Thursday, December 04, 2008

AP Automation Site, Is Here

Dear Readers, Subscribers, The new Automatic AP producer site is ready for you to use. Subscribers, Have been notified how to use the site. Please let us know your impressions and desires how can we make it better. Thanks A lot and Good Trading

Dear Voltire, Good To hear from you. You can see the latest update on MDS right here, couple days ago. It has not done as well as before, but it is doing absolutely better than 99.9999% of machine or human investors(:-. And that is before the trade and money Management is applied( we have seen how well that worked with me doing so on this site in the real time). In any case, for a system that is used to direct the Intermediate term swing trades without any other input, MDS has done not just well, but beyond anybodies expectation. It is , actually up about 200% since April, in that time frame the financial world has burned few times. Click me -> Latest MDS


VOLTAIRE said...

I see you haven't updated your MDS system performance since April.

Is that because it hasn't performed well since then.

diesel said...

New site is awesome! Other things I would like to see is an MDS section with the daily signal listed against the date as a timestamp. That would stop me emailing you when I am unsure of the days status. Also maybe a general market commentary could be stored on a separate page to see your latest thoughts on the markets. Thanks.

boris said...

Dear Damien,
It is all coming.
I told you my very Dear Friend and all our subscribers ( current and future) that I now have a team of GOLIATHS.

Their names, Miriam,Asif, Dalibor,James and Ivan and myself.

I think you will be pleased with these people, long years even after am too old to be of use to this site, these tigers will carry the work of ANTISOPITALIST and strive to make the site that acts like a ROACH MOTEL.

"Once you come in, you will never leave"

or shall we say

Good Trading My very Dear friend Damien. Power traders like you will have their own power corners to go in and bang the markets.

We are moving and nothing is going to stop us, I hope, No, I know

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Voltire,
Response to you is in the body of this post

Thanks and Good Trading

John said...


Great site, nice and simple for people like me.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
There will be bells added later,
but the bottom line, the information access, when dropped into the area, will be easy and nice

Good Trading

daveo said...

Every time I click the link I wind up right back here. Is my browser cauusing the problem ?

boris said...

Sounds like that!

Good Trading

bob said...

I see 2 ap for ES in the blog. Why is the swissy so important; I thought that the US market responded to the yen. bob

boris said...

Dear Bob,
Sorry, I did not see
this question here.

I am truly sorry,
How come you did not shout to alert me.

In any case, My Dear Friend.
EURO currencies are impoortnat due to their large exposure to the EMEERGING markets and until EMERGING markets keep SUBMERGING that world markets will not feel good

Tahnks Dear Bob
GOod Trading

VOLTAIRE said...


Just having a gentle dig.

I created a model that seems to be similar to yours and mine has been fairly flat since September.

I think you are marginally ahead but was just curious to see the comparison.

A bit cheeky of me I know.

I don't look in much lately but will always be grateful for what I learned form you.

All the best.