Sunday, March 06, 2011

Markets are in broad top making process

We, did not update for a long time, because , there is/was nothing to update. We believe markets are in the process of making a broad/ugly top that could last from 0-12 weeks and span 0-6% in price. Sorry, we cannot give you more. This will be( already was ) UGLY process indeed as all top making processes are and we have the tools to work with it. It is very hard to work with these markets without those tools.
Good Luck


john said...


boris said...

Dear John,
There is nothing like it!

Except, we know where it comes from Right Dearest John?

It comes from having reference.
ONE CANNOT WAIT FOR SOMETHING HE/SHE does not know what it is to wait for.
Therefore there is no patience!

I hope, that with our, many and important tools, we are well equipped to wait for what we know we are waiting for

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...

heading your way