Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Prophecies

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xerxes said...

I trust everybody is having a great holiday season!

Dear Boris, that time chart is espectacular :-)

It would be fun to see similar charts for the various currencies, relic, etc. You never cease to amaze :-)

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,

I found this when researching gold:

"approximately sixty percent of the world's supply of tungsten ore is mined in China. Tungsten is a dream product for those who wish to make a profit from scams involving fake gold. While gold's density is 19.3 g/cm3, tungsten's density is 19.25 g/cm3, this difference is impossible to discern.

Counterfeiters manufacture fake $480,000 400oz gold bars as follows: a brick of tungsten is cast, and a thick layer of gold is deposited via electrolysis, sealing all the edges and covering the whole surface. Although these gold bars resemble gold and contain on the surface approximately $50,000 worth of gold, they are not gold, and those that have mistakenly invested in tungsten filled bars or coins."

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
Thanks for the info
Most interesting for people
Good Trading Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Fortunately that is a nice
development for us/Antisopitalist
Unfortunately, it is not automated and a lot of time is consumed producing one of these.

I shall strive to automate this and then perhaps we can have these readily available,

Another fact/detail(:- is that these charts have many options and choosing what is important today is another manual decision.

Well, I must , as always solve the problem , so that I make it easier for all our subscribers and
Perhaps for me !

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Let me just thank you again Dear Xerxess,

But humbly enough, I would like to mention, why I do not stop to amaze you and other subscribers.

Simple, I never stop learning and being amazed and having multiple, inedependet views of the market from variety of styles of studies.

Some charts predict outlines.
Some info predicts prices
Some combination of those and
no method or view is strange to us. We try to take a TOTAL vision on the market.

I would make another challenge, here. How many financial forecasters provide the kind types and number of views( complementary) on the market. I do not know, I hardly read my own forecasts, but we provide , at least, 5 or 6 different views on the market, from pressure charts to APs to outlines to Price Time Vectors to Elliot/Fibonacci, Pattern Recognition, fractal views( superset of pattern recogntion), cycles etc.

Yes, we/I(:- alone do all that work, because I am a sucker for as many views into market secrtes as I can. So, I force myself to think like many other market participatns will think and after looking at the amalgam of those views I hope( only hope really) to come up with an edge for my subscribers.

That is all I do.
Humble goals a lot of work.
But it is a lobr of love and curiosity of my trubbled mind(:-

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Maybe one day Dear Boris i can figure out how to effectively exploit the wealth of absolute top quality info you offer us .... I love it here :-) Thank you again for everything you've done for us and may He keep smiling down on you and your family :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Thank you My Very Dear Friend
Good Trading

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

I think I was able to point another person toward the antisopitalist's thinking. I hope he find the experience as financially and intellectually rewarding as I did. Good trading and have a wonderful new year dear friend,


boris said...

Dear Michael,
Thank you very much.
I am greatful, for all the support
I get from Antisopitalist subscribers and I hope, Honestly hope, that what I teach is the most important part of what I do.

I know that people that have been on this blog, contune or not, become man in the investmnet. They make a giant step in understanding in how the trade is evaluated( how much complexity goes into doing so) how the world works ( which always affects investments) and even more so, how to protect the capital.

I am even more proud of that teaching/graduation ability than any other , adimttedly, god given good abilities in the market.

SO, Happy Trading to all grown ups of Antisopitalism.

Just understanding of this word antisopitalist, confers on them the deep understanding political underpinnings of MONEY/Investments.

I am glad, truly blessed to have that ability and therefore, following.

Dear Michael thanks My Very Dear Friend

xerxes said...

Good Morning Dear Boris ....

boris said...

Good Morning Dear Xerxes

John said...

good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John
Good Morning
To you Very Dear Friend
Just coming back from running at the beach.
Back to hack! as they say(:-

xerxes said...

Marc Faber siab the buckeroo could rally 5% to 10% more against the Euro Dear Boris ... I heard him say that on Bloomberg Dear Boris so that he agrees with Morgan Stanley when they targeted 1.32 ... No time frame mentioned by Faber

boris said...

Please , Note
the daily APs are derived
from 12/23 not 12/24
on the picture.
On the table,it looks bad because
it attempts to take it from the 12/24th which was , well not trading

Good Trading

boris said...

No guarantees Dear Xerxes,
but our projections for EURO are mor like the one you can see on

MarketReport comment 9:21 ET

Good Trading all

John said...


just got back from my run

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Dearest Friend.
Let us see now if we can put the markets on the run(:-

boris said...

Sorr, I will have to step our for one or two hours, with my wife.

Message at

Market Report

xerxes said...

More Marc Faber:

DECEMBER 24, 2009

"You should buy Japanese stocks and Japanese banks. This is the absolute contrarian play. Nobody is interested in Japan, all the funds have withdrawn money from Japan, they have given up on Japan...."

Well Dear Boris, I know you have an opinion for dotnet :-)

xerxes said...

More Faber ...

"I guarantee you the economy will not do well, forget about the economy, the population is shrinking, but you can have an economy that does not do well but the companies do well. There is a big difference and I think the Japanese banks are very depressed. All the banks in Asia have actually recovered very strongly but not the Japanese banks so as a contrarian play I would look at that."

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Thanks for posting.

Good Trading Dear Friend

boris said...

i mean these are pretty
interesting views of Mark FABER

Real question is why banks? any banks and why now, and why Japanese banks?

Well, I guess he has his reasons

boris said...

Little things that coung

"10:04 ET, It is possible we topped for today. 1130 on SPX and 1127 or so on emini was a pretty hard resistence"

Ok, the above was what we told our subscribers at 10:04 ( so early in the game EMINI was 1124.75 at that time).

Yes, it looks to us like that would have, indeed, been the high of today.

boris said...

Good Trading

boris said...

from walk,

Will have the chart ready soon.
GOod Trading

boris said...

chart shour be there shortly

boris said...

Dear Subscribers
I will be out for couple hours or so.

GOod Trading all

boris said...

Back from personal visits
I can see market has come of a bit.
Like we thought it would.

If anybody went short, you would know what to do.
Breakeven stop!

Good Trading

boris said...

Which Interest rates went up 100% today!?

YOu maybe surprised with this question. Well,

Check Our the Symbold ^irx on Yahoo and you will know.

THe 3 month tbills ETF irx just went up 100% today!


Good Trading All