Sunday, November 16, 2008

SEE 4 Years Of Stocks Market Ahead

YellowBrickRoad that shows stock Market Projection 4 Years Ahead. Interested? Please apply by sending $1500 to for my id

Ok, so you want to see how well did it work , so that you can gage the potential accuracy for next 4 years. then there it is below see the past performance. Let's remember YBR does not predict price levels and YBR is totally price independent. Nothing in the current price action of the market is relevant to YBR. So, it can be charted 1000 year ahead without knowing anything about markets. Now, if one only adjusts the YBR for market volatility and direction, One could potentially achieve a 80% correlation, not just at turning points, but at mid points as well! INCREDIBLE!!!

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06:53 ET, Please note that MDS status big pictures and dailyupdate are all uploaded on Psite


John said...


You never posted back 25 yrs- very , very cool

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
I never posted it more than a year or two...

YOu are absolutely correct.

Now, If somebody is going to shell 1500 bucks for 4 years forward vision, it is only reasonable that they can see last 25 year of YBR. Frankly YBR goes 100s of years back!!!

Good Trading

John said...


Too mucho of of waldos wine cool-

old john

Vin said...

That's quite pretty, Boris. :)

Question regarding your statement, "Nothing in the current price action of the market is relevant to YBR." Was the YBR tuned or influenced by much historical pricing? It sounds like not much goes into it... (mainly curious about the independence of the 25yr backtest.)

Either way, this year's predictions have been impressive so far. I'll see. I'll see.

boris said...

Dear Win,
YBR treats the stock market as a certain energy and applies the Quantum Mechanics to solve the Quantum Object Vibartions ( exciations) Just like one would apply the quantum physics to ATOM.

There! It requires certain parameters , but no history of the market.

I am totally struck with YBR's ability to pick the tops of 2000 and 2007 with enormous detail!

Also If you believe in uptrending bias in the markets and just play long side. Buy at the YBR bottom and SELL at YBR top.

Every one of your trades would have been profitable!

I think it is awesome to apply something outside of the market to the market itself and get these results.

Good Trading My Dear Friend

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good afternoon Boris,
is MDS in the same position than in Friday?
Thank YOu

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Tina,
MDS is in the same position and I got THE NAZ MDS and it is in SELL, but could go into BUY today

Good Trading

Vin said...

'Morning Boris,

Thanks for the clarification about YBR. It is as I suspected while mulling your approach over the weekend. Good. This gives me something different for me to think about. :) It's been years since I've looked at quantum mechanics.