Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Close to 300 Points Of SPX Gains Since March 6

Dear Readers, We have just announced selling off some/part of our Asset Allocation Holdings at equivalent of 958 in SPX, which makes it close to 90 points on this operation, purchased at 867. All in all just two large trades

Buy 666 Sell 784
Buy 867 Sell 958
Other Trades provided close or more than 50 points

Would give us 210 points.
Add to this some intermediate trades and we will be way north of 250 and close to 300 point gains in SPX. Now that is as if we have been all along for the entire ride from 960-666=300 points, while , actually sidestepping some declines, which could have ended in bigger losses( means less risk than buy and hold!). Pertinent information is at trading-without-ulcers
Frankly, I have made even more money, as I use the SPX entry points, but do no buy SPX , but stocks that , mostly, move better than SPX. But SPX points are what I announce to Subscribers. Please note, that many of my stocks have also featured nice yields above 4% and that provided additional gains, which is why I conservatively estimate equivalent gains from 250-300 SPX points.

Ok, if you would like to check us out, verify veracity of these transactions, please go to the http://www.antisopitalist.net/ and self register and you will see the records. May not be able to see the March trade, because we were at another (.info) site then , records of which no more exist, but it can be seen on this site you are reading. Thanks And Good Trading Dear Readers


xerxes said...

Blowout earnings Dear Boris from CAT Coke Merck Freeport...and on and on..

Do you hear those pops Dear Boris? No, they're not gunshots, it's the sound of champagne corks across Manhattan and every antidollar war room across the world :-)

xerxes said...

Crude surging Dear Boris...This must be 1999 redux :-)

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Another day, another bus.
Thanks and good trading.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
Very good morning
Very Good Trading
My Very Dear Friend BERT

Mike Truong said...

I posted this on the last thread.

dear boris,

I am continued to be amazed at the power of positive thinking. I think so many people are in the recession is ending in 6-9 months and are buying anything in preparation for such an event. I still don't see fundamentals improving but almost all of the bearish econmist (roubini, faber, etc) are predicting a small but positive 4th qtr GDP along with the end of this recession. What I don't see are

1. Housing prices in aggregate are still falling with the mid-low and low end stabilizing while the mid and high end are cliff diving. (Please see mr mortgage site)

2. JOBS are still hard to come by. The rate of job losses may be sowing down but still these are losses not gain in jobs. Everyone keep harping about Unemployment is a lagging indicator. However this time we are experiencing lowered official unemployment due to people falling off the rolls. The extended unemployment benefits are masking the true numbers. Why the BLS does not include those who collect the extended unemployment in the official number is perplexing.

3. Commercial real estate is starting to show some major cracks. I think the breaking of this dam is probably worse than the Residential RE bursting as there are more money tied into CRE.

4. I do not see much consumer spending. Almost everyone I know are in retrench mode (but I am in California so it may be different).

5. The real growth in the US market since march 09 has been on the back of the dollar decline. It is ironic that President Obama is cheerleading the market as a indicator of the economy improving but never mentioned that the US dollar has been in decline by almost the same amount since April 09.

6. BRIC growth has been largely base on the dollar decline also.

My thinking is that the MSM as well as the SOPs has trained the US public to equate the equity market to the REAL economy. It is a sad commentary on the level of the US populace intelligence to fall for such hubris...

Good trading dear Boris,


7/21/2009 9:51 AM

boris said...

Dear Michael,
I am in full agreement with what you say. My Very Dear Friend.

Yes, and stocks market lives in its own LALA land

Good Trading Dear Michael.

xerxes said...

Dear Mike....Everything you say is true but just think of this....It doesn't matter what you and I or anybody else thinks about the fundamentals, because in this arena, perception is the only reality. The so-called 'recovery' is as real as the markets want it to be; the market is always right...Dear Boris told me that :-)

Vishal said...

1. Conditioning (Brain Washing ? :D) over the last 30 years.

2. Optimism

3. Lack of Imagination

boris said...

Dear Vishal
Dear Xerxes,

How can I disagree.
Yes, Yes, Yes.

That is why Antisopitalist exists

Good Trading Dear Friends

John said...

Problem is what George Carlin expressed much better than I could.

Lack of critical thinking on the part of the average American. Why? Because of the education system. THEY want it this way.

old john

xerxes said...

Ben's talking...He sounds like a mouse...

John said...


I cannot watch , I do not like cartoons. Can you see the paper he is probably holding? Does it have the GS insignia on it?

Mike Truong said...

Dear Xerxes,

It is true that right now perception is leading the way. However fundamentals always prevail in the end which is why I find the stupor that the US public is in so perplexing...Essentially we have had 2 major bubbles (internet and housing) bursting within the decade with disastrous results to people retirement accounts and yet the pollyanna-ish attitudes are so strange. It is as if the US in aggregate wants to believe that Obama will work his magic and suddenly eveything will be back to normal. Another thing that irked me is that everyone talks about taking care of the children yet they have no problem hoisting off problems to the future. Pissed me off to no end..

Good trading dear friends,


xerxes said...

Dear John...His cheat sheet is on the desk...He's reading from it but it isn't in view...But I see a G on the left and a S on the right cheek...His ears seem a bit elongated...Since he started speaking, EURUSD has gained 30 pips....

xerxes said...

Dear Mike...I'm pissed as well....We must learn to take care of our family friends neighbors and communities...What else can we do?

xerxes said...

Barney is querying Ben...You wonder how he could be anything more than a dogcatcher...

xerxes said...

Ben Said M1 and M2 are not growing fast, that inflation refers only to the price level and that the FRB has the smallest proportion of treasuries on its balance sheet in the FRB's history...This is what he told Ron Paul who asked him why he was printing like mad and keeping IR so artificially low..

boris said...

Dear John,
Dear Xerxes
Dear Micheal.

THanks for the comments. Makes sense. Does not it?

Not for nothing we have G Karlin right at top of the front page.

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

BOC left rates unchanged....

The loonie is the best performer this month against the U.S. dollar among the 16 most-active currencies tracked by Bloomberg. Policy makers said the strength is “significantly moderating” an economic recovery that has been quicker than they expected.

“The tone of the statement is a little bit lighter than the previous one,” said Sacha Tihanyi, a currency strategist in Toronto at Scotia Capital, a unit of Canada’s third-largest bank. “It’s an implicit go-ahead for the currency market to buy the Canadian dollar.” ........Booooomm

xerxes said...

We must be correcting hard Dear Boris...S&P down 1/3% :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I happen to agree with your

GOod Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...USD on a bull run...It almost got to 1st hourly...Go buck Go!!!

xerxes said...

While Ben is giving testimony, one can't help but notice the babe in the background

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I thank you for observations.
DO you though think you maybe OVEROBSERVING(:- , Sometimes?

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

dimitry said...

Dear Boris, you mention "non core " position of certain asset in your email. Does it mean bigger than core position ?

boris said...

Dear Dmitry,
Yes, exactly bigger than core.

Thanks My Dear Friend Dmitry

Mike Truong said...


Did you get your 60 mins walk in?

good trading dear friend,


John said...


thanks for reminding me about Boris and his daily walk.

Did you get it in Boris?

old john

boris said...

I had a 30 minute exercise today in my balcony , Very early in the morning , under the breeze from the waters. Felt good, but had too much work to do. So, I decided to not do any more today as too much work accumulated, but I feel real heavy in my arems and legs as I turn them , which indicates to me

1) Muscules are growing and showing their presense where they should in the periphery instead of in the mid section of my body(:-

2) Perhaps it is ok to go easy for couple days to feel a bit less heavy and more flexible

So, in that line, I did some more stretching today to complete another half hour of execise and called it a day!(:-

Thanks Dear Friend Michael

boris said...

Dear John,
Thanks Dear Friend
for concern.

That is what real friends are for

My Very Dear Friend John,
My Very Dear Friend Michael

John said...

stretching is good for us old people

boris said...

Dear John,
Indeed, as felt more desirous of doing it as the weights have a way of stiffenning me and causing higher bloos pressure, which I used to get often , after foreceful exercises with wieghts. Especially as I insisted lifting very heavy weights in my midlife.

In general, I have a very stable blood pressure. So, that has caused me to totally discard weights couple years ago, but that was another mistake.

Of course, right thing to do was to find a middle road between weiths and running and swimming and stretching.

It was much easier at younger age.

I could take 8 hour in the GYM and 8 hours study for exames. Amazing what kind animals we humans are(:-

Good Trading Dear John

Mike Truong said...

So do we get the 3-4 oclock pump a dump or pump and pump today? I vote for a pump and dump but I have been wrong before

boris said...

Dear Subscribers.
Did I tell you to buy/add to tlt
couple days ago?

Whil TLT is up over 2% just today!

Ok, first purchase of TLT was advised at 5% ago, So, if you acted both times you are up , at least 6% by now.

And if you buy NOV , you are up 20+% last 8 days.

And you probably are even or a little under the water with UNG, while , perhaps even with UNG/USO spread.
And how about the NAK, SA, SSRI, SVM ...

These are also up from 2-10% last 8 days.

SO how are we doing.

Not bad, in my book

Good Trading Dear Readers/Subscribers

None ot securities we mention above are advised to buy at this time. We buy things when they need to be bought and they could be/are part of asset allocation game and you would not know what we do ( add, subtract sell). So please do not buy anything we mentioned here

Mike Truong said...

Dear Boris,

I wondered if the last turn date was not really a turn date but the next one really is the major turn date. Also do you think that we may have gotten the order of the turn date wrong Hi/Lo or vise versa?

Anyways good trading dear friend,


xerxes said...

I'd like to F/U on Dear Mike's question, Dear Boris, as regards turns, as perhaps the EURUSD high today of 1.4277 is the high of the turn and now we go lower till next turn...

boris said...

Remember Dear Xerxes and Michael, that the turns prescribed by WBR are coming here fast and furious and considering 1(2 really) day precision, it is impossible to tell which way is UP!

I am frank and that is the way it should be. IN such tight quarters hard to tell. We know, knew long time now that we are in RANGE TRADING, as far as currenices go

GOod Trading Both Dear Friends