Friday, December 12, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

28.35 28.13 27.77 27.33 qqqq
29.27 29.49 29.85 30.30

90.199 90.099 89.936 89.735 jpy
90.621 90.721 90.883 91.085

844.24 838.49 829.14 817.56 es
868.5 1874.26 883.57 895.19

1.173 1.171 1.169 1.166 chf
1.179 1.180 1.182 1.185

849 845 839 831 $spx
866 870 877 885

820.20 816.68 810.96 803.87 xau
831.54 835.06 840.76 847.87

10:00 ET, Taking profits of 48 points on NQ, OUT


Vin said...

Very nice trade, Boris!

Btw, IAPs are missing ES. SPX is printed twice.

boris said...

Dear Vin,

I apologise for that mistake.

SPX and ES are very close these days

Good Trading

Vin said...

Ohkay. Thanks...

ARAK said...

Dear Boris,

Can you please create new entries or email when you enter and exit at such critical levels. I'm sure most of us missed your excellent trade. A better way would be to use Twitter ( service which will send out SMS alerts when you enter and exit.



boris said...

Dear Arak,
As you know, we do not claim to provide a real time trading service.

That may become one of our services, when we move to a fully functional site with the many trading systems to choose from and follow ( which is what we are building, sort of many MDS's based on different criteria, some of which will be yours). But as of now we do not really provide a "TRADING SERVICE". I did this trade for myself, but would not advice anybody else to do it, due to the attention it would have required at 1:00 ET New York time.
IT was an ecellent opportunity, likt the ones, I used to do when the site was small. It is not the case any more ( fortunately and unfortunately).

Now, we ( team ) are thinking of making trading ROOMS for different levels of traders.

To summarise. THis would not have been a trade , I would have advised anybody at this time.

I did state that support is there. And whoever was there could have taken advantage of and some people may have, but I do not put it out as an official advice. Officially we follow the ASSET ALLOCATION model and invest according to it ( for now).

As I said more diversified trader requests will be accommodated in our future site.

Thanks An Regards Dear Arak

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning all, One thing I have noticed today on the 5 minute e mini futures chart is nice little bullish pattern pullbacks. and price has been staying above the middle bollinger band. waldo

boris said...

Dear Arak,
Readers, I have misspoke.

Let us differentiate between the real time

1) Trading Tools.
We provide excelent tools for this
and we intend to make this even better.
2) Trading Advice.
We do not provide the advice. We give the tools for traders to do the job.

In this context, perhaps it would not have hurt to send an email that indicated a very strong support existant at 830=SPX this morning. Nor problem with this.
I agree there. Just as long as people do not jump from the bed thinking this is a "real time advice".

The way this will be handled in our future site ( almost ready now), is via ALERTS, which will include alerts of all kinds, important news, trading laerts etc.
Special TA situations

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Thanks and good Trading
My Dear Friend

Vin said...

Hmm... Boris, SEK is zooming up to an AP of sorts. (It's the second smallest in the dollar basket before CHF).

boris said...

Dear Vin,
In all my experimentation I do not touch everything, So, I find it good that you do some of the things I can not ( not time)(:-

If you were to learn some peculiar things about SEK that is useful that is good. That is very good.

I cerntainly encourage that experimentation

Good Trading

Vin said...


Ah. I've only started tracking it recently after going through the dollar index composition, so I will not conclude anything from the movement yet. I will keep an eye on it, however, since many other currency movements are so wacky right now.

boris said...

Dear VIn,
The SOPITALISTS are trying to make money by creating chaos.
That is what they do all the time(:_

Good Trading

bob said...

Hi Boris,
What happened to the asset group rotation file that was on this site. Do you plan to put it on Psite because I cannot locate in the blog.
I wanted to check the buy pressures since one of the MDS is on buy.
Thanks, Boris

ARAK said...

Dear Boris,

I agree that this is not a real time trading service. I wanted to go long yesterday at around 835 or so when it started rebounding, but lacked the conviction enough the setup told me it was going up. Had I checked the blog and known you were long as well, it would have given me the confidence to go long. I treat your trades as providing conviction to go along with my analysis. If I did not need such assurance I would be the master trader Boris. :-)

Since these setups happen in realtime on rare occasions where we always may not be next to the computer, alerts can help us and also give us conviction in our trades.

boris said...

Dear Arak,
Agree, and that is the biggest thing in our teams design plans for the future site.

As I said we will have prebuild systems and systems you can build, by mining our own and generic TA staff, and then set the alerts on them.

Good Trading Dear ARAK

I appreciate you giving me even more reasons to put the empahses on the alert system in our future setup.

Good Trading My Dear Friend Arak

boris said...

Dear Bob,
I am simply unable to mastre the ASSET files on a daily or even weekly bases.

I hope that the new site frees me enough and automates some of that so that the files can always be found on the new site.

For now. I do not have the Data for today.

I shall try for this weekend
stay tuned Dear Friend Bob

boris said...

Dear Readers,
Market seems to behave at least as well as the "ANALOG"
discussed in my email this morning to our subscribers.

So, we can only hope that the market just turns back down a bit and generates the buy signals just as it did then.

That would be perfect pattern trading example

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

negative divergence in the futures on a 15 minute chart on the macd. waldo. everyone have a nice weekend.

lagscrew said...

bought srs at the bell about 77

Vin said...

What a fascinating day! With today's action, I think that your forecast for next week still has a chance of playing out. Today was a good shaking of the bear tree. All that remains is a little shakeout of a few more longs, since the overnight scare didn't really get reflected in equities. Actually, today reminds me a little of the lock-limit down day on Fri. 10/24/2008...

Thanks, Boris, and have a great weekend!

jimww said...

Dear lagsrew You are very good trader cuz you have nerves of steel!Is this a one day trade? and what are your thoughts on the srs?

Vin said...

Nerves of steel indeed! I hope that the system puts a mis-managed over-leveraged failing developer (GGP) out of its misery. GGP has $900M in debt due today. Bankruptcy is imminent if the negotiations fail.

Vin said...

To clarify, if GGP fails to renegotiate its debt, SRS should fly, perhaps a little more than it did yesterday.

jimww said...

Dear vin Thank you for the imformation not the tarps for this purpose? I think the market can zoom up? and srs can go waaay down but very short term back to 100 a real life virtual roller coaster.

Vin said...


GGP is a mid-sized real estate investment trust that is burdened with debt that it issued for building shopping malls. It's not in TARP-worthy territory like the banks.

SRS doesn't like me holding it for more than a day. :) It too often bites back.

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