Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

MDS status has not changed, but could be close for SISTER.

29.52 29.38 29.16 28.88 qqqq 30.12 30.26 30.48 30.77

892 890 886 882 $spx 901 903 906 910

92.387 92.267 92.072 91.830 jpy 92.893 93.013 93.208 93.450

890.07 887.32 882.85 877.31 es 901.68 904.43 908.88 914.44

800.38 796.83 791.06 783.91 xau
811.82 815.37 821.12 828.29

1.195 1.193 1.191 1.188 chf
1.201 1.203 1.205 1.208
We need to get into some type of a selloff to generate buy pressure and buy signal and we will get there one way or the other. We can only hope to get there when the merchadise is one more time is marked for purchase.


John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Good Morning and
Very good Trading to you

My Dear Friend

John said...



old john

boris said...

No problem Dear John,
Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers, This reading of 1.193 on CHF is the low of 4 days ago. If we were to jump below that ( SWISSY GOES HIGHER) than we may open floodgates of Dollar decline in coming few days.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Subscriber, GOld rallies today and that is understandable, if we had expected the EUROs to rally, it could hardly happen without GOLD rally, but Due to the state of the SEEFUTURE, I doubt the possibility of this being a sustainable point of GOLD rally.

We know it is close, but I do not think this is it.

If it is we will catch it on the next pull back, but I doubt that is it.

Good Trading

Vin said...

Thanks for the note on gold, Boris.

I think that the rotation away from financials and into commodities might suggest that we're one stop closer to that pullback. The QQQQ's are also lagging, and TF is not making new intraday highs...

boris said...

Dear Vin,
And All excellent observations.

INdeed rotation is what we have today.

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning everyone, Boris, I don't understand your thinking on the dollar and gold, if the dollar falls off a cliff the oil and gold is sure to rally or maybe not. waldo.

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Boris, thank you for the email. waldo

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
All correct,
But remember we do not expect for DOllar to really fall of the cliff.

The reason is our forecast of Dollar strength into March/May of 2009.

But , that should not preculde the rally of SWISSY ( EUTO to lesser degree). While Gold has not yet made the final lows of this correction ( or at least repeated the low of high 600s of a month ago)

It is just a timing issue. I feel GOld wants and will go higher, but I think it will fail for a while more and then take off.

Good Trading

D said...

ISEE as over the top as I've ever seen it for two periods.

boris said...

Dear D,
Thanks for reporting.
Good Trading My Dear Friend

lagscrew said...

I agree

draw a trend line under the RED line$CPCI&p=D&yr=0&mn=8&dy=0&id=p48750344343

boris said...

Dear Readers
1.193 which is extremely close to 1.1922 ( even after roudning) has stopped the move on SWISSY so far today with great precision.

Thank god THE For Attraction Points

Good Trading

DXB said...

"Just a thought of my own. Sorry, but RECESSION will not come UNTIL $ goes STRONG and since I do not see it STRONG until after next PASSOVER (FEB/MARCH) , I disagree that RECESSION is coming any time soon, but late mid/late 2008, which will make it official in early 2009 after the elections...
Convenient for BUSHES ha...Good Trading"

I searched boris's blog for something he said 2 years ago and I came across this comment he wrote back in Octo 2007.

I don't visit the blog much, and now I notice it has become a gateway to boris's business (which is fine, he deserves to be doing that!)

Anyway, Boris you are the master, not because you are uncannily right about big things, but because you know the art of speculation and money management.

boris said...

Dear DXB,
Thanks you very much and
Thank you even more for unearthing this statement of mine.

It was a natural ( though looking brilliant(:- retrospectively) thought for me to put together what I knew about currencies and simple election cycle.

If it was planned or not does not matter. It is interesting thought that it happened word by word.

Recession is here a long time now, but we will be "OFFICIALLY" told about it next couple months, even though Dear President Bush has accepted that, recession started, happneed on his watch.

It has been a while and I appreciate you coming up with this.
Appreciate you visiting us again and Please do so more frequently if it is at all possible.

We have very smart gentlmen/ladies on this board, but we can use even more.

Good Trading Dear Friend DXB