Monday, March 02, 2009

Dear Subscriber BIZsite, is temporarily down`

Dear Subscribers, we are attepmting to bring the BIZsite up on our private machine as a backup.
Wait for my next post and/or email to go loign again. THANKS

Please use for biz site for now, instead of .biz
It may not have all the latest files, but, we will try to bring up the BIZsite soon.
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boris said...

Sorry, to have been absent for last few weeks, just personal and profession, must take care of subscribers and catch up.

Ok, Markets have moved lower and they are at new lows. Except NAZ. I believe markets will turn with the Dollar and We said for 100 year(:- , Dollar will trun in March/MAy 2009 ( Passover of 2009). Of, course earlier turn was a probability and I played to it, but I am totally underinvested(20%) and mostly in BONDLike stocks, which are still giving me profits and still will , even if/after markets have reached 6xx, we can not give Actual AP here. Sorry preserved for Subscribers Only and next AP is at 5xx.

If by the time Dollar turns Markets has reached 200 on SPX(:-, I would be a very happy man and buing everithing in sight. But really the way I work is I am invested and continue to be invested for INCOME. and Market could go down and UP for another 10 years, I would give no DAM, exceapt lightne up on the upside and buy more on the down side. I

Having all of that said. I still think market bottoms when Dollar bottoms and when is that was told by us at leat 3 years ago.

Good Trading Dear Lag, KB and all

boris said...

IMportant question. What is the market going to do.

I think that question is laragely unimportant. The real question is what are you going to do.

Example, I bought KMP at 42 , with some patience could have bought it at 38, but It is still profitable after 6 months and pays 9% DIVIDEND.

HELLO! do I care what the market does. You bet I do not. But I care a lot about what I did then.

I bought LQD in upper/mid 80s reached over 100 and payed 6+% Dividend.

There are , BOND like stocks, yes and I have even give these names out FREE on this blog.

Sorry, If everybody is still enamored with the question, what are the markets going to do.

Markets will fluctuate, said famous James Pierpoint Moargan.

Olk JP was right!!!

boris said...

From the YBR poitn of view, we have a broad bottoming pattern, It has the first bottom around Feb 5 and then Around March 8, then it turns sharply up. Considering that YBR is not a poinpoint tool ( with a 2months error entirely possible), I think that It is doing an excellent job. Picking the exact bottom is MDS job not YBR job. Eventually it is rally ST method ( we give in our daily sessions) to exactly try pinpoint the bottom.
Good Trading

aaaaaaum said...
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boris said...

Dear Thanks For posting here.

Please everybody , onto info site. Not the .biz site.

So here

Thanks and Good Trading

matt13 said...

Dear Boris

biz site says under maintance, cannot get on, what am I doing wrong?

matt13 said...

Dear Boris,

I meant the the info site says under maintance.

matt13 said...

Dear Boris,

I meant the the info site says under maintance.

boris said...

Dear Mat Please go to the .biz site and see messages that could help you. If not talk to me form the site.

It is easier. Also, I am helping people on that site too in a parallell (FORCED ) Operation

Good Trading Dear Matt

aaaaaaum said...

Biz site is now active at