Monday, November 17, 2008

International Central Banking Operations

This Saturday Cavuto ( of FOX Business News) has Ron Paul for interview. Among the answers to Neil questions Ron Paul mentions:
"the problem is that we do not even have access what decisions the bankers make"
We means Congress of USA and legislative bodies of other countries. Do not have access to decisions the Central Bankers Make.
Who is the USA as a country working for ( regardless of who the president is).
People Or Bankers? You are the judge!!!

What Does CAVUTO say to that. Well, that is a subject for another day. Do you think this subject will ever come up? I doubt. So, you doubt the power of BANKING cartel? Do not. Please. These people are unaccountable to anybody but the owners and movers and shakers of the FEDERAL BANKING SYSTEM. No wonder it took them no time to extort almost 1 Trillion DOllars!

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