Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Short Term Trading

In light of a lot of people being interested in short term trading, I would like to state couple things of interest to all.

1) We do provide excellent Short term trading parameters. But we do not online trade and/or recommend any of these trades. It is individuals responsibility, prerogative to use this info.
2) We do not like short term trade on line, even as we often give ST information. The problem is one, of time and MANIPULATION. There are all kinds of people to listen in to our broadcasts here and we do not really want them to know what any individual or we all collectively are up to. They can use this information against us. Even in the closed environment I find that our information gets "leaked". So I will not make it possible for "enemies" to know what we are doing.
3) In fact, short term trading is the most difficult kind of trading and takes a lot of "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY". That is why the success is hard(er) to come. As the markets are fast and furious.
4) Officially, we do not consider our site to be for short term traders. We would rather have people that are , INVESTOR TYPES and especially ASSET ALLOCATORS that do not care and/or listen to markets day by day, but at infliction points, where they may (RE)Allocate Assets.

Due to all the above, I prefer not to approve and/or disapprove or perhaps, even , discuss, any short term trades online. Of course, individuals can do whatever they please to do. I hope this is very clear. Nevertheless At very critical points, if a trader is stuck and needs a helping hand we can offer one, via private email request and we have done so. But Abuse will not accepted in there either.

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31.98 32.10 32.30 32.54 qqqq
31.72 31.60 31.40 31.16

These are only APS I am able to provide today. Have Nice trading day and will see you tomorrow. Good Trading all


Ivan said...

Hi Boris,
could you post this on .net site?
And it seems you are right on short term move for currencies, again.

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
I am not sure where, But I appreciate if you were to chose an appropriate place for this info.

Thanks Dear Friend Ivan

matt13 said...

Dear Boris, Dear Ivan

I believe I am registered on the .net site, maybe more than once, but I have not recieved an email, I even checked spam. My email is Thanks for your assistance.

Ivan said...

I put it on Subscribe page, for now at least.

Ivan said...

Matt, please login now only as user: mattsnell. Email addres connected with this username is now: Hope it will work now. In fact, you made a small confusion because you overwrote 'test' user account. Best

matt13 said...

Dear Ivan,

Thanks, computers not my forte, but you can do without them.

matt13 said...

I meant "can't" do without them.

John said...


good morning

old john

xerxes said...

Good Afternoon Dear Boris....
It appears you are directing that ST trading spiel at me :-) I take a slightly different perspective Dear Boris...As I know that in a few weeks time that EURUSD bulls will rule the roost, ST trades that result in position shifts from USD to EUR will eventually be profitable even if executed poorly and untimely in the short run...That provides confidence and limits panic...Now, one hopes not to make untimely or poorly executed trades, of course....But as an amateur, one needs to practice...I think of it like a student driver with the instructor/passenger having his/her own brake....Therefore, ST trading is a necessary adjunct to one's money management tool box and should be encouraged insomuch as it isn't being used as a form of gambling, as gambling is best done in Vegas...

Joe said...


After reading just the background section, I warn you
to read this at your own peril as you will never think
the same way about investing ever again!!!

Many of these things I was aware of or intimately
had direct knowledge of, but never have seen them
in one place in such a detailed manner.

I still have nightmares about my time in the brokerage business,
as recently as last night!!!!

Cramer, Money Honey CNBS bigger whores than you ever imagined!!!

Have not read yet, but this looks like
a solid gold weekend read.