Saturday, November 01, 2008

Aboot-Bull Israeli Bonds Special

Dear Aboot-Bull, this special is for you and for all Israelis or foreign investors who maybe thinking of investments in Israeli Bonds. Enjoy and send som subscribers to us(:-


Aboot-Bull said...

Dear Boris,

Thanks a lot.
I'm not sure I'm that familiar, understand or know what to do with those APoints of yours.
but still thanks. :-)


boris said...

Dear A-B
I will send you the the document on AttractionPoint USage.

Really , and Basically, the significance of ANNUAL AP( especially) is that they attrect prices like magnets and the prices often stop there or continue to the next AP's. They are gravitation Points. Need proof?

Look at the AP picture couple posts down and see how ES mini prices flirtied with the APS.

If/when you become subscriber, we can show you stunning picture of prices turning from those AP's.

Good Trading Dear Aboot-Bull