Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

boris said... As Dear Dave told us the other day...
Are not we lucky to be reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL of TOMORROW?
boris said...Dear Readers, Subscribers, Actually , I think Dave was little too modest, cause we had the WSJ of Tomorrow four over 3 months now and I had it for over one YEAR!
So, would you like to be reading WSJ of tomorrow or next month or next YEAR?
OK you need to subscribe to one of these:
1) SEEFUTURE one year ahead $1500
2) SEEFUTURE 3 months ahead $250
3) Tailored Service $250/quarter, includes SEEFUTURE (3month)
Then Just call up the people at and give them my id along the payment and we will give you the best service on the planet(:-

01:12 ET, EURO(currencies) ON THE ATTACK ( SWISSY 10 day High, EURO 25 day high), Beginning Of the END of The Dollar. Well, not exactly, but you know my forecast by now

03:47 ET, important MDS update Has been sent to everybody. Will Pace it on Psite as well.


Vin said...

While I think that ISEE is not so useful, today had an unusual divergence between indices/ETFs and equity values: (225/122); 225 is the second highest value for indices/ETF in the historical data that ISEE provides. The previous such divergence (210/125) was on 8/28/2008. That's a huge amount of call hedging (or speculating).

In picture form:



Vin said...

The other notable divergence was on 6/6/2006. (312 vs. 162).

lagscrew said...

found one that I think fits--also think we may go 1 more day flat

xerxes said...

Hello Dear Boris.....

Thank you....


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
No Problem,
My Dear Friend.

ENJOY Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello Dear Boris....

I have been traveling and therefore out-of-touch the past few days...

I just reviewed your comments...

You mentioned that you viewed the shmeck as another euro currency...
I was 'shocked truly shocked', to see you post that :-) Anyways, if I remember the graph correctly, it is supposed to rally a good amount more over the next 90-120 days...

So my question is, do you believe that the euro will decline against the buck to the same degree, more-or-less, as well? As I expect you to say no, then why link the shmeck's behavior with the euro?

Seems to me that the buck appears unusually weak here and now; that now is the time to finish off dollar sales and never look back. Would you concur, more or less, or better to hold some more ammo for later in the first quarter?

The only thing nagging me is your seeFuture (which should be strongly buck bullish here)
and now this shmeck/euro comment...You see, dear Boris, when my analysis conflicts with yours, I just toss mine into the garbage :-)

One more thing, do you expect the 10 year to rally to the line at the bottom of the histogram?

Thanx again Boris...


John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Good Monring and Good Trading
My Very Dear Friend.

All packed by now(:- ?

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,

YOu are foregetting that even with the best of tools, forecasting is an art not a science.

That is why it so hard for me I amd a science man(:- dam it!(:-

In any case, few weeks ago, I had to prod you into selling Some Dollars as it has moved too much ( borrowed from future, potetial) and you were a bit reluctant.

Now you think Dollar is finished and contrast this with seefuture and are bevildered.

How could it be the Dollar is falling and Gold is rising when SEEFUTURE sais a bit different.

It all evens out dear XERXES. Dollar is doing falling here becuase it could not borrow any more from the future and it does not want to pay attention to SEEFUTURE in minute details. That drags the GOLD and the stocks market and the whole chain is pulled.

Welcome to uncertainty, unpredictability to a large extent events, but some smeblence of "reversion to some means" as a proff that the world is not entirely insane and While GOLD does throw dies, the statistics is not outlawed for large number of tries, even as each throw may fall very far from the "MASTERS CALL".

Ok, I hope I did not confuse you unduely, and if I did , I can only thank GOD that if he/she had to make me a scientist, I was at least made a QUANTUM physicist, which lives and dies with quantum uncertainty principles of HEIZENBEG.
As I tell everybody, I take my own forecasts even less seriously than others. Others think they know something and I think I do not. So, how could I view myself even half serious(:-

Ok, if you are still with me then the uncertainties will clear up, short term deviations will be compensated on the other side, which is what Dollar is doing now, even as SEEFUTURE tells him not to do it at this point.

I can only hope you anderstood that. I know I did not(:-

So, to make this all humanly readable, please keep some powder dry, cause, as the day follows night Dollar will find the strength to hit the EUROS again by the dates of MARCH/MAY 009.

Now the last sentence, even I understood!(:-

Good Trading Dear XERXES

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
One more ridlle to be solved for you.

So, why SHEMKS ( or SHEKELS, as Israelis call it) behave like EURO, because Israel is now a developed country and its currency behaves like other nearby developed country currencies.

Ok, that is reasonable.

If so, why is the SHEKEL graph perhaps more precise telling the Dollar story than the SEEFUTURE?

Because Seefuture is a fundumental beast. And the SHEKEL forecast is a Fractal Forecast.

Sometimes one is better than the other, overall I would prefer a fundamental SEEFUTURE over a longer term as fractals may break and one can lose the sight of what is up.

So, I would take both and turst the one which seems to be better fitting at this moment.

Good Trading

John said...


We are getting there ( packing). Typical marriage stress though, she wants to move everything and I do not- minor issues. Many things to do though.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
You know who wins at the end.
Go eazy Dear Friend.
Women are more sentimental, bless them and bless us(:-

Good Trading

John said...


I know who wins, and it is not me.

old john