocated stocks at the 1250 lows and we bought short term couple days ago to profit yesterday.

So, where is the gloom?

When it comes everybody will know
The only question is who will be ready?

Now, for that, we do enough public service, but we cannot give vital info away, as our subscribers pay for it.

Good Trading Dear Friend

boris said...

Actually , if it is not enough
we screamed to buy S&P at 1000 last summer as well.
And remained, practically 100%(equivalent) invested until very recently.

So, Dear Nathan, Yes, I may say, market will fall here and there, but

a) I never give exact timing of both ends( start and end of the event)
b) I never publish enough to give complete information free and what you read before, may have expired or just starting.

Good Trading And thanks for coming to us.