Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Citizens For Honest Mmarkets Manifesto

Here is the Game Goldman Wins. Not Because It is smarter, But it is richer. Rich Always win the games, Especially where the Money talks not the brains. So Do not confuse the high salaries at Goldman with brains, they are lucky to have the money to play the game the way , few people can.
So, how do the Goldman's play the game?
Here is how. Typical user is set up to trade the way the picture shows in above portion. Individual's trade orders must go through layers of network/router and processing machine(s) ( especially at the brokers) to reach the destination. That is the same for either initiated query or order placement. Even the query done by the software without users request must go via the same/similar path. This means that information is delayed at every step of the path. Even though each one of these steps is small time for human EYE, it is eternity for computers. Even if individual is really a programmed computer(many individual platforms now offer scripted/programmed trading) the time delay , especially compared to the GOLDMAN's set up is enormous. This translates into following: Goldman computers can see the depth of the exchange offerings very fast and then react in a way that almost guarantees the picture is frozen and same as "last seen" by Goldman computer. Individual user is , practically , guaranteed that they see a changing picture, especially in high volume, fast moving markets and/or securities. Why do you think, you see millions of C/SIRI/AIG etc. shares of bankrupt/almost stocks is seen daily? . Yes, Goldman is a volume consumer! Please understand, there is nothing illegal about any of what is described above. People that had the ticker tapes in Great Depression made lot of money, while the rest lost everything. Goldman is using BRUTE POWER to make money. Yes, there is some smarts in in what they do, but nothing you and I could not do for few hundred thousand dollars. Stay tuned as we will get into more details of protocols and parsers as we will illustrate how much further Goldman types can enhance their advantages over others. Let me also point out that besides stupid day traders(most of them) the targets of Goldman types are institutions. Remember the example of the CANCEL/REPLACE mentioned in previous installment. Ok Reread again. You already know, you and I do not place orders for 100000 IBM shares. Institutions ( funds, pensions etc) do.
1027.30 1028.61 1030.73 1033.38 spx 1021.77 1020.46 1018.34 1015.6


boris said...

boris said...
xerxes said...
Dear Boris...High expectations placed on the IFO number coming up leg up in the cooker

8/26/2009 3:40 AM

xerxes said...
better than expected ifo's but markets apparently not impressed...yet anyways dear boris

8/26/2009 4:03 AM

8/26/2009 4:14 AM
xerxes said...
39 billion in 5 years today

8/26/2009 5:06 AM
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xerxes said...

Nice chart/explanation dear Boris

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thank you and good trading.


boris said...

Good Morning Dear Bert,
Good Trading very Dear Friend

xerxes said...

When nobody looks, the buck rallies Dear Boris...

boris said...

Well, You are looking Dear Xerxes
sO AM i(:-
Good Trading Dear Friend.

xerxes said...

Does the ECB have a euro plunge protection team, Dear Boris :-)

John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Very Good Morning TO you
Ny Very Dear Friend
GOod Trading DEAR joHN

xerxes said...

H&S played, tweezer bottom? negative loonie sign, ma's, channels, ap's all hit... bottom likely in for euro...the euroPPT at work :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I am not sure if EURO
has PPT. But looks like they are coming to rescue anyway(:-

xerxes said...

good durable goods number and euro sells off....are relationships in flux dear boris..

xerxes said...

or do they simply want to hit the ap's spot on :-)

xerxes said...

aussie hit 2nd daily

xerxes said...

ted was 77y/0 when he passed, so they say every 5 minutes on bloomberg...i wonder how old mary was when she passed...

John said...

I think she was 28 or so

old john

But no one will talk about that.
Just think, if it was a regular Joe, he would be getting out about now

xerxes said...

exactly my point dear john, exactly...but bloomberg had some clown that said that he was america's greatest senator, or so historians will later claim...

boris said...

Yes, let the historians do their job, instead of "GIVING THEM JOB TODO"


GOod Trading Dear Xerxes
GOod Trading Dear John

boris said...

Please find it on DotNEt

Good Trading Dear Subscribers

boris said...

Message on Dot Net

xerxes said...

big move up for the buck so far today dear boris....eurjpy flat...where are the euro bulls?

xerxes said...

hugh gap up on eurjpy dear boris

xerxes said...

eurusd did a 9 bagger today dear boris....loonie did 10+ bags ....
has the buck dug in its heels and said 'nada mas' dear boris...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
With all the respect to EURO and SWISSY and the rest( I am not mentioning the BRUTISH(:- of course), Dollar EURO and all of them are in the trading range and now words of HUGE, or FNATASTIC or antything like can describe the pure sideways motion of last 3 months/almost, which we predicted here so

BRILIANTLY if I may say so.

Of course Antidollar like Stocks have made a lot of mileage out of that , but that is a different issue altogether.

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

upside tasuki on loonie 15 dear boris...boom boom kaboom....go buck go

boris said...

Since the mid June, when Dear Bill Gross and Everybody else was calling for the collapse of Dollar and Bonds because of HUGE deficits in USA, I told my subscribers, to buy TLT. Yes, something that looks like a stock but acts like bond(:-

And why did I do so, because YEARLY AP said so. Had No Choice(:-

Of course, there were lot of EYEBROWS raised. What ?

Well, it seems to me like the BONDS and stocks were in a rally

TOGETHER at the same time!!!!!!!

What the hell is going on.

How so! Where is ZIMBABWE type inflation?

Why are the markets doing this to me/us?

What the F reakin going on?


What is going on is the market Dear Friends

Some people think it is the knowledge of markets that makes me look like genious makeing this outlandish calls.

Not at all. I am stupid , by mown admission.

I am worst than anybody, but I know that I am! stupid that is.

That is a difference between me and others.

Many people think I know everything , so nice for me.

HAHAHA... I know no S...

I just look at the same APs that I provide to my subscribers.

That is all I do.

HOnest. Is not that what I did when I asked you go buy TLT at under 89?

Yes, I could not answer your questions about why and why and why? So , I said , do me a favoer and buy.

If this does not make me the most supid market follower, I do not know what will. I have no answers about why. I just know , somehow trust the instinct that certain things have to be done , better done , at certain times. That is all

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

MOved to new post today.

Also see the new note on DOTNET
Explaning the old one, apparently not entirely clear to subscribers.

GOod Trading Dear Subscribers