Wednesday, December 24, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

I had put some protection for my 5% long yesterday at 858 in Futures. Protection was actually put in SDS ( it is open premarket). Only protected about 25%( I protect about 25-30% when I do it because, I do not expect my staff to down as hard as the market and even if it does, I do not really pay attention due to the YIELDS I have in my securities) of my purchase. I will remove it if/when market jumps back over 861. I expect market to have hard time before 12-13 Pm, but better, after that. If I am wrong on this and we see new lows afater 13:30 14:00 time frame, that would not be good for the market.
Ok I stand corrected on the last part of the statment. As Dear Arak says, markets close early today. I rely on my broker alerting me about this and have not seen anything last couple days. Well!!!

862 861 859 857 $spx
867 868 869 872

28.95 28.90 28.82 28.72 qqqq
29.16 29.21 29.29 29.39

857.43 855.68 852.84 849.31 es
864.82 866.57 869.40 872.94


ARAK said...

Dear Boris,

Market is open till only 1PM today

boris said...

Dear Arak, thanks.
So,I guess my prediction is that we may have sideways to down day until we close. Now I could be very wrong, due to the thin market here. But I do not expect big move anyway. But I do expect some seasonal strength starting Friday I guess.

GOod Trading Dear Arak

xerxes said...

Good morning/afternoon dear Boris:

Heard you found some Channukah geld in Jerusalem the other day.. :-)

Happy holidays to you and your family...

Same for everybody else that visits here....

Thank you very much Boris, et al


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
Thanks a lot.
Same best wishes to you and loved ones as well.
May the new your be healthy and prosperous for all the humankind.

Good Trading

boris said...

Ok, Dear Readers,
Because my protection is little in size, I will keep it in for a while, it can not hurt too much. I will inform you when I removed it

GOod Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

May GOD give you all health, wealth, happiness, and wisdom for this special day tomorrow and for the rest of our lives and let us all pray for the less fortunate and may there be better times ahead for the world. And of course for all the bad people in the world may they rot in hell. waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,

From your lips to GOD'S ears

Good Trading My Very Dear Friend

John said...


Happy Holidays to everyone .

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
To you as well my Dear Friend.
Happy Holidays
Safe trip to your next destination.
We will all pray for your safety

Good Trading

jimww said...

Thanks dear friends may the conquring sun rise over your shoulder. Jim

boris said...

Dear Jim,
ALl the best to you and Loved ones
Happy Holidays My Dear Friend

Good Trading

Hopper said...

Hi Boris and Friends,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
Thanks and all the same best wishes to you and family
My Dear Friend