Friday, October 02, 2009

Faint Signs Encouraging For bulls?


John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Very Good Morning
Dear John,
Good Trading Very Dear Friend

boris said...


boris said...

emini on DotNet

Mike Truong said...

good call again boris. Too bad I set my stops too tight an got shaken out of the mentioned currency. ohh well no loss just small gains instead of big gains.

boris said...

Dear Michael,
Most important thing is that you have learned amd matured as a trader.

That is what matters in the long run for you and for all of us.

Good Traing Dear Michael

boris said...

That Currency Call
as turns out called the bottom in the stocks as well, at least so far, anybody that bought or covere d shorts around that time is now in

Good Trading All

Mike Truong said...

My next learning curve is how to manage stops in currencies. I had the correct stops in originally but was too afraid that they will get run again. I did take partial profit then move stops to breakeven. At that point I should have left everything alone but moved my stops again to lock in a small profit in case of a reversal. Got hit and never got a chance to get back in. I supposed it is all a risk/reward trade and I got too risk averse after being burnt too many times for taking too much risks. I am learning though and everyday I feel I am getting a bit better at it.

Thanks Boris.


boris said...

Dear Michael,
YOu will learn that it is not just how to trade, but when to trade is the most important aspect of the markets to master.

You know bottoms are spiky!
Yeah, that is why at extreme situations like today when it is either higher or sharply lower, you will get a fast and decisive move and you would not have to suffer the fear of trade going against you too long.

It either does ot it does not, but that you know


That is the key at extreme moments.

We prefered the rebound, but we knew and knew that we could as well go into crash.

That is the reason the trade looks critical. THat is the reason emotions are high at


But as a trader, that is good for you, if you are not too patient , market still tell you very fast if you are


Good Trading Dear Michael

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks and good trading.
Have a great weekend my friend.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
Good Trading to You Dear Friend
Have a nice Weekend

boris said...

Japanese Yen
On kamekaze drive, after , most likly 5 wave complettion down on a short term and intermediate term as well.

Good Trading all

boris said...

Update on DotNet
5 Minutes

boris said...

Looks Like we are moving along
Please raise your stops to xx.39 on the security in DOtNet. That should give you essentially a FREE trade

Good Trading

boris said...

It looks like we are only going to make the first part of the Dart path today, hardly there seems to be time to do the rest and I do belive we will reach the bottom of the area. , which you know what it it is from EMINI chart

Good Trading all

boris said...

Comment about the
stops at xx.39 and the importance of security

and answer

at DotNet

boris said...

I have had enough of this.
Out of the security at xx.51 with a slight profit.

Sionara Market till MOnday.