Saturday, December 11, 2010

Candy Store USA Is Open Come And Get it While

Yes, Government creates Jobs, if they get the money
Yes, Small business creates Jobs if they get the tax breaks( or leave them down after Dear Bush lowered them
Yes, Anybody will spend extra money.

That is what the money is for is not it?!

But , who is minding the balance side. When the Budget and Trade balance are going up.

You, that is who. Silent Americans. You get the big stick in the behind.
You are told, you pension will have to be reduced
You are told , purchase power of that reduced money will be even less due to the depreciation
caused by the distribution to "needy" ( small business, Goverment , banksters etc.)

If you do not get that logic then you must be dumb.

No S... , I am not dumb. I was and still am a small(now smaller) business
I know what it is to be any of these( including being , responsible and consulting, big corporations).

But, budget blow up never works.
We regrular people pay it.
Especially the retired people.
Increidble , how many goodies are distributed
while you are told. There is No COLA increases.
There is deflation.
We are Broke.
But there is aloways money for damn RICH yata/yata/yata...


john said...

All Empires end this way-- due to the arrogance of being on top

boris said...

My Dearest Friend
You Are On the Money

So, just like the Rome
Titanic was looted by those
who thought they could survive
the sinking ship( in this case who help the sink the SHIP USA) the modern power points continue to

God Bless Americans
So, they can return
the Real America Back

This is my wish
For next Year

Mike Truong said...

I have a possible theory as to the rising yields and the rising stock market during this period. The supposedly shock the system when the R's won in November has been tempered by Obama's ability to negotiate with the supposedly R's leadership. However the newly elected Rs and tea parties have yet to really taken to the floor and exert their collectively power. I would not be surprised if the young-uns would not make a ruckus and start advocating for austerity measure. Again the new guys aren't coming in until after January and will probably start making noise sometime in February or March. That may coincide with an over-complacent market to really pull the rug from under it. Overall though, as long as the $ devaluation music continue, we have to dance to the antidollars' tune. Just buy the dips...I hate trading this market...

boris said...

Dear Michael
Politcal, Finnacial
interplay, may well be
the way you describe.

As for trading.
I agree
and DO not advocate trading
but sticking to strategies
we outlined
and not getting involved
in unnecessary short term
trade. There is no need for that.

Good Trading Dear Friend Michael

boris said...

in Email
Market Report

Sana Hussain said...

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