Saturday, September 05, 2009

I am sure this was unintentional

From: BChikvash@aol.comTo:, lorimer.wilson@live.comDate: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 05:27:32 EDTSubject: Notice Of violation of copyright
Dear Lorimer,Dear Henry
Please note that your recent articles at
and at
use the original research conducted myself, at,

providing for the first time , as best as , I know the DXY*SPX versus Nikkey I ask you to immediately publish on your respective sites and at safehaven a corrective article, that shall point out that this is an original research by boris chikvashvili of http://www.borisc.blogspot/ (Anti-Sopitalist) and not original research of Merrill Lynch. I understand , that this is simply an ovesight on your part, and no other actions are required from you to rememdy this case. Thank you very much. Please provide as soon as you can the email contacts of the Merrill Lynch Researchers, so that I can advise them , as well, that theirs is not the original reserach.


John said...


I remember the article in Safehaven by you . It is the reason I am on this blog.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Thank you. Nobody could forget this article. It has predicted the top in 2007 and bottom in 2009 within few days, at most weeks each. Depending how one aligns it.

This in and YBR in agreement is enough to take me/us through the fire and water, in any order. Ha!

Merrill Lynch, I am not sure if they thought of this on their own or not. The truth is simple. It is not original. Peple must have been envy that they could not make these calls themselves. I am sure rest of it will not work exactly to justtify their effoerts, but the original article has called 2 greatest top and bottom timings!

Thanks you Dear , Very Dear Friend John.

I know, you believed in my original thinking all along and I can only appreciate for somebody to have stuck with me for so long, but as you say we boght head reasons to belive that our estimations of each other(:- were correct!

Thank you Dear John again

xerxes said...

Dear Boris..It's the highest form of flattery, or so it is said :-)

Just reading the articles now, again :-) I'm beginning to wonder why I hadn't just bought some silver and gone on vacation.....

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Me too(:-

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

message on DotNet,
Educational forever, yet timely to the current situation.

Good Trading

ofir said...

Dear Boris,

I read your predictions on the Shekel over the last few years, and it is really unbelieveable.
I also read your comments (53 & 58) on Globes article today at
Is 4.25 BY January 2010 your current prediction?
Would be thankful for your reply.


boris said...

Dear Ofir,
Welcome to our land.
I/We always welcome to people that would like to join our ranks and enjoy the company.

Thank you for taking your time to comment on my comments in the media. I am not always succesful to get messages there, because some of the "currency experts" there, you probably know the people I am talking about, seem to deny my message when their article is published.

I do not know, why, but somehow they seem to be intimidated by simple message like placed today on GLOBES.

I guess they do not want people to know that there is somebody in the world who does not write worthless articles that do not tell anything to the readers and confuse them.

Our style is very different, we let the charts talk and like to shut up as the predictions talk.

That is best we can do. Because , frankly we have not inside information and we do not claim to be "currency experts" and do not beat on the had of the Israeli bank why they do this or that.

We just want our readers to know what we think the currency is going to do and spare them the BS that others write about(:-

In any case, we welcome you here Dear Ofir. We have people from over 170 countries and they are all friends of ours. Now you are amongst them.

Good Trading Dear Friend Ofir

ofir said...

Thanks Boris.

Appreciate your attention.

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

I think I receive the wrong bigpicture file for this week. It has the same filename and information as last week file.

Thanks dear friend,


boris said...

Dear Michael,
You are right.

GOod Trading Dear Friend Michael

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

I took some position based on Europroj3 projections but it looks like I need to unwind these soon. The more I read what you writes the more confused I get. I really have no idea what to do anymore so I will just have to sit out and wait again. Hopefully the dominant trend in the Europroj will reassert itself again.

Good trading dear friend,


boris said...

Dear Michael,
It is not that the situation is not confusing, it is. THat is we are in a transition from one way markets to sidways and perhaps changing directin markets.
So, staying out is not an unreasonable thing.

Of courlse those that are in nice high yield safe stoack, they LOVE this situation.

They are making money as the market maybe goes nowhere, or anywhere. This is why I adovacate(d) the approach I advocated

For investors only.

1) do asset allocation
2) use mostly nicely Yielding safe stocks

If one plays short term trends, that is totally different issue and has not much to do with what I wrote this weekend.

One can trade minute by minute, or hour by hour.


Welcome to confusion world.

Just take a good look at the market over 10 year period and you will see that Market only trends 30% of the time!!!

IF this is not a powerful lesson I do not know what it is.

Nevertheless, we did and will act when things line up better. As I suggested best thing to do is to play trend breakouts.

Suche as. If you are UP,UP, DN and for a long time and suddenly the Up,UP,UP shows up one needs to try that direction, even front run it before it gets to Up,Up,Up, as the shorter, hourly trends change, before Daily does.

So, I would not refer this as confusion, I refer this as

A NATURAL state of market.

Again market only trends 30% of the time.

On the other hand , in stocks we have WBR showing the way, if the stock indices start to show tendency of breaking in the same direction, that should be taken as a signal to follow this.

You are correct, from the, somewhat less expereinced investors point of view this looks confusing. From my point of view this is

TOTALLY NOrmal state.

One way moves are few and far in between.

Good Trading Dear Michael

boris said...

In particular, postion in the direction of EUROPJ3, I do not see a strong reason to go with that trend since August 10-15 period when the low was projected. If market is not caught at that time. I would not see really strong push to take a new position laslt few days on that direction, considering plenty of warnings that while direction may prove correct, which it does, the strength may not.

It is important. Now if the position was taken in GOLD , in which , solely, in which, I put the higher probability of the move, than you would be profitable regardless.

If instead you have done it in OIL, you may be losing some. If you have done it in currencies( especially EURO) , you are probably about even and if you did it in stocks you are probably just a bit in in loss.

Again I do not know, what it is , but I did not have strong recommendation in any of the latter securities lately.

We just played stocks and made 17 points on the trade and are out.

So, again, I hear you. It is not an easy market, but nothing thtat is insourmountable.

Trader must accept the idea that Good Trades to not come often.

And forcing trade is the major source of all losses traders suffer.

THE EUROPROJ is suggesting at trading range. The only way I would ever recommend (POSITION) trades in it at the extreme lows for a catch of the move to the higher side of the range.

As I said, this is only For POSITION trades.

Shorter, intraday trends can be played any which way, but still would have prefered them be taken on days where the prices are at around extremes fo the range suggested by EUROPROJ.

I really hope that this is educational and teaces all of the aspects I discussed.

Make sure to only play the trading range from extreme readings at the range boundaries.

Wait breakouts, if range does not look like suitable trading.

Stay out. There is nothing wrong with this. According to the Jessey Livermore, "I made more money sitting on my behind than by trading"

Now this is from the greates speculator of the 1920-1030s

On must learn and live by these rules, and you seem to chose the,
"when in doubt, but out" rule.

That is absolutely fine with me and you.

Market does not trend too often.

GOod Trading Dear Michael and all
who maybe reading this.

Because again, repeate, most money is lost when trader enters the stagnant markets and looks at it as a POSITION trade.

boris said...

If we are on educational value of my musings here.

Let us look at EURPROJ past performance few posts down. You will see that EURO/SWISSY etc where in a very narrow(2-3) range for months( over 2 months at least). Please note that there reason this range persisted is that , those who "DID NOT KNOW" tryied to play the brekouts up or down and those "WHO KNOW" handed them loss after loss by turning the markets back to the other extreme of the trading range. Our subscribers KNEW that trading range was expected ( even though there were some discernable short term trending events in it). We Knew because we had the forecat months ahead before it happened. Now, we may have been frastrated because of this range, but imagine how frastrated and AT LOSS were people who did not KNOW that this was a trading range!

Yes, I certainly can imagen, as I go over my 20+ years of trading carrer and remember those kind of days. I DO REMEMBER.

So, the advantage that our KNOWLEGE of future EURO-DOllar map provided us, cannot be hardly overstated. It is a difference between losing shirt and mind and staying calm and make some money.

Good Trading all

ofir said...

Dear Boris,

I would be very happy to be lucky and receive your current projections regarding markets and currncies...
Is that something you do for new subscribers?

Thanks in advance.

boris said...

Dear Ofir,
We give projections 3 months at a time to subscribers of quarterly Tailored Service. Those who subscribe for one year in advance get to see the 6 months of the YBR(stocks market), 6 months of SEEFUTURE( OIL/GOLD) and 1 year of EURODOLLAR projections.

SO, the one year subscribes are able to plan much furhter ahead than those that subscribe for a quarter, as they only get a view of 3 months ahead, till their subscription expires.

Good Trading Dear Friend Ofir.

ofir said...

I will think about it.

ofir said...

Dear Boris,

Aussie and Kiwi are running up, nothing can stop them. Will it last forever...?

xerxes said...

Good Morning Dear Boris

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Dear Ofir,
We good morning to both

GOod Trading Dear Friends

boris said...

Dear Ofir,
We do not know if anything can stop anything, but Our subscribers have the Intraday Possible high low information and that is kept only for subscriers.

We have now hit the 5th in GBP and many other currencies, and that tells something to our subscribers.
By the way the meanings Attraction Points are described under tutorial at

Good Trading Dear Ofir

xerxes said...

EURUSD gaping higher on 15 min Dear Boris...10 pipper gap

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....EURJPY and AUDJPY are not confirming USD asskicking today

xerxes said...

Bit of irrational exuberance in the European session Dear Boris? Or are these guys trying to front-run the New York boys? Maybe New York will sell and laugh at the Europeans all the way to the bank :-)

EURUSD past the 4th daily before the European lunch....Fast approaching the 2nd annual high?

xerxes said...

Like a hot knife through butter, the move of gold thru 1000....Bloomberg

Move on high volume