Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanks for being with us

Dear Subscriber, Please see currency update on Psite

All Beasts remain on the same status as before. Amazing reading I witnessed though is the smallest number ever of Latestayers Under MDS. Which means that, Yesterdays decline, Practically, Totally, Destroyed the leadership that existed till Yesterday. The reading of 28 is Lowest ever,after the previous low reading of 48.

Dear Tim, gave us this info. You already have this information in a more distilled ( only to the relevant Bear Markets , not all of them) version of this , that I send you in my email. It is a bit confusing with too many markets that do not resemble ours. But You can not beat the visual affect of it and one more thing remember Markets, Like Michael Jordan, never fool you the same way more than once. It is always different some ways then it was!!!

With No Further Delay, please go to

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boris said...

Dear Subscriber,
Currency Update on Psite

GOod Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

dear boris, i cant find the "mds status". thanks for everything you do and have done for us. you are a blessing to everyone. i have not been posting, but come here every day!This is Chronictown! can you email me the mds?

boris said...

Dear CHronictown,
I have not send anything out for a while, bceacuase the status is the BUY for all of them long time now( 10 days or so).

In these kind of situations the signal is not as much valid, without confirmations, so, I just did not waste anybodies time. Until the markets settele a bit these signals will be just an indication not the sign of action.

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tim9lives said...

Dear Boris.
I was going back reading doom and gloom of some posts from yesterday.
What occurs to me is what I think is the at the heart of the Doom and Gloomers fears.
The heart of this is that so many people in the USA just don't realize how little one needs in life.
I'm guessing many investors with a large asset base are in this group.
So many think it is the new car, big house, and all the expensive toys which symbolize our worth.
When in truth, none of these items really matter.
I used to be in this group, but then I got hurt severely bad. I was paralyzed from the waist down for over 1 year; could not earn a penny, lost everything(including my humility)
Today I am somewhat thankful for the eye opening experience, for it builds character.
It also woke me up to the fact that one needs very few material items for happiness.
The bottom line is most Doom and Gloomers think they need so many useless material items in order to survive, when in fact they need so few items in reality.
It is the consumer based economy's "visual messages" we receive every day when we watch TV which has brainwashed us.
Every one reading this in reality only needs food and shelter for survival. We can all go 1, 2 , or 3 plus years without buying any of the crap we see advertised on TV.
In any case, this is what the depression taught our parents and grandparents.
The world will go on, and we will survive. Businesses will fail, mainly the big box consumer based retail stores which sell mostly unnecessary feel good items.
And there is a lot of truth to the statement of All we have to fear, is fear itself.
Think about that statement,,,it is almost as if we are getting bombarded every second ---Be fearful.
When in fact,,we have very little to fear. The truth is,,,the Elite and top 1% have the most to fear,,,for they have wrapped their life around the idea that their money is their worth.
Our real worth is our character. I think that is why we are all here Boris, because of your character. That is your true worth. In the end, this is all that remains when we leave this earth, our reputation,,,our character,,,and the values we instill in our children and friends.
Take care- Tim
(Now I want to add- sure,,I also want to make money,,,I am like all of you here,,,but I want us all to understand the true priorities in life,,,and money is not in that list)

lagscrew said...

What if this is an ABC pattern up to the 22nd? Then expect another 500 point day in the Dow. BUT BUT BUT.... the worst that could happen was that the 22nd October is a high, and we turn violently down from there. Then the above scary scenario is in place. Lets hope it doesnt happen. That is not in anyones interest.

So be nimble. Be cautious. Stay composed. 950 is a huge resistance number now in the SP500. Remember we fell 400 points in the final hour alone.... we are exceptionally oversold again, but once again, watch the final two hours... they hold the key to the rest of the week...

boris said...

Dear Tim,

I am in tears,

My English would does not allow me to so expressive, even as my feelings have no bounderies and I guess it shows.

YES, YES, YES, to everything you say. I lived that life in my childhood and I would love nothing but to go to cave again.

Un+Fortunately, there is a family, who still has not pictured that world, but I sincerely hope that what you say will be realised en mass by people and we are not going to see the FAGOT adds like that man, that says.

"you see, I have big house, four cars, swimming pool and all the toys in the world. HOW DO I DO IT?

That is symbol(current one ) of AMERICA.

That is symbold SOPITALISM SELLS everywhere.

This is why this site is ANTI-SOPITALIST

Good Tradnig

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Your scenario has a chance, but it does not have( may not) be as severe last step...

Let us hope so.
We shall dynamically follow though

GOod Trading

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Glad to see that The Anti-Sopitalist will live on:-)!!!!
I hope that you are well and finding your day to be a stimulating one.
Love you. Love your generous intentions.


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Tim, that is beautiful and I couldn't say it better. I grew up on a farm and I know you don't need much to be happy. If you have love by family and the neccesities in life that is all you need. Society has taught us that we need more and that has lead us to be greedy. waldo

sally7000 said...

great call on gold Boris: either this is an important low or it is headed for 650

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Love you too.
With all you Canadian Loonies

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Welcome back

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Sally,
Thanks you.
Do I know you(:-

Just a joke,

My brain cells are leaving me

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