Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers,
We have abandoned 5% addition to our portfolio. Market has taken perhaps most of the gains we had in that. But we kept lot of profit from another 5% we sold higher and earlier in the high 800 range. Let us see if we can find a nicer, easier entry point than the ones the market gave us last few days and we can make decision about purchase again. Meanwhile let us march ahead with 40% being ivested in the Equity market. And let's keep our monetary and mental CAPITAL fresh.

Today was exciting also in another regard. While stock market staged a nice recovery towards and after the closing , the Dollar has made a HUGE recovery of the losses suffered early in the day. It amounted to almost 2.5% or so in Siwss Frank terms and it was, at least , around 1 percent against Japanese Yen. I did express the sentiment this morning that Dollar "beating" seemed to be overdone. We shall see, if this is the begining of the Dollar recovery we projected , for a long time, into March/May 2009.

In another Asset realted action, I suggest that those who did and follow the asset skew towrads GLD-USO ( i.e. prefering gold over oil) (and has made a killing, while world was getting killed), should now start slowly, but surely unwind that skew and reach the opposite side within few months(3-4 months). We shall reaxamine this unwinding if we see the market correct this spread faster(slower).


nova said...

Dear Boris,

Thanks again for your insights.
Thanks for your Christmas present (list of Obama stocks).

boris said...

Dear Nova,
Glad to see you around
Your presense, is our honor.
If you particpate and learn and teach, that would be even better.

GOod Trading My Dear Friend Nova