Saturday, December 13, 2008


boris said... As Dear Dave told us the other day...Are not we lucky to be reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL of TOMORROW?

boris said...Dear Readers, Subscribers, Actually , I think Dave was little too modest, cause we had the WSJ of Tomorrow four over 3 months now and I had it for over one YEAR!

So, would you like to be reading WSJ of tomorrow or next month or next YEAR?

OK, then you need to subscribe to one of these:

1) SEEFUTURE one year ahead $1500

2) SEEFUTURE 3 months ahead $250

3) Tailored Service $250/quarter, includes SEEFUTURE (3month)

Then Just call up the people at and give them my id along the payment and we will give you the best service on the planet(:-


01:33 ET, 12/14/2008. We have just compiled our weekly Shakers Ranking ( $250/year service) and guess what? We will share with you some findings.

The list has 3 stocks of new fuel service companies

The list has 3 stocks in home health care

The list is full of Health care in general and it is not the stocks you know in that business. Noway!

Oh and yes! there is a stocks I can tell you on that list. PNRA, pannera bread company. Apparently that is all most of us can afford these days. Good Pannera Bread(:-
11:44 ET, Big Pictures are uploaded to the Psite


Hopper said...

Guess what I put on a form at my new job when it askesd about my interest?

my last one was...

"a member of an international investment club"

Hopper said...

Is that a good descrition?

John said...


The best

old john

I spent the day packing and moving boxes.

Phil said...

John, I dont't think they want you to leave Chicago. I heard you are number six on the infamous senate candidate list.
Good Luck,

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
Good For you.(:-

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear John,
It will all pay when you get there.
Let the Sun and Fun begin!

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Phil,
Good To see come up on board.

Enjoy My Dear Friend
Good Trading

John said...


I could go on and on about that. The main thing to remember is - Obama is a typical chicago politician. Nothing more and nothing less.

old john

John said...


I am having trouble getting on the site. It is probably me though.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Did you see the password chanage
Sorry I did not specifically point to that in my recent GOLD realted email.

Dear JOhn,
Sorry again.
Please note the new password

Good Trading

Vin said...

Boris, John.

I also tried the password from the gold email to no avail.

Thanks for the observations about gold; I will keep an eye on it...

boris said...

Dear Subscribers,
I have just sent the email
with the new password.

Sorry, I do not know why the former did not work.

It seemed to work for me(:-

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear VIn,
Welcome to new week
Good Trading My Dear Friend

Vin said...

It works well, now. I suspect that it was my fault, actually. I should have signed-out before logging in with the new passwd.

Thanks, Boris.

The govt needs to stop teasing the market with unclear moves (eg., ambiguous stance toward automakers). If this keeps up, the market will shake itself to pieces.

chronictown said...

Boris, is there a copy of ybr on the protected site? Does it call for a retest? Seems like this thing is being held up on fumes. Just my opinion. If we gap down and cant hold 850 on the spx , things could get ugly. thanks for your time and everyone elses great posts. Member of an international investment club!

John said...


There is a remake of the Earth Stood Still , it is either out now or will soon be out.

old john

boris said...

Dear Chronictown,
YOu have YBR, both graph and excel

Everybody does.
Did you not receve it? Discard it?

Good Trading Dear Chronictown


xerxes said...

Hello Dear Boris....

Looks like the Euro is flippin' the bird at the seeFuture right now...

I'm glad I didn't get hit on the euro short I planned......

Will I have to throw an 'anti-sopitalist' bash to rid myself of the remaining clownbucks??? :-)

I saw your opinion on e-mail so you needn't reply...


Klaatu said...

Went Fri.nite to see "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
Quite different.Original was a masterpiece and one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever made.I give it 5 stars.

My Klaatu rating for new one is 2 1/2 stars.
It reminded me of Independence Day and War of the Worlds, with lots of CGI effects.I suspect most people will not have seen the original(1956) so it may come across o.k.
If you can, rent the original.
Good trading from Klaatu

John said...


Will do , after the move.

old john