Monday, December 22, 2008

Thanks For Being With Us

Dear Readers, Subscribers, -
This session did, not end up too bad after all. And luckily,( look at the Analog Please )it looks like the Analog is playing almost exactly the way it did then. Just look at the chart and you will know what is supposedly coming next if this keeps up(:-

If you have a problem finding the analog , contact me please.

boris said... As Dear Dave told us the other day...Are not we lucky to be reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL of TOMORROW?
boris said...Dear Readers, Subscribers, Actually , I think Dave was little too modest, cause we had the WSJ of Tomorrow four over 3 months now and I had it for over one YEAR!So, would you like to be reading WSJ of tomorrow or next month or next YEAR?

OK, then you need to subscribe to one of these:
1) SEEFUTURE one year ahead $1500
2) SEEFUTURE 3 months ahead $250
3) Tailored Service $250/quarter, includes SEEFUTURE (3month)

Then Just call up the people at and give them my id along the payment and we will give you the best service on the planet(:-


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Sorry did not have time to respoind in the post below.
Thanks. And GOod Trading

boris said...

Futures are surging to a 1% deficit while being 3% into it at around the lowest point.

Not bad not bad.
Good Trading

Vishal said...

Dear Boris, when you say "Analog", You are referring to the text u emailed us as of 3:08ET on Dec 18th, right ?

Thanks for reminding us, had forgotten about that text.

Vishal said...

BTW, your anti-dollar call kept me from investing in the mouth-watering oil sector, amazing call, cheers

boris said...

Dear Vishal

GOod Trading

boris said...

Dear Vishal,
Definitly My Dear Friend.
AntiDOllar is essentially OIL at these times.

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning Boris, your last comment on asset picture is a little confusing. I think I know what you mean but am not sure.With you setting up a new system is there any way that you can bundle all the signals together to get a percentage of them going in one direction or the other. for example if you use 6 different things to get a buy or sell and 5 of them is on buy and market is still going down we would know that market is very close to turning. waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
The asset picture indicates that the higher market is likely here, but ( yellow oscillator is high), but the longer term oscillators are low, so you have a kind of a balance in that picture, but the other things MDS are pointing where they are pointing and give us the preference as to which side things will break out.

So is the analog pointing in the same direction and so is the PCRatio.

So, yes, most of things are lined up for positive side. Yet, we can never rest, need to be aware where the things will not look so good and those are numbers Indicate as support 850 and becoming bearish at 816.

Good Trading