Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How Is That For Predictive Precision

Please note. These Graphs are known, 100s of years ahead. Yes, certainly to plan that far in advance a good thing, but certainly, it is great to plan one year ahead
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Do hedge funds collude?


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks and good trading.


boris said...

Dear Bert all
Good Trading Dear Friend

EMINI 270 on the DotOrg

boris said...

On DotOrg

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
It feels as though we were all alone in here yesterday.
Of course, you never know who is watching:-)!
Thanks a lot.
Good trading.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
Everybody that is subscriber(almost)
has visited this site yesterday
Via or see it via DotOrg.

So, and , due to the good documentation and planning of our services people, find less need to communicate via this media.

I like though because they still check it here for alerts. And notifications

So, Yes, less chat, more concentration on trading.
That is a good thing and traffic is up on this, as well as DOTORG
Both sites, actually

Good Trading Very Dear Friend Bert

I would say though, that I would give up for nothing this great GOod Morning message from you and other friends

Call me old fashioned guy.
I like it

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Let us not forget that now, there is a chat with boris feature, which makes this media, even less attractive for some, for CHAT purpose. WHy not go private with Boris. That way, people get more out of myself and this service. Who can blame them.

This media, again is great for alert broadcasts and promotion pictures and that is just fine.

Good Trading Again to everybody.

YOu know, this reminds me a class( say math class).

When teacher hears no questions it is a sign of one of the two

1) Nobody understood anything, so there are no question, no chat
2) The lessons are delivered so well, that nobody has much questions and can concentrate using the knowledge gained.

I assure you , the latter is the case(:-

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Me too!
A little human contact (or electronic communication) and a sense of community is of great value to me.
Thanks a lot.


boris said...

Please see the front page and picture for an article about

"Do Hedge Funds Collude"

Yes they do.
That is just my opinion.
Now is it good or not.
It is bad and it is illegal, that is my opinion as well.

What is your opinion

Good Trading

John said...


Nice call on the Qs yesterday.. got on that bus

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Good Trading
My Very Dear Friend

Craig said...


Good morning. It seems I subscribed to your service in the middle of computer hosting problems and therefore I am a newbie here to this blog. I have navigated to the .org site and finally have been successful in registering. Thank you. Question please. Some of the Tutorial links are not loading is this because they are not complete? Also as for the morning email updates all I am receiving are notices from .net saying the site is still not working BUT there are no attachments or morning charts to download or view. I want to change my strategy based on the ulcer free trading you promote. I may also want to dabble in short term trading if it affords a good opportunity with AP etc.

Kind Regards,
Craig Sicinski

boris said...

Dear Craig,
Yes, And I will move your subscription start date to the start of next week, so you have a chance to familiarize yourself with the site before the "meter starts running"

Please note, tat the most important document is HOW to use APs.

That is all that is needed to trade with our information. The rest is not very important. There are pictures, such as the AP money machine that illustrates over 10 examples of AP trading (over couple weeks), so that the events you/we are looking for are not at all rare. They are very frequent.

There is one more document that got lost on dotnet( remember we are not on dot net any more), that is a ReadmeEMINI and I will find a copy to post in the DotOrg->services-Files area. It shall explain the EMIN graph reading the asset file reading etc.

Please note, emails are , mostly, for alerts only.

Subscribers go to DotOrg for actual market advice.

two important places are:

1) Market Report
contains APs ( daily/hourly ) and comments , including comments on trades ( if and when conducted) and Asset allocation
2) Services->files
Here you will find EEMini Graphs(daily) Asset Graphs, and Outline graphs ( YBR, Seefuture, EUROPROJ, VIX, etc).
Also, you find (every weekend) the BIGPICTURE graphs( 18 of them) and Sector Grapsh( 9 sectors + IYR/SPY).

3) About Boris->Chat With Boris
to chat with me any time 24 hours( as long as I am not asleep(:- ).

Good Trading And welcome Dear Friend Craig

Klaatu said...

Dear Boris,
Re:Hedge funds
There is a story by the great trader Marty Schwartz who attended
a dinner of managers working for Commodities Corp. He was asked his best trade and he suggested go long
oil (at the lows around 10 years ago). He said the very next day it started moving up and exploded in a few days. He said everyone in the room was short, looking for much lower prices.
Good trading,

boris said...

Dear Klaatu

Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...

Emini271 on

boris said...

See Your Emails

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Great stuff!
Thanks and good trading.


boris said...

See update related to email

boris said...

HIgh of 11:05 lives.
That is your stop.

That is your no Ulcers trading.

Good Trading All

boris said...

Break Even Stops Please
Market must you make money or as a minimum you shall lose no money


DO NOT LOSE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Querido Boris .... The effort to use the "Chat with Boris" feature is tooooo much .... The security feature sucks .... I wanted to ask you the status quo on EURUSD trends :-)

boris said...

What is the problem Dear Xerxes
Please try one more time,
I think I saw the chat come up, but I was on another, Please try again

It works, No problem

boris said...

I put an update about EURO
on the DOtOrg

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
You can always leave for me phone number to call you back.
Please do not worry about costs
let me know your phone