Monday, August 02, 2010

decline is coming, but need to wait for right moment


boris said...

Market Report

boris said...



stay at break even and let it rip

boris said...

People who ask themselves or others
how is Antisopitalist able to make 600 pts when SPX goes nowhere?

Just need to see these two message this morning and graph I will show later.

Message then is

"09:37 ET, Asset Play Sold OnePlusOne(means 2% of my assets) at 1114.75 stop at 1115."

Free trade for all purposes, even as it started with the stop of 1117 at 9:28

Now , Doest that look easy or what. We sure make look like it is !

boris said...

Ok, did not make money,
But did not lose much fraction to 1 pt. WHich is fluctuation in our trades

Market was able to shake early morning blues, but still may not be out of the woods

boris said...

Now, a little bit abuot trading

It is true that We did not make money on the mornings trades, but that did not have to be the case.

Short term short trader, would have done well, if he/she took part of the profits on almost 5 pt gain in early trade and let the rest rip. That is how, I would work.

Unfortunately, I have no such luxury due to to the delays on my orders and need for subscribers to be able to follow them.

Otherwise, belive me, I seldom if ever wait for Limit orders to execute. Being the self proclaimed HOUDINI of trading , I just get out at, at market at earliste singn of trouble.

That is not impossible to convey to subscribes, wihtout them not missing the trade. They cannot react to something that I did at the market some 1 minute or more ago. Sometimes there may not be much choice but do so, but I , usually refrain from doing those things as I want/need my subscribers to follow that trades

Good Trading All

boris said...

Unable to produce chart
ran out of capacity or
data flow is too strong
and does not allow for the chart to come up

Will try

boris said...

5 minute
long time
Market Report

boris said...

Dear Bill,
Response at


Good Trading
Dear Friend

boris said...

5 min data


At MarketReport

boris said...

Again, very short term
trader could have taken couple pts profit on today's short

We are content to hit the stops on our shorts with minisucle loss
because we cannot inform fast enough to move the stops

D said...

we are at the 17 month symmetry from the 2007 top to the march 2009 low

boris said...

Dear D,
Thans Very Dear Friend

Good Trading All

boris said...

emini on
Market Report

boris said...

5 min data

Market Report

boris said...

Every Subscriber
Check that you received
YBR update

Good Trading To all

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good day!
I've been out for a few days.
Just got back to find a great gift (YBR/WBR) in my in box.
Thanks a lot.
Good trading.


john said...


Just checked in-- received the ybr -- thanks

boris said...

Dear Bert
Dear John

It is my greatest pleasure to
thank you both, my longest subscribers and friends


Dearest Friends

R said...


Thanks for the YBR update. Interesting stuff! It is a little concerning that it's breaking down as of late: any thoughts as to why, other than just unpredictable variation, government intervention, etc?

A work of art!


Mike Truong said...

I am starting to appreciate how to really use YBR. I think the best way is to scale into position as the YBR reaches potential turning point. If you miss it, then you miss it. Trying to continue to buy or sell the market to catch the few remaining bits of movement is deathly at times though. For now though, I am incline to believe that we will revert to the mean which is a bit below the current price. This may be the last time for stuck bears to get out though. Action is looking similar to July 16-20th time frame. There is a bearish MACD divergence on the hourly chart but nothing much on the daily. I am seeing a possible flattish to small rising market into the next couple of months. The action seems similar to mid march to late April market. A seemingly slow grind upward. I think it is best to continue to keep an eye on Shanghai market as it seems to lead us by about a couple of days to week this time around.

boris said...

Dear R

I think I know what you mean, but breaking down is not the word(:-.

The simple truth is that markts fluctuate around YBR( see Michales post) and REVERSIONS happen. In JUly Markes got too much swing on the down and being stretched markets swung the other way into today. Average reflets that.

Now, what is amzing the the other side of the turth. Most of the time WBR seems to pick exact tops and bottoms and many get so used to it that , forget the truth.

That is not always the case and/or expeced!

That is whey we use the other tools and fine tune it.

I sayd often.

If you are looking for a person in the USA, you should view YBR more like the CITY locator( gets you closer to your targer) and maybe sometimes a STREET locators , which gets you even closer to the targers. As it happens, pretty often it indicates direct address of the person you are looking for and that is amazing, but to exepct that all the time is



good trading Dear R

Mike Truong said...

I wondered if anyone picked up on the funky market behaviors right about when Goldman settled with the SEC. Prior to the settlement, you can trade rationally using overbought, oversold, moving averages etc.. with some amount of regularity. It was kinda of nice. Since then indicators seemed skewed somewhat. Certain times one have to trade against expectations while other times one have to trade with expectations. Very confusing. Seems like the trading chess match has moved up several skill levels thus making smaller and/or inexperienced traders whipsawed and unable to react or predict market actions with much success. I supposed once GS issued their reaffirmation of the 1300 target for SPX by end of this year, they were broadcasting some part of their intention to move the market up. Right now the best way to trade this market seems to be trade small and/or follow the herd/trend which is still pointing up. I guess just buy the dips and put on tight stops. Selling the rips have been a money and/or opportunity losers for most bears.

boris said...

Dear Michael
Market is harder to trade since from about Mid July.

From that date, even we have not much to sow( in tradaing) even though we stayed at benchamrk asset levels which means we made money as markets went up!

But trading has indeed become more difficult proposition in last few weeks. These periods though, come and go.

Better times are coming, even as I have no complains for now(:-

Good Trading Dear Friend Michael

boris said...

Emini 373

Market Report

xerxes said...

Good afternoon Dear Boris ...Heady days for euro bulls Dear Boris

boris said...

TO get 5 minute data


Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Good Morning
Sorry being
late to respong
must concentrate
on maket( stocks market)

Yes, EURO is doing well, today, but it remains to be seen if it has the power to continue

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Only For short term

Collect Some
now at 1109 , being short from 1118

This is not for

Asset Allocators

boris said...

small Profit of 1.5 Pts
As there is no cution
to hold

Good Trading ALl