Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Were You Reading This, On April 26

Sold 1% of assets at 1215, near the top yesterday


boris said...

xerxes said...
2 year GGB 13.697% .... Gimme a D ... Gimme a E

4/26/2010 11:55 AM

xerxes said...
Good morning Dear Boris ....
2 yr GGB 14.042%

4/27/2010 2:15 AM

xerxes said...
Greece 2 year is similar to Pakistan and higher than the 9% the Turks pay

4/27/2010 3:25 AM

xerxes said...
"Managed Default" is today's buzzword Dear Boris ... Haircut time for Greek bondholders Dear Boris? :-)

4/27/2010 3:29 AM

xerxes said...
20% unemployment rate breached in Spain Dear Boris representing 4.6 million souls in a total population of 51 million

4/27/2010 3:40 AM

Ivan said...
Dear Xerxes, I am not very bearish on stocks (for now), but Telefonica TEF:xmce is a great SELL here.

I don't know why and how but European car manufacturers look very good on my charts. Especially BMW, it has very nice configuration and should retrace 5-10% down soon but UP is almost guaranteed thereafter.

4/27/2010 3:59 AM

xerxes said...
Telefonica keeps offering lower rates, better deals, all the time Dear Ivan .... Sell! :-)

4/27/2010 4:13 AM

Ivan said...
I have only screened some main EU stocks, looking for trading candidates, and found it. You know more about fundamentals :))

4/27/2010 4:18 AM

Ivan said...
On weekly basis, USDCHF is BUY for me. We could visit 1.06 area (or not) but after 3-6 weeks we should be higher than now. Of course, the things change quickly, so be careful...

4/27/2010 4:44 AM

332wil0佳穎4burc_custis said...

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劉WileyMares said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

boris said...


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
I hope you enjoyed your swim.
Thanks and good trading.


xerxes said...

In the Aegean Dear Boris? Just watch out for the Greek depositors racing in their yachts to Cyprus :-)

xerxes said...

I am short EURUSD Dear Ivan so far for today anyways ... Dear Boris was even kind enough to post this morning the target for EURUSD so I couldn't resist :-)

Ivan said...

Dear Xerxes, until I see the change, EURUSD is SELL for me (even longer term). I think we could have some longer reaction on upside, soon, starting on Friday or so. And next month (in total) could be good (or very bad, what is more probable) for EUR.
Similar for CHF.

When I think about fundamentals, all this is surprise for me. But that is what I see NOW.

xerxes said...

GGB 20/Aug/2012 4.1% 83.10 yielding 12.765%

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Thanks, and Good Trading
My Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Dear Xerxes
Thanks for a great infotainment

Good Trading all

Ivan said...

Dear Boris, it would be boring if we were all in the same anti-dollar camp :))

The only one problem: I don't like to be outside of your camp.
You know the phrase: Football is the game in which the Germans win.
So, I could say: The markets are the game where, at the end, Boris was right. :))

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Thanks for the compliment.
If id did not prove to myself, I was right many times, I would not insist repeating forecasts.

Even, so, I have been humbled enough times by markets to know, My crystal ball is not forever(:-, destined to be right and certainly not all the times.

GOod Trading Dear Ivan

john said...


good morning--quick jog

old john

boris said...

Dear John
Enjoy jogging
Please come back in time
We could be having interesting day

Good Trading My very Dear Friend

boris said...


Ivan said...

I would buy EURGBP here at 0.8670, short-term.

xerxes said...

GGB 3.80% 20/MAR/2011 priced 92.20 to yield 15.053

Starting to become interesting if one thinks they won't default

xerxes said...

The relic has moxy Dear Boris

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

DLAP4 on SPX got sliced hard. How rare is such an occurrence dear Boris?


boris said...

This is an earthquake magnitude of 6 on Richter scale, Dear Michael
Good Trading all

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