Friday, December 12, 2008

Japanese Central Bank, Please Wake UP

Dear Japanese Central Bankers, can you wake up, please. House is burning and you and your SOPITALIST bosses are asleep. You are primary responsible entity for the decline in the world and your own sunset. This is all so , that your SOPITALIST friends can make huge money buy trading JPY and lower interest in BONDS, which you Friends SOPITALISTS put for trade 30 years ago.

So, I call upon you to stop this destruction before the schedule ( I know your schedule calls for JPY to make stinking high in Feb 2009 period). Stop the charade and print the god dam YEN, it costs you nothing except 18 years of being in the TOILET. Do not you think you have done enough damage. Print the God Dam Yen( threath to do so will do the trick as well, with those degenerate 20 something sitting at the banks and calling themselves traders), it is not help to you that it is strong. Your trade is dead and your economy is dead and you are killing world, just to satisfy your SOPITALIST bosses!

That is one mans take on why the world is where it is.

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