Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some More Down?

This Pressure chart is latest. For 4/15/2009. So is the Pcratio chart

839.04 842.79 848.94 856.29 emini
830.71 826.96 820.81 813.31

32.27 32.36 32.51 32.69 qqqq
32.08 31.99 31.84 31.66

453.56 455.40 458.42 462.03 rut
449.48 447.64 444.62 440.94

842.41 846.08 852.10 859.29 spx
834.26 830.59 824.57 817.23

99.54 99.64 99.81 100.00 jpy
99.32 99.22 99.06 98.86

896.54 899.64 904.73 910.80 xau
889.66 886.56 881.48 875.28


John said...


good morning

old john

Wanderer said...

Dear boris,
Good morning.
Good living.


lagscrew said...

we have tied a bull market avg for the most stocks above the 50 day moving avg at this last top---can only go back 3 yrs

was this the big wave 4 up that was in question?????

boris said...

Dear John
Dear Bert,

My Very Dear Friends

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Thsnks, Good Trading
To you

boris said...

Dear Xerxes, See what you have done?

You predicted the 3rd ILAP 1.3150 to be the the support ( alos 1st DLAP).

You are now, full and dsitinguished graduate of ANTISOPITALIST UNIVERSITY.

You caused Currency Reversal and in the process the stock market revesal, which by MIRACLE of ATTRACTION POINTS turned BULLS EYE at the first HOURLY ILAP!

CONGRATS Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Dear Xerxss,

I could not have done any better!

Good Going My Dear Friend

Mike Truong said...

good morning boris,

I see that all the excitement in the currency arena happened while I slept last night. Funny thing was I had a gut feeling about a blowoff topping action but was so tired yesterday so I turned in early instead of waiting for the European open. Anyway it look like the Eur, GBP, and Swissy are having a tug o war with each other right now while the yen is confused on what to do.

Good trading dear friend,


Mike Truong said...

Dear boris,

You must be extra excited about being able to add to your gbp/chf shorts here at this level.

Good trading dear friend,


boris said...

Dear Michael,
Welcome back.

Yes, I like nothing better than selling acainst CONFLUENCE!


Did you see the confluence that Dear Xerxes described and in addition all other things CONFLUENCED that he did not mention.

Like SWISSY at 62 FIBO, EMINI at 1 ILAP hourly.

And this is cursory examination.

I bet you , if we examine many more securities and AP timeframes , we will find giant CONFLUENCE that we can call more like

C O N S P I R A C Y !

Good Trading Dear Michael

boris said...

People ask me...

How do we use the AP system,

I can not give more important lesson than you just saw, how everyting in AP world was screaming, we are all at appropriate BUS station for the turns.

I submit, that even myself , who can not be surrised by APs, AM SURPRISED.


Cause the more APS we have available and faster ( I am working on making 5 minute ones fast as well, excited it is coming), the CONFLUENCES that were not visible before are


I am excited byond belief, because

The data we provide is not only more timely now, it is actually able to help the CONFLUENCES of EXTREME imoortance.

Just seeing the conflunce like the one this morning accross the timeframes and securities , sends the electric current to my traders body(:- !

Good Trading

valry777 said...


xerxes said...

Dear Boris...Yes I saw the conflation of data points but I didn't like the set-ups as they seemed ephemeral...I'm not a quick-draw type and so I didn't sell and reverse buy ard 1.3150 like maybe a sharper trader would have...I think we're going to see a low price gaping play so I stay short with a tight trailer...

boris said...

Dear Valery,
there is no right and/or wrong AP.

They all confluence at some point and if they do then we have a strong case for market reversal.

That is why I explained in previous comments.

Please see how the daily and hourly APS confluenced for EURO and at the same time the EMINI hit its Hourly First Low AP.

The entire system that we present is build on the fact that these APS in conjunction with other indicators and FIBOS is the cornerstone of CONFLUENCE, which leads to profits.

I am not sure how much better job can I do explaining how to use or what is important with APS.

It is clear that we need confluence.

There is a tutorial at site that describes what to look for.

Dear Xerxes today has clearly shown that it is very easy to spot where the markets turn even before it happens.

So, Just reread the tutuatial at for APS and

Analise the example of today.

you have all the numbers.

Look them up and compare to what hppened in our example today.

You may discover even more confluence than I have.

I strongly suggest to go through this , so that you understand how and why this staff work.

Then if you have more questions.

I will try to see if there is something more I can do to make these concepts clearer.

Good Trading Dear Valery

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....I noticed you haven't been posting AP's on DAX...I was watching DAX and Euro and didn't notice any obvious tradeable relationships...Maybe AP's would help as I trade the European session predominantly...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I am working on DAX thing,

Unfortunately I can not make yet the ESIGNAL to pupulate DAX,OMX and STOXX50 rows.

I will work harder to make those work again

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Didn't exactly get that low price gaping play...The simple divergences did not lie but my imagination led me astray Dear Boris...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Dear Subscribers,

Markets are very unforgiving and they do not reward people/investors/traders, that do not concentrate and follow actions.

Important thing is that You and everybody that was holding APS knew all the info neccessary to do a perfect trade ( at least short term).

When the trade is not done that means that trader is still unprepared to act when time comes, just like where we would have been without having 5-6 indexes that hit Critical APS when SPX hit 666.

That kind of trade looks like a miracle to others, but every subscriber had that information.

There was nothing left but to place the trade.

I am saying this to make sure that all subscribers understand that only by doing can one make it happen.

That seems to be the case here as well, short of giving money to somebody else to manage. ONE MUST BE ACTIVE and activel follow the opportunities.

Have Nice multiScreen ssetup to watch 4-5 seurities at once and have nice low commissions to trade.

That is really all that is required.

What I do is not differnet than the prediction of rain.

If 10 sources, all say there is going to be rain, it is likely that all those INDEPENDENT sources will confluence into rain!

I am no different. I provide 10-100 peaces info, that when put together and observing hits provides the turn points ( accross the timeframes and across the securities).

And believe me that sources I work with are truly independent.

Independent securities and timeframes that do not lie collectively. They can not , due to their independence.

Good Trading Dear Subscribers and Readers

boris said...

Please see the chart in the main body of this post. With AP ( HOURLY) hits on EURO


Good Trading

boris said...

Please see the chart in the main body of this post. With AP ( HOURLY) hits on EURO


Good Trading

Vishal said...

Dear Boris, thanks for the reply via email, cheers.

boris said...

Dear Vishal
Any time , My Dear Friend
Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers, Subscribers,

We did get some buy pressure build as we declined early today.
We shall see how actuall end of day pressure looks tomorrow morning.

ERUO currection for a second day pressured the Stocks this morning, but after turn in EUROS ( ERUO + SWISSY) stocks found a way to follow them up.

If our view that Currencies will keep apreciating is correct, the correction in stock market may have come and gone. By the same thing, The potential up move may not be so great, perhaps 875 or so.
In any case, this correction was not enought for us to entice any purchasing, expcept what short term trader would have done, due to the early morning AP confluence.

Good Trading

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....I use 4 screens just for EURUSD...I don't think I could follow 5 securities at a time :-)

BTW, you're saying that I should be watching several disparate securities for confluence of AP's... Which ones would you suggest please...

gorli said...

hi boris, this is your indian friend. thank you for teaching me to play with the "sopitalists"!ultimately, this is one world tat we all live in. why does someone want to control all of it? there is enough for all of us to share.waiting for your insight,

Mike Truong said...

Dear xerxes,

I used free charting service which allow 6 simultaneous charts of my favorites pairs. I usually follow USD related pairs which give me an idea of the health of the markets. I prints out Boris's AP and highlight the numbers of interest to me. On the second screen I have stockchart of SPY, QQQQ, DIA, and RUT so that I can see the market trends. I also draw some channel and fibs on the free charts so that I can see how things are going. All that and I still make mistakes in my entries but I am learning everyday.

Good Trading dear friend,


boris said...

Dear Mike,
Please note, that you maybe able to print my numbers as lines on your chart. Bets I know there is a featrue of placing horizontal lines on the charts.

then you are in a relaxed mode watching the market approach and react with APs as you observe serveral of these in action.

Incredibly useful.

Good Trading Dear Michael

boris said...

Dear Xerxes, read response to Dear Michael. it is simple. What to watch. Well, why not start with the list of securities in HOURLY AP table, only 6 of them, you can add other favorites if you want to, like ( 5minute) SPX, RUT, QQQQ, etc.

That may not be chartable via, but they are watchable by , etc.

Good Trading Dear Xerxes

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
My Derar Indian Frined Gorli,

Since early childhood I struggled with that question.

Ever since My mother ( bless her soul) would catch me help old ladies carrie thier things from train to train ( out of compassion) and would beat me with 2-4, ( not because I was helping poor people move around, but because, I would disappear and she was afraid , something happened to me) I wondered why was world so cruel that some people had to work so hard , some did not.

I was very naive young man and compassionate to a point, I did not care about myself as long as I was helping somebody.

Slowly, I have realised how my family was surviving ( My Grandma used to sell KOSHER MEAT, and wine and had "underground gromet restaurant", and my mother , widow with 3 boys was helping her) and observed that all was not so simple in the COMMUNIST( really! SOPITALIST USSR).

I would often deliver meat by my grandma to "cleient". Many of them were not Jews Really. They were mostly the "APARATCHIKS" of the USSR COMMUNIST party. I first wondered, how come they lived so well, while telling the world about virtues of living simeple and poor!

How come they had so much of everything and much of it was hidden from outside world within their homes, estates.

Remember there was not supposed to be so much wealth in USSR individual possession.

Well, Wrong. These SOPITALISTS ( calling themselves COUMMINISTS and preaching simple life), were accumulating wealth, by controlling " or not controlling" the people like my Grandma, who was supposed to arrested for her "underground Restaurant", but in reality were getting bribes ( I delivered to them in the form if KOSHER meat) so that they would close the EYE to the law breakers.

Needless to say, that duplicity, I saw early in my life, made mes skeptic of amuthing anybody said. I learned that people tell you what that want you to hear, not what really is true.

I realised that huge system was build around lie that COMMUNISM is workable and is working in USSR.

By the time I cam to USA, I was more concenrned with education and making money as I hasd to feed family and USA was still at the beginning of breakdown in innocent life. So, I have noticed it bit by bit, that USA had its own form OF SOPITALISM and those connected with GOV,MULTINATIONALS, FED, etc. were able to make enormous amount of money not because they had any particular skills, but the connections to the SOPITALISTS( all above).
Then I got interested in finance and that helped me understand how easy it was for SOPITALISTS to steal, without any fear. Just by passing laws that protects them while engaging in theft.

For example Social Security, is supposed to be money put aside that will pay us/contibutors when we are eligable. But they moved it to the spending budget for current government expenses. So, those that work at any moment and get the money, get it at current Dollar exachange value ( higher now and getting depreciated every year or so) so, even and if future retirees will get the money from SS, it will be devoid purchasing power, which was stolen by "current" SOPITALISTS to buy up everything in sight and leave the money devoid of purchasing power for future.

This is not a childs game.

Remember 2+ Trillion Dollars of SS are contibuted every year. Even if inlation steals only 5% every year, the cummulative effect over 30-50 years is totally destruction of purchasing power.

When observing this it becomes clear that the real problem with the world is not the fight between classes, but between the GOVERHMENT that steals and the citizens! WOW! Yet they want us to belive that DEMS are for poor and REPS are for rich. BOOL!

That is not the case DEMS/REPS are two heads of one SOPITALIST system that is stealing minute by minute, by staging expenditures of bailouts kickbacks and bribery. that often is politely called contributions.

I like Mr OBAMA as individual more so than any president before him, but I think he is either doped and blindsided by SOPITALISM and/or he is just part of it and playing along.

He has already created more deficits than all USA presidents combined before him. Bailing out the rotten banks and financiers and corrupt corportations and even more corrupt Real Esatate operators.

Dear Gorli, I am sure you see all of those things happen in your country, where the connected continue to prosper and poor become poorer.

The world of today reminds me TITANIC.

EVERYBODY who is thinking , knows that it is going to go down and looting is in full speed, for financial survival.

This is true all over the world, where goverments have been hijacked and/or are part of SOPITALISM and help this process of distribution of wealth away from poor to "WHAT PROTECTS and SERVES SOPITALISM"

What is that? O great. It is not always Billioners that Gov must protect. Often it is GOV employees the people who are on GOv payrol and keep it going.

Remember, Most of money OBAMA got went to states. Yes, who are the targets...

POLICEMAN, FIREMAN, TEACHERS and political apartchiks at state and local levels.

Why, because these is the SELF PROTECTING GOVERNMENT. It will tax you to death and will pay to some teacher who has neve educated anybody woth anything. Remember Teachers unions are the greatest supportes of DEMS.

So, you see Dear Gorli, THE SOPITALISM is in self preservation mode and they will keep doing this until there is smell of revolution in the streets , like the tea party demonstrations, where people finally say.



Let the Gov Pensions come down , let the standards of living of SOPITALISTS come down to the same levels where you are taxing poor.

OBAMA says it is only rasing the rich.

You can not raise taxes on rich.

They will take their money and go.

Who will have to pay the debts.

You guessed it. The money that went to municipalities, will have to be payed in future by the poor that have been left in USA , while rich may have run away.

This is the favorite way to steal by SOPTIALISTS. They tell you, "what is wrong" , "we lowered your taxes", " we just raised it on rich".


If so, why is there deficit??????

For the evntual poor to get stuck with $200.000.00 debt ( which is what every person, even just born, owes to world in USA).

Realise this. You just opened your EYEs a little child, do not know much, can not even walk or talk and you already owe $200.000.00 to the world.

You are born SLAVE my Dear Friend.
Do you see that?



And your gov tells you do not worry, we will reduce deficits in future. WHEN is that?

Every gov promised that and none delivered.

Dear Gorli,

Do you still have a question, why the world is the way it is?
Why GREED pervails in all societies?
Because we are living on TITANIC.

We live on borrowed time.

We have created too much of SOPITALITS class ( bloated gov included) , which wants to live on our backs.

Sorry, for a long runt Dear Gorli.
I hope , this picture answers your question of "what is going on".

What it may not answer is why are people greedy.

Dear Gorli, My response to that is BIBLICAL.

God created person and gave them freedom of choice ( I wish he/she would not).

The choice is to do good or evil.
Perhaps so, that they can be judged on their deeds once the meet their makers.

I know, I have GOd.
I was hoping though that he/she would not so be judgmental and if it was in GODS power to create a better world, why did not he/she?.

Dear Gorli, I have some lenghty thoughts on that subject, but at some other time.
My Dear Friend

xerxes said...

Thanks Mike for the info...I have been using 4 screens, all for EURUSD only......Stockcharts is good...From what I've seen posted on their public forums, the really good charting requires a fee..Correct me if I'm wrong here...I find it a bit annoying to be refreshing all the time, free charts are a bit small and if there is a reboot or power problem they don't save your work, must reenter all indicators again...All purposely done to get you to cough up some cash...I won't pay anybody but Boris :-) Need to control costs :-)....I recently found a realtime equity index resource (30-60 second delay they claim) called realtimeindex....They have a small pop-up type screen with the DAX or S&P that I keep in the corner of the screen...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,

Have you tested METATRADER.
It is free, folks
Please somebody test this.

It has all nice charting features.
ANy info will be appreciated.

Good Trading

xerxes said...

Good Morning Dear Boris...Looks like trend is down for euro per your numbers...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I think so too, but I believe the ABCDE is traced with ABCD already compoete and E wave inprogress, which should stop the rise in Dollar and Decline should commence into End of April.

Depending how strong that is , we can then think about how much Dollar will appreciate into JUNE.

Good Tradin Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...I hope you're correct here as I introduced speculative capital...too early I think...

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Remember Rule,
Be in the middle of allocations, until the last Day for top is reached. Last date for top is Late June/July. Until then you must be in allocations that should make happy, if market goes higher or lower. That depends, but that level for me, at this time, is somewhere in the mid allocation to dollar wersus antidollar. That way, I am completely indifferent to what happens, but soon . I , we will have to make a bigger tommitment. If you made it already then, just undo or wait over.

There is not much one can do with these things.

The guide should be that you will profit 7-12 months down the road if you are mostly our ot Dollars.

The rest is irrelevant.
Since you isnist to follow markets daily though. So be it.

It is of interest and lets the jices flow. So be it(:-

I hope , and that is why, I do not want people overly short term oriented, that you keep the longer picture before you do anything in short term!!!

It is so hard for humans to seperate short from long. I know. I found it hard for a long time as well. It still is, but I cope better

Good Trzding Dear Xerxs

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....We came close to 2nd IDLAP; trend remains bearish

boris said...

dEAR Xerxes,
Trend may remain bearish till 14:00 ET or so.

After that trend must become bullish or something is suspect in my estimations.

Good Trading

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....I wish I had that timing biz to assess trades. Maybe a daily heads up :-) Anyways hourly seems to be turning bullish now right after the close encounter with your 2nd low HAP :-)

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....The realtime DAX popped up hard dragging EURUSD with it while the delayed version still languishing...

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...The DAX hit its upper trendline and backed off...Are you thinking that we get an upside breakout?

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I think the markets do what we though all along, GO up into 14 april back off 2-3 days and then go higher, same info for stocks.

Frankly, I do not see anything changed in that picture.

Shorter term , it is possible that ABCDE is complete at 6 AM this morning. If not, we will see another surge in Dollar into 14:00

That is all for now.

GOod Trading Dear Xerxes

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....It's 2 and no dollar surge....It feels like a racetrack seconds before the pistol is fired..

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...So can you tell me at what time we hit FHIAP? :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
We need first to bring the channel ( hourly ) down, wchihc on SWISSY meand about 25 more pips rally.

After that we can say that ABCDE is complete and start thinking for the IHAPS.

At this point it would a pure guess

Good Trading

John said...


Good morning

old john

xerxes said...

Dear Boris...The hourly DAX has a massive divergence on MACD Hist...I read somewhere that this particular divergence is the closest thing to free money one could ever expect...
So, as you so eloquently expressed, the USD is not at its final hour, just yet...

boris said...

Dear John,

Very good morning to you My Dear Friend

xerxes said...

Dear John...thanks for joining us today.....Boris is probably sick and tired of my chatter 24/7 on every tick of the friggin' EURUSD :-)

BTW Dear Boris, I'm not waiting for any channel machinations...Catch me at the 2nd IHAP :-)

xerxes said...

DAX is soaring today...

John said...


I am always here but have not traded much as my God Daughter is in town.She is a junior in high school and is trying to decide on a college. I took her and her mother to the baseball game yesterday. They leave tonight. Also, I am patiently waiting for a shorting process. I would think 870 or so.

Hope everyone on the board is doing great.

old john

xerxes said...

Dear John...Why not consider joining Mike, Lag and I over in the forex corner...You can't lose with Boris on your team :-)

John said...


I have never traded currencies but would consider it once I am settled. I thought we would be in a house by now but between my wifes indecision, sharks out there and other factors , we spend each weekend looking at homes.

old john

boris said...

Dear John, That is nice of you.
to be with people you loved to be when in back in Chicago.

It must feel good
Good Trading Dear Friend

xerxes said...

Dear John....I spend part of my weekends reviewing the previous week's trades so that I can hopefully, make fewer dumb mistakes the following week....I'm a slow learner and so I find new ways to make the same mistakes over and over again :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
You are right, thre real spot to sell Dollar was at 6 Am.

PLEASE do as follows:

Put the straight line over the tops of 4/14 , 41/15 and 4/16 SWISSY hourly chart ( quote chart not price chart) and what you see. ABCDE completed exactly at that time and made straight line with previous 2 days.

I told you hours before that , that is what I was looking for. That is exactly where I sold , made quick money and left for a walk in the park.

But Yes that was a nice place to seel and ABCDE is probably completed totall by now, which will portend rally in stocks and EURO , which we seem to see.

There few hours left before 14:00 though and watchful EYE must be cast over that.

It could be somewhat low probability, but ABCDE could complete around 20:00 ET as well, which would im;ly SWISSY goint to 1.1540 or so ( lower that is)

GOod Trading

xerxes said...

Dear Boris....The only quote chart I have is from stockcharts and it isn't any good....When you said 2 o'clock I thought it was CET not EDT :-) You don't seem to enthusiastic about the upcoming euro bull...