Thursday, May 06, 2010

Were You Reading This May 06?

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Preliminary tally indicates, we are now 370 SPX pts ahead, since September 2009. SPX, meanwhile, has hardly changed. Came in with 167pts and few shorts and collected big time today. With extra nice trade worth 50pts to boot.


boris said...

And that is the way it was!

boris said...

I am now 27% invested like I was couple weeks ago and meanwhile, I believe we are, at least upto 270 pts in last 6-7 months.

I need to make tally of my trades shortly, but it appears like we got 50 pts (that is 5% is 2 times 2.5 and 2.5 times 20 pts , buy 1070 sell 1090) gives us 50 pts.
We alredy had 270 pts and we added buy back 1215 with 5ts gain( becasue it made 100ts but it is half of our portions/unit of trading which is 2%) And we get
270+50+50 and that is 370 pts. While SPX did almost nothing in those months.

Not bad at all

I am though, now 27% invested as I reinvested the 5% that I had divested at the top couple weeks ago.

boris said...

National Casino
In operation.

I hope you saw it all

R said...

amazing call on that 10% crash!

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
It was a pleasure to watch a master at work today.


boris said...

Dear R
Thank YOu so much
Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Thank you so much
My Very, Very Dear Friend

I need a vacation now(:-

Good Tradng Dear Bert

xerxes said...

Good Morning Dear Boris ...

boris said...

Good Morning
Dear Xerxes
Good Trading My Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Xerxes
New Post please