Thursday, July 15, 2010

583 pts gain, while S&P stood still?!(:-

Since, September 2009 when SPX has first touched 1084( Then AHAP1!) Market has many trips up and down. While we made one hell of a trip UP. UP 583 pt gain in EMINI trading(single contract, no leverage!!!). Trading single contract at a time. We made 26 trades( excluding 10 or so trades that resulted in zero gain/loss). That works out 22 points gain per trade. These trades are all documented via emails, sent to myself and to all subscribers, in real time. These trades are also , recorded in real time at the site. If we include the trades from March 6 2009, things look even more impressive. over 900+ S&P points profits during that period. No gloating, no grandstanding, all verifiable. Thank You God, All mighty.


xerxes said...

Good Morning Dear Boris ... 1.3000

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Great work!
Thanks and have a great day/weekend.


boris said...

Dear Xerxes

Good Morning,
I had to go to swim and weight lift

that took time

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Bert,

Labor of love!(:-

Yes Thanks Very Dear Friend
You and all have a good weekend
as well.

Well, No, have a GREAT weekend

boris said...

Emini 359

Market Report

boris said...

just could not get the

5 minute data

john said...


A little weight lifting after market closes.

Nice call

boris said...

I did not mean it
Dear John
I have nothng against bulls
It is just when they fight YBR
They lose.

And have a good workout
Very Dear Friend

R said...

and the WBR as well. great stuff!!