Friday, July 24, 2009

Super caution Bulls

We have sold One more portion of our Asset alloction in stocks , for about the 70 point gain! We do not care if market wants to go higher. Let it do it. We will wait for lower levels to buy at.


xerxes said...

Are we gonna do the daily high run on EURUSD today Dear Boris...Hourlies are tight and 4 of the 5 were bowled over already...

xerxes said...

EURUSD outperforming the relic

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...There aren't any dailies for targets if it surges

xerxes said...

Record debt sales next week Dear Boris, 110 billion I think...They'll be selling equities to fund the treasuries...That'll be wave 2 down before the rocket propelled wave 3 has champagne corks poppin' around the world....

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Of course, there are daily targets.
What makes you say there are not any(:-

Are you referring to the DotNet site.

It is there!

Good Trading Dear Firend Xerxes

boris said...

Thanks For reporting Dear Xerxes

Good Trading Dear Friend

xerxes said...

Forgive me Dear Boris...the XAU list is in a light color and I didn't notice them...

This wave 2 decline may be mickey mouse Dear Boris...

Shemen, zahav, shekel ... booommm

xerxes said...

Do we get to the millennia mark today Dear Boris?

xerxes said...

All they tell us, Dear Boris, is that economies worldwide are gaining strength...that the future is looking good...and that dollar holders will be the bagholders for this bacchanalia...

xerxes said...

From Shedlock's blog Dear Boris:

The Obama administration is reportedly considering plans to raze sections of 50 economically depressed US cities, condensing these towns’ shrinking populations and city services to smaller areas. The plan, dubbed “shrink to survive,”

Who needs USDs Dear Boris when USA is being razed and returned to nature...China is renminbi...booommm :-)

xerxes said...

Bloomberg says 3 million work at minimum wage which rises to 7.25/hr today..6.3 million collecting UI...2.7 million collecting EUC

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Nature will do better things with the land than man can ever do.

So, great , return it to nature.
I love nature, we the mankind seem to be biggest PIGS it has ever created. So, give it back to nature.It is natural thing to do

"You Find What You Give, All Else Is Lost"

Shota Rustavely was a very smart phylospher and Poet

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Bloomberg says that USG made 23% on the dough they lent GS...I don't believe it Dear Boris :-)

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...How would apply Shota Rustavely's philosophy to Washington D.C.

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Have a great weekend.
Thanks and good trading.


xerxes said...

Bloomberg says that failure of antidollar currencies to breakout to even higher levels sheds doubt by investors as to the quality of earnings in the earnings reports...

Endless reports on how hot everything is and then one skeptical comment .... Balanced coverage dear Boris :-)

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Same to you Dear Friend
and to all subscribers
GOod Trading very Dear friend Bert

boris said...

Dear Subscribers
emini135.gif went out.


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Did not you know that BLOOMBGER,FOX and CNBC and all of those media , they are always balanced. Did you see how you and I have never been interviewed on those networks but unkle BEN is there every day ( ALMOST).

That is how balanced they are.
Like COMMUNISTS(sorry SOPITALISTS) in USSR, they talk and you listen. That is how it is balanced

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

So why doesn't the buck rally Dear Boris:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Richard Fisher, the president of the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank, said Thursday that he opposes expansion of the central bank's purchases of Treasurys beyond the planned $300 billion.

In a speech in Carlsbad, Calif., Fisher said he was against additional purchases because of the risk that the Fed would be seen as an agent of the Treasury Department and making it easy for them to sell their debt.

"We dare not come to be viewed as a handmaiden to the Treasury," Fisher said.

xerxes said...

We've already done black arrows Dear what :-)

boris said...

Dear Subscribers, Readers
We made many calls this year, that frankly stand with the best ever.

Exact 666 projection as a potential low in Feb/March period was a phenomenal call and gave us 120 points in 8 days.

But that is not the best call we have made this year.

This years best call was,

The trading range call in currenices , from May to XXX( for subscribers). It has played out with the most amazing precision.

While people were every day considering and armageddon one way or the other.

EURO THIS, DOLLAR THAT ... etc. and were nerves wrack, we calmly set here and knew/wereconfident that the Currencies will not go anywhere for this period. Dollar is probing the same lows, it was probing 2.5 months ago and the total move of about 2.5 points.


Talk about saving intellectual capital!

If you are invested everyday in this period and pulling you here out which way the EURO is going to go, you could be ready for phsychiatric treatment at the end of that period and with much less actually money capital in your pockets.

We just set there and watched it with cool.

Yes, that is another thing that makes the TRADING WITHOUT UNLCERS ( see that link up on the right hand side) possible and thank GOD.

This business is called young mans game as it is, but we are init because, we do not use BURTE force to do what we do.

We use AP system and Projections.

That is what we do

xerxes said...

Looks like antidollar is struggling a bit here Dear Boris....emini doesn't offer any guidance here... are we to wing it now :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Emini offers excellent guidance.

If we break below lower part of VB, we will , most likely follow the Yellow/Orange line down.

GOod Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Another guidence that is offered is that if we do not break down, likelyhood is good to move higher, away from VB

Good Trading Dear Xerxes.

It is all on the charts.
We had many examples now on how to interpret and use these charts and you alos have some nice AP as explained in the chart.

GOod Trading Dear Xerxes

Vishal said...

NOV up 7 bucks from your call of 29.50, cheers Boris.

boris said...

Dear Vishal,
Thanks a lot, actuall call was to buy it 28.70 I think and we got within only 7 cents from that bottom. Amazing is not it 30% gain in 10 days.

But I am not going to should from the roof tops. You the subscribers know how our calls worked. We had for practical purposes no failures, but we had gains of 300% in gold/oil ration and 40% or so in the oil/gold ratio. I can not even remember all the calls we made. Of course 666 bottom 120 point spx gain.

Who cares.(:-

I still think my best call this year was the currency congestion call for last 3 months or so.
And a call from one year ago. To buy the safe YIELD.
This YIELD call will work for next 10 years ( provided someone started it then). That is why I am so proud of it(:-

But even the better call of mine is to have been blessed with the real, first class subscribers, who understand what they want and see in me the ability to deliver it to them.

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....Green arrow is the future this afternoon? :-)

boris said...

Could be Dear Xerxes,
Could be(:-
Good Trading Dear Friend Xerxes

dimitry said...

Dear Boris, are the utilities you have mention before, has some kind of provision, restricting them from lowering dividend ? I think it was somewhere on internet.

boris said...

Dear DMitry,
There are companies that by law must distribute certain amount of earnins as dividend.

Now, if an enterprise is losing money the dividend goes down , but as long as we are talking about solid enterprises. There is not reason for dividend to go down.

Good Trading Dear Dmitry

dimitry said...

Thank you, Boris

Vishal said...

What I would like to know is how to "improve" my purchasing power if I live and work in USA.

Gold ? Im not so sure.

Its a fight against a drop in the dollar (thinking 1,2,5, 10 years down the road).

Forgive me if this question is very basic.

Vishal said...

Or will I just have to go to work for wages, that dont rise meaningfully, and buy less and less every year, for the rest of my life ?

Is that the price to live in US of A ? The price of subsidizing folks who bought Hummers and Mercs on home equity and now cannot pay their debts ?

boris said...

Dear Vishal,
That is a really a difficult question, considering the history of the markets.

It all depends where has one started the best years in profession.

The best place/time to be earning money is when there is a recession/depression and one can buy the basic neccessities and have money left for the rest of the basic needs.

But continuation is coming

boris said...

If one is not lucky to be making money at a time when things are cheap and accessible then the next best thing is to learn trading and make your money multiply, or as a minimum , keep earning for living.

Now that is a process that takes quite a bit of a time, but it is possible.

If somebody like me did it, with a little ORIGINAL patience, somebody with a cooler , ORIGINAL , had can certainly do it.

You see, in trading , the most important personal quality is , some number crunching ability( in brain, not in computer) and the patience, patience and more patience.

That is where it comes from. From patience. It allows to stay cool because the discipline is so strong that trader never destroys himself/herself as a trader matterial.

If one can not retain the Intellectual CAPITAL, through all kinds of markets, then one will not make it.

By trading I do not mean the short term trading either. Asset Allocation works. It requires less time and keeps intellecutal CAPITAL longer.

It is like a long runner, versus sprinter.

Sprinter is very likely to lose the compatitiveness much sooner, because it is an explosive exercise.

Long runner is like an investor.

To learn how to be the Asset Allocator and good trader to compement the investor properties in one's life, one needs to pursue the kind of things I did and do.

Understand interrelationships between assets and work out some tool(s) that better time the asset purchase, beyond the cheap/expensive attributes of Asset Allocation theory.

I can only hope, that by being pretty good in both of these categories , I present those qualities that I described one needs to make it.

I know , for example, that I can make my living, even with a realtively small amount capital.

One must strive to get to that.

Trading/investment is the last frontier of freedome from tiranny of SOPITALISM , which by now, is tattly exercised everywhere in the world

Good Trading Dear Vishal and excellent question

Vishal said...

Thank you dear Boris for your thoughts. They are much appreciated.

John said...


The patient marathon runner just checking in:)

actually only half marathons now at 62

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
GOod TO hear from you again.
I knew you were sidelined with some personal business, newertheless we did miss you.

Welcom back My Very Dear Patient Friend. And Good Trading to you.

I had a thing to learned and I did learn it by watching you.


That is the name of the game
What it means is to

1) Persevere
2) Stay small

And these too are intertwined because one can not persevere without paying as little as possible for EDUCATION in the markets. As Simple as that. And those two things can be summed up in one word


xerxes said...

Dear Boris....

"In the period, 2001–2007, the Fed managed to do something that had never before been done – create a worldwide bubble in just about everything. Stocks, bonds, art, oil, housing – you name it; it went up. The only thing that didn't go up was the dollar," Faber said.

I'd say they were successful in their mission, 1000%

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
FED is in the business of raising prices for everybody except purchasing power of American Citizens

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....

And this clown is the Big O's right hand man :-)

In December, the university sold $2.5 billion worth of bonds, increasing its total debt to just over $6 billion. Servicing that debt alone will cost Harvard an average of $517 million a year through 2038, according to Standard & Poor’s.

Harvard sold those bonds because it needed cash, fast, to cover what sources say was an almost unthinkable $1 billion unrealized loss from interest-rate swaps. The swaps were put in place under former Harvard president Larry Summers in the early 2000s to protect the university against rising interest rates on all the money it had borrowed. Instead, interest rates plunged...... The result was a $1 billion loss.

Booommmm...and these guys get 8 figure salaries :-)

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

What I find interesting is that so many people are trading or investing on the premise that this is the BIG ONE toward a reset of the world power but what if this is just a garden variety GREAT RECESSION? I think that has been my problem all along...I did not allow the possibility that indeed TPTB can truly fix the problem and we steam ahead slowly. In that case the turtle approach (by the dips and sell the rips to lower total cost of ownership) is the best method. I told you that I have stop trading but I haven't stop looking for a reason to buy or sell this market. Indeed that is your trading without ulcer method I think.

boris said...

Dear Michael,
I would say that my Money management technique, is not unique. There is frankly, only , on good money managemen technique and it requires discipline and hard following.

Where I didffer from ordinary asset allocators is my timing capabilities Dear Michael.

IN another words, with my predicitve , front vision capabilities, I recognise better the "Low" and "high" That one must utilise for all solid money managment techniques.
At the end , I submit, to you that the better selection of entry and exit points can/will turbocharge the profits compared to , say, plain vanila, dollar cost averaging.

That is why Monkey stock selections work just as good as Dollar cost averaging. Monkey does not know the stocks market, so he/she uses the random selction of stocks and times ( that is what I call monkey market approach(:- )

Good Trading Dear Michael.

xerxes said...

You should 'ring a bell' when major highs and lows are reached Dear Boris :-)

When they issue a gold sheckle then I will say they've emerged Dear Boris...Until then its still a shmeck :-)

“Compared to other economies, Israel has resisted the economic crisis rather well,” Paillat-Chayrigues said. U.S. backing of the country remains “strong” and this is a “positive element” in the rating, she said. Israel, whose S&P rating is equivalent to that assigned to Korea and Cyprus, is no longer an emerging market, she said.

“I see Israel as a developed market,” she said. “The fact that Israel is a candidate to join the OECD confirms that.” The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD, has 30 member countries, according to its Web site.

boris said...

Deaer Xerxes,
You Have received the update on DollarEuro Projection( so did all subscribers)

I find the fit pretty accurate , do not you think so(:-

GOod Trading Dear Friend Xerxes

boris said...

Dear Readers, Subscribers,
By being as precise as we have been with the EURO Dollar Prediction, we did not only predicted this particular relationship.
Due to very high correlation with EURO to all ANTIDOLLARS, we have essentially correctly predicted every class of asset tradeable on the face of the earth. Nothing shocking.
We do this all the time here. But, frankly, every time this happens I thank my star and tell myself, Is GOD so generous to give this ability? Is he going to take it away? If so when.

YEs My Dear friends, inspite of looking invincible and all to know and all capable, I am just as little guy as any other investor.

I do not take what I do and accomplish as given. I am awed and often frightnened with these abilities and more so with the tought that one day I may voke and not know what time it is let alone predict the ghings in minutia days/weeks/months and decades ahead.

I am scaring myself that is what I am trying to say(:-

Good Trading Dear All

xerxes said...

Yes Dear Boris...I have updated DP...
Absolutely amazing :-)