Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AntiSopitalists Unite

When We Antisopitalists started our site, people did not understand who Sopitalists were. Now, They do. They may still not understand what SOPITALISM exactly means, but they feel it. They did not even know too much about FEDeral (Un)Reserve, but now they do and give it popularity less than Congress! The Sopitalists are in dismay, that Internet has disclosed them as unabashed swindlers having and/or attempting to, destroy America as the Germany was destroyed after world war one and was forced to elect Hitler to go on offensive. We all know how that ended. I hope American People will continue to remain vocal and replace the current corrupt governmental and monetary system(this is politcally equal opportunity bashing, I do not like either Democrates or Republicans, as they have proven to be beholden to the same dark forces and politics) with people who, think the way our forefathers thought about small , unobtrusive government, that lets entrepreneurial spirit live and revives our great country. I can hardly stand to watch from sidelines and let USA be the second empire(after USSR), that I lived in, to vanish because of the bad economic (mis)management.


People need to express themselves, hopefully without violence, but clearly that we are not going to take all kinds of opportunists (ab)using USA resources human/physical to their advantage.

From Dear John, Clickme-> Shut Out At Home, Heading To China?


xerxes said...

Interesting article Dear John....Did you notice how all these bright kids from great schools were looking for work in China, and finding it, but in 'soft' fields....seems that US schools generate a surfeit of basket weavers these days :-)

xerxes said...

Bloomberg says that the market is moving away from risk towards growth...a bullish scenario for the buck, according to them, Dear Boris....

boris said...

If Bloomberg says so(:-

Dear Xerxes

GOod Trading Dear Friend

xerxes said...

They say a lot of stuff Dear Boris :-)

xerxes said...

72 bank failures so far this year, as per Bloombeerg...

37 billion in 3 year notes hitting the auction block today, Dear Boris

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
We/I can only thank you that you take out more important items from what Bloomberg spits out and give to us here.

That is appreciated(:-

Good Trading

John said...


"Soft" fields because that is the way THEY want Americans educated. I only now realize it at 62 yrs. of age. As George would say- THEY do not want you to be critical thinkers. Just imagine a subprime mortgage person trying to sell a subprime mortgage to someone who could actually think. No money in it for the likes of GS , etc.

Old John

boris said...

Dear John,
Thanks for explaining that



F E X A C T L Y!

GOod Tading Dearest Friend John

xerxes said...

loonie hit the 4th hourly Dear Boris while EURUSD hasn't even hit the first low....

Dear John...that NYC teacher that wrote a book about US schooling (his name escapes me now; maybe you remember) wrote that the dumbing down process actually began in the 1st part of the 19th century when the Prussians lost a battle/war to a ragtag French peasant army....Their strategy was later imported to those formerly united states :-)

boris said...

The Emini146 has been uploaded

Good Trading Dear Subscribers

xerxes said...

Business investment as a percentage of GDP is at 50 year lows, according to a talking head on bloomie...He thinks that tech should outperform going forward....

xerxes said...

Bloommis reporting that the Chevy Volt gets 230 miles per gallon in city driving....Sell texas tea :-)

xerxes said...

Dear Boris, is EURUSD gonna get to 1.3750?

The Fed bought a few treasures yesterday, Dear Boris...6 billion smackeroos I think they said....

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...The big red arrow telling me not to forget, well, what am i supposed to not forget :-)

boris said...

The Megaphone Dear Xerxes


Good Trading Dear Friend

boris said...

Stocks On the ropes,
On the third daily.

One bad step and hello 980!

GOod Trading Dear Readers

xerxes said...

EurUsd and USDCHF are bucking the trend Dear Boris

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,

GOod Trading Dear Friend

xerxes said...

EURUSD didn't break yesterday's low while the relic the aussie and the loonie did...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
that just means that holdouts( as discussed in out market report) are doing it ( decline) today to catch up...

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

35 billion 3 year today went down big with strong bid-to-cover ratio..

xerxes said...

2.89 bid-to-cover

Are you buyin' Dear Boris? :-)

boris said...

We are still long with TLT and those who bought it should be profitable, We are in already, would either get on new lows only.
or at breakeven. I am still in on my initial positions even though I took profits on some.

GOod Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Market is attempting the "steel curtain stand" at the goal line=990 thre hourly lows have been registered at/around that area and market has not yet given up. Cannot exactly predict future, but nevertheless know how to act and here is, therefore, what I woud do.

If short from early morning , trail at the kiss back level of the lower parallel blue channel for subscribers view. If yo are nto subscriber, the trailing should be around 1000 and thereabouts.

If you are long I would ask you very much to get out on any meaningul jump or on the break of the 990 level. And if you are out, please stay out

Thanks Dear Readers and Subscribers

John said...


Covered my small short- sitting here patiently waiting.

old john---thanx

boris said...

Enjoy Dear John,

Market had a heroic stand at 990.
It only made sense to take , at least , part of the profits.

Good Trading Dear friend John,
I realise in your case the lot would have been smaller anyway.

John said...


You got it
1. stay small and stay in business

2. another bus will always be coming

old john

dkane said...


Yeah, 230 MPG sounds really good!

Anyone else notice how they don't tell you how many kilowatt/hour it takes to charge the damn thing up!

So instead of paying your hard earned dollars at the pump the cost will be shifted to your monthly utility bill.

No free lunch.


Hopper said...

Hi Boris,
I got this in a news letter and thought it interesting:

"The rally that began in March of 2009 is now 22 weeks long and has seen the S&P 500 rise 49.4 percent. Which is to say, it is now almost double the average duration of the average bear market rally during the Great Depression.

More interesting is that the current rally is eerily parallel to that of the longest bear market rally of that era – a 52% rally that came at the very beginning of the depression and that also lasted 22 weeks."

boris said...

Dear Dave,
Right ON!

They can tax the Utilities even easier!

Make sure you always look for "tax angle" in anything our beloved polititians do(:-

Good Trading Dear Dave

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
Thanks you very much for very inlightening historical precedence

Good Trading Dear Friend