Thursday, March 12, 2009

Caution Flags Rising

707.17 704.17 699.31 693.25 emini 719.83 722.83 727.75 733.75
27.24 27.06 26.79 26.40 qqqq 28.00 28.18 28.48 28.84
360.28 358.98 356.87 354.25 rut 365.76 367.06 369.20 371.80

712.22 709.83 705.96 701.13 spx 722.31 724.70 728.62 733.40
Incredible 80 Points for a short term trader in 3 days ( if you know how to listen to ANTISOPITALIST). This is how ANTISOPITALISTS TRADE!
and USO/GLD spread is doing very well, Thank you
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boris said...

Please, Deare Subscriber, Look into your emails and see what I say. Where I stop the position.
If you are shorter term trader, you should have taken profit much sooner.

Good Trading Dear Friends

boris said...

If you are over your head long. Please lighten, up, otherwise, just keep the profitable stops and let the market take you out if it wants to.

Good Trading

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks for the updates.
Have a great day.


John said...


good morning- out of all longs yesterday. let us see what happens

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris,to all
Today is rollover for ES futures and options expire next week.
Good trading to all,

boris said...

Dear Wanderer
Dear John
Dear Klaatu

Good Morning to you My Dear Friends

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Swiss fr. plunged in a minute.
Cut rates and said they may intervene in currency markets.Down 3%.

nova said...

Dear Boris,
Any opinion on todays Swissy/USD/EUR markets.
Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Nova,
Swissy, I think is maniplated by swiss gov to keep it low. Speculators are attacking to take it higher though.

Rest is uneventful pretty much.
Same could be said about JPY, Speculators think it is a buy ( to lesser extent than swissy), but Japan is determined to keep it low.

So, you have the fight.
Real war EURO USD is Q U I E T

Good Trading

xerxes said...

Good Afternoon Dear Boris....Lots of action the last few days....Sold dollars at the hammer on the one hour today. Every indicator had all systems go when the hammer nailed it for me (pun intended)...Reversed before the last stick of the falling 3 step began to form...That was just before the USDCHF earthquake....

waldo said...

I see transportation is not going up with this move and also bkx is not up much either.waldo

boris said...

Dear Xerxes, Good For you.
I am adding to my swissy positions

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Thanks indeed.

I suggest everybody who had a short term orientation at 669 and around and bought it sell now!

For a longer term holders, You may want to lighten up and repurchase small percentage on next MDS BUY

GOod Trading

boris said...

market hit FOBO
GOod Trading

boris said...

Even if you are a long term player,
Take some profits please

Good Trading

boris said...

So far So, Good almost 70 points of gains from the bottom at DEVIL 666.

Not bad , Not BAd.

Still take some of the table, without hurting , what you call CORE!

Good Trading

freezinalberta said...

Hi Boris

Where do you see turn in SPX. Bought short at 730.

boris said...

Dear FreezeInAlberta,
I have not advised any shorts!

I just would like to make clear.

On the other hand if you are short, 750 as indicated was the initial target area for us.

I hope for you sake it turns


Good trading My Deear Friend Ric

I may have used short term trade, but NOT GOING SHORT