Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanks For Being With US

PCratio has turned up and that is not great for bulls, but hopefully it turns back down very soon.
boris said...As Dear Dave told us the other day... Are not we lucky to be reading the WALL STREET JOURNAL of TOMORROW?
boris said...Dear Readers, Subscribers,Actually , I think Dave was little too modest, cause we had the WSJ of Tomorrow four over 3 months now and I had it for over one YEAR!
So, would you like to be reading WSJ of tomorrow or next month or next YEAR?
OK you need to subscribe to one of these:

1) SEEFUTURE one year ahead $1000
2) SEEFUTURE 3 months ahead $250
3) Tailored Service $250/quarter, includes SEEFUTURE

Do you also want to be getting the market outlook every day before market opens( So far , most of those have been right and/or close to the money, which is amazing to me, myself), then
Just call up the guys/girls at http://www.paypal.com/ and give them my id bchikvash@aol.com along the payment and we will give you the best service on the planet(:-

Just for the heck of it see my prediction Of this Today's Market and then compare to what actually happened. I used to dream for somebody to tell me those things. Never found a single person that could( secret between me and you , I paid with more expensive and more absolute Dollars in last 35 year than I charge, but, alas, it did not happen). Honest!

Today's market prediction was that Market would make lows early morning and double bottom around 1:30ET, and then close higher, almost inverse of yesterday. Well! As far as the shape of the market the description was 100% spot on, as far as the sizes of the moves and intermittent highs and lows, those are not the part of the prediction, but even there it was OK.


xerxes said...

Hello Dear Boris....

I wonder if we're getting a "hound of the baskervilles" signal in the Aud, kiwi, Cad....

Another leg up in the buck could be brewing...

Thanks for everything!


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
It could, be, and it could not be.
How could that help. We do know that cyclically speaking ( at least I do) that this should stop Dollar before 16th november, for now. But that is not How SOROS broke BOE. He was losing a lot before the break. He believed in the time and place being close. That is the only kind of belief that can make one a winner.

In a long term picture Dollar will not prevail. It will lose 2 years out. It could win some more into April 2009.

Now, what does one do.

I tell you what I do.
Every time I find opportunity I sell the Dollars. Slowly, but surely. That is what I do. Arguably the only man alive that has called the Dollar most perfectly last two years.

Ok. Enough said. That is what I suggest to do. Average out of the Dollar.

Good Trading

daveo said...

Boris, long again sff off, oh what # was it again, 1.1895, yeah that was it. I'll close this one out before going to bed. There's bound to be another test after that kind of move up.

I need to take more days off my other job.

Thanks a whole lot.


xerxes said...

Hello Dear Boris...

And good morning everyone....

What do you recommend doing with these francs?? Buy Nestle shares on SMI?

You recommend buying dividend yielding USA shares which is hard to do when loaded to the gills with francs...

One more thing dear Boris, the cyclical issue you just raised is incongruent, so it seems, with how I read the SeeFuture...


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I said many times.
Nothing can bew viewed in absolute terms.

SEEFUTURE has been absolutely(ha!)
astounding in its usefulness, but it is within few weeks of possible turn and it does not have to cause every ANTIDOLLAR entity to go with it down at those depths.

Can not view it that way, even as it worked so far exactly that way. That is scary, because it will not! in the future. You need to condition yourself to think in multiple directions.

OK, on way to do that is to say. YES SEEFUTURE says more to go ,but I think, in my expreince , Dollar is over done here. So, I am going to go slighely against SEEFUTURE and scale into my postitions.

That is the way to think. You can not be dogmatic about things.

When you think "you know" that is when you are dead.

you must several tools and look at the weight of evidence.

Little knowledge is dangerous. How true is that statement. VERY!

You must think in multiple tools and dimentions and it is clear that you are not there yet. But I am giving you as many tools as I can. There some of those that I can not and they add to may own urgency of doing things, but you now have more tools than I head just few years ago. Ang dood ones too.

Now, what to do about FRANKS.
Please email me to remind to talk to you about this
Good Trading
My Dear Friend

boris said...

Dear Dave ENJOY
GOod Trading

John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Good Morning
Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

good morning boris. the daily update via email and on Psite seems to be old. can you please look into it?

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
Psite, simply was not yet updated
now it is and both new and old are there, if you compare you will see that they are not the same

Now, please make sure your excell file received is the same as new (11/12) on the psite.

Thanks and Appreciate Good Trading My Dear Friend

daveo said...

Dear Boris, thanks for posting the xl file on the psite. I can't get my home emails at work. Daveo

boris said...

Dear Dave,
No Problem, Enjoy
Good Trading

gorli said...

boris, thanks for updating the Psite. the excel file i received does not have the same numbers.

boris said...

Dear Gorli,
Very interesting.
It would look like Julie did not save the EXCEL file before sending it out.

I will point that to her out

Good Trading