Thursday, April 02, 2009

More Of the same?

We thought market will make its way back to FIBO 838 and it is close. We shall see that process complete, hopefully soon.

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828.48 831.73 837.06 843.43 emini
821.27 818.02 812.69 806.19

31.60 31.81 32.15 32.56 qqqq
31.13 30.92 30.58 30.16

831.41 834.01 838.27 843.37 spx

825.63 823.03 818.77 813.57

442.96 445.09 448.58 452.74 $rut
438.23 436.10 432.61 428.35

906.44 910.44 917.00 924.84 xau
910.44 914.44 921.00 929.00

1.1357 1.1379 1.1416 1.1459 chf
1.1379 1.1401 1.1438 1.1482


Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Glad to read that your trip was such a success.
Very nice to have you back.
Good living!


Ivan said...

It seems we have some problem with skin at Pages are readeable but skining doesn't work

boris said...

Dear Ivan,Thanks for reporting,
We will look into this.

Good Trading Dear Subscribers

boris said...

Dear Wanderer,
Thank you very much.

Good Living Indeed.
I felt, the big urge to be back
I am back(:-

We shall go full speed now(:-

Good Trading Dear Bert

boris said...

So, What is today's fifth Hourly IHAP( Intraday High Attraction Point)?

YES, you guessed it 838, which is also FIBO 61%

Poetic, Musical, call whatever you like.

Market knows how to kign up things!

I am not 100% predicting 838 and not neccessarily today, but just to see these two numbers JAMMED into each other, makes the TRADING POET IN ME SING(:-

Good Trading

Mike Truong said...

Good morning Boris,

I hope you were able to recharge your batteries with the mini vacation.

This morning market looks like a time to sucker in the last of the bulls and grind out the remaining bears. I will wait for market direction. Also curiously, BRUTISH POUND, is making a double top to the last high of 1.47xx. Will we see more buying here or time to unload again?

Good trading ,


boris said...

Dear Mike
Thanks a lot My Dear Friend.
Yes, rested and restless(:-
Markets can not wait!

I am still not bullish on GBP, it could take 2-5 more months before GBP turns around, till then strength maybe used to sell, especially against EURO currencies.

Stocks Market,yeah, must agree that things are getting tired here, but if EURO stages nice run into mid month ( as expected from my prediction chart for euro) then market can , at least, stay in narrow trading range until then.

Good Trading Dear Mike

boris said...

We hope everybody sees very well, that gold is not doing so nice, after we adviced to stay away from it around 1000. In fact exactly from there we have lost 10% so far.

Golds time is coming, but need few weeks yet. For a new bull, until then let's enjoy lower prices if we need to accumulate core.

Good Trading

boris said...

Needless to say ST is up now and would only change to DOWN at 828 and stronger ST down at 825.25

waldo said...

Well the removed the mark to market for the banks so they now don't have to carry there bad assets on there books and the market seems to think this is great. Let them hide the real truth about how they do business. The mafia is more honest than our government crooks. They are bought and paid for with our money we give to the banks. waldo.

TwinGems said...


Welcome back. The wedding sounded wonderful.

What do you think of GBP against JPY... also a sell?


boris said...

Dear Waldo,
All true my Dear Friend.

All True

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Mike,

Not sure about JPY.

Japan is too much in the toilet!

Good Trading

boris said...

EMINI just sted down at 828.50

boris said...

Dear Carol,
Thanks for question.
I thought it was all Mike questioning(:-

How are you Carol.
Good To hear from you

Good Trading My Dear Friend

boris said...

By the way GBP was a good sell couple hours ago, which I have done against Swiss frank.

At that time GBP was overixtended in today's trading.

It could still go higher.

That is why I never sell, all I want to sell. I sell partial and then more if it goes higher etc.

In small increments that can not heart me or my account(:-

Good Trading

Ivan said...

Boris, what do you get when you go on now? Site works but without skin (design)? Thanks

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Exactly, the skin is not working.

Thanks Dear Ivan

Good Trading

boris said...

Well the Bus came in.

The 838 area has been hit. Now what? The action of the market ( the body language) will tell us what is going on. I could recommend the short term SHORT, but the situation with currencies is really, is holding my hands back. If my projection about EURO rally is correct into early/mid APRIL then, Stocks can not go down too much. Nevertheless if/when MDS will get on to that side then it maybe a bit less heroic to short this markekt.

Good Trading

Ivan said...

OK Boris, I will solve this later tonight.

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Thank you very much
My Dear Friend

boris said...

I do not think market could do anything, but , at least, initially , reject the FIBO, AP COMBINATION/CONFLUENCE at 838

Good Trading

boris said...

We have nice divergence on an hourly bases on the oscillators. Of course, those divergence have tendency to hide themselves after one goes in the market, but at this time, we have them.

Good Trding

boris said...

As we often pointed out.

YBR is actually two graphs.

1) YELLOW line, YBR
2) WHITEL Line , WBR

It is the WBR that goes down and that could happen in one form or the other, but
preference is to YBR and that is slanted up for all this time.

YBR is like a big river and it sets the tone ( trend)
WBR ' moves as like the moves of little inlets and outlets into RIVER, the main flow dominates them.

So, even though the WBR shows big swings, it is often not the big swing. The WBR trend must be viewed as superimposed on the YBR. S YBR is the dominant factor. That does not mean WBR can not distrort YBR from time to time and it oftend does, but TREND prefers YBR.

If this is not clear, I will try to use some other analogy, but best analogy in physics is to combine two waves one YBR with STRONG amplitudes and WBR with smaller Amplitude. As you well, know the bigger AMplitutede, supporesses the smaller one most of the time.
Boris is posting this.
Question is very important question.
Please note it. I have repated this many times, in one form or the other

boris said...

I would say more than that,

The actual fact is this.

YBR YELLOW BRICK ROAD CHART(YELLOW LINE) is already painted with the WBR lines superemposed into it by WBR. That is the reason, why...
When you see the WBR spike up or down you also see the humps in the same direction on the YBR!!!

Is this clear. That should be clear. Must be... If not ask again... And I will do anything to make this clear to all of you.

WBR is like a litte shot from the SLINGSHOT to the GOLIATH ( YBR). While YBR may bent a bit due to this hit from WBR it is dominated by bigger stronger body and will not bend much in either direction.

Of course, GOLIATH , must make sure to protect the EYE, right(:-

Good Trading

boris said...

PLEASE, Look at the updated YBR chart. UNSHIFTED, therefore it shows no prediction part. Just history.

YOU WILL SEE the things I am talking about and you will SEE how YBR has identified A SIGNIFICANT BOTTOM ( we still do not know if this is the bottom for 6-12 months).

You judge the YBR performance
Good Trading

boris said...

Market has managed and ST down at 840

boris said...

ST UP is 842

waldo said...

Markets up big but the BKX is flat. Everyone was waiting on fasb and banks are flat. Are they late to the party or is this telling us something. waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
What is telling us something is that, USA gov is trying to devalue the Dollar to nothing. If they are scuccessfull, and this rally in EURO is as strong as I think it could be, it will support this market for a while. That is all I can say at this time.

On the other hand if Dollar stays relatively strong next 10 dyas ( does not give up much).

Watch out. It could mean another Dollar ( strong) crisis is coming right int JUNE time frame!

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers,Subscribers,

I guess, markets are a bit boring, especially if one knows or mostly guesses correct what is going to happen. Now that almost everything we sad happened without much deviation, what can we say, but watch boringly what we said UNFOLD!


It looks like the market is in ST wanting to react lower, for a while, if not for longer, but need watch carefully ST UP at 837.5

Ivan said...

Boris, how do you see the probability that this move up is start of the move to 1000-1050? Thanks

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
One year ago, I was sure of that.
Now I am not.

Sure means 80% at least.
Not sure in this case means 50%
I would have to see what June looks like before I could think of 1000 and higher.

Good Trading Dear Ivan

boris said...

Thanks for being with us.

Happy Upcoming Weekend!

Good Trading