Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sopitalists Telegraph The Market Bottom


They Say, G20 Will Convene In Washington Mid November! time to bottom?
Ok, Dear Readers, few points about how SOPITALISM works and how it has worked to prove exactly as predicted.

Sopiatlists, wanted to inflate the world. They made Mad Man like AHMEDIN JIHAD OF IRAN and CHAVES of VENEZUELA real man. They made Israelis Threaten Iran And Iran threaten Israel and I said it is all bluff and on and on and on. With America, Tacitly Supporting all of this. I said at that time, this is all BS ( see my articles from that time) and yes, that is what it was. It was a BS of Mafia Run wild to raise the OIL prices. Now Mad Man of IRAN and VENEZUELA and BSers from Israel are either homeless and penniless or SUPER RICH and counting their money. Everybody is quiet. Even Saudia's Oil Minister was saying OIl will/can go to 155-200. Remember all that? That is how SOPITALISM works. They have agents all over the world. Ministers, included. And Central Bankers Included, who will later admit "My Theory did not work", but I am only human(:-. Meanwhile Billions, Trillions have been collected in speculation by likes of GOLDMAN and JPM and others who are connected to all of this. Mafia is rampant my Dear Friends. That is the world you live in. Scared? Hahahaha. You live only once. Do not be scared. In the larger picture of the world you and I are cogs. But we stop being so, once we, at least, understand how the Mafia works. In the history of the mankind the rulers/MAFIA always needed the way to control masses( as they fleece them). So, they threaten and sometimes actually deliver, Nuclear and/or some kind of other Holocaust. I remember building underground Nuclear fortifications , as an young Nuclear Scientist ( Cities underground) in USSR as my then future American Brothers spend evenings under the table fearing that NIKITA may throw few ballistic rockets some day. Well, surprisingly nothing happened and future NIKITAS, became CAPISOPITALISTS after amassing Trillions of Rubles. I am sure American Military complex did just as well(:- with $10000 toilets and $1000 hammers and what else. And for all those years the Social Security savings have been depreciated to enrich the ruling and connected in USA. That is partially the reason Greenspan kept the interest rates low for all those year, besides being invested in bonds and nothing but the bonds, therefore having supreme interest to keep the bond prices going up.
I have no doubt that this was either completely known or was realised very soon after the FDR's new deal, which gave us(US) Social (In)Security. Media never discusses any of this. See no evil, hear no evil. And My former Boss Michael Bloomberg, says we are all to blame. After 20Billion Dollars in the bank it is so easy for him to say that. All those $2000/month terminals spewing worthless propaganda, instead of the true understanding of the world. Being a mega publisher, Mr Mayor, apparently did not see his role and responsibility to tell yo truth. Just to sell more terminals. I have seen it all. I have seen SOVIET SOPITALIST mafia. I have seen American Counterpart. I have seen Israeli Mafia. I see and feel all mafia in this world, be it European Asian, Arab, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and all forms of it. It all comes down to the basic animal nature of rich individuals ( Thank God There are exceptions to what am about to say). Once they are rich they want to be richer and at that time, they have the desire and means to do all they want to do. In USA this is all well legislated, bribes are called contributions. FREE SPEACH IS MUCH FREEIER IF YOU CAN SPEND 100 Thousand Dollars on NYTIMES CENTERFOLD or SUPERBALL 5Million DOllar 30 second Commecial. Financial Crimes do not exist as concept, especially for those controlling and supervising those crimes ( they can only be accused of "honest mistakes", while these people are hailed as the greatest man/women of their generation, while they are feeding the orgy of SOPITALIS party). Do you really think Greenspan cares how he is viewed at 82. Hahaha. Do you remember how carefully Dubia approached him from the day one of his presidency, because he knew all too well, how Greenspan was capable to ruin his presidency like he did of his fathers? The players of Mafia, are not always in agreement with each other, but they always agree that they want to steal as much as possible and as fast as possible, as the time is very important. Remember, USA of last 5 years is like a TITANIC, which is looted profusely by those that run it straight into the ICEBERG. I am sure, some of those are now opening funds to repurchase the distress properties. Hallelujah! they never sleep do they?

Be well, My Dear Friend. My purpose is to learn and teach something and If I have even a bit of a success that is fine. In either case, as far as investments are concerned, without understanding the SOPITALIST inter working, you are dead. Or you are SOPITALIST yourself. I am sure you know who you are.

Do not get me wrong. Sopitalists do not always play. Sometimes they act. And one can, reasonably expect that in an attempt to control the masses they will willingly or accidentally embark on another Holocaust of sorts. I do not know what form it will take at this time. But It does not look like , that the Credit Machine can or will be resurected and then masses may demand real answers, and accountability.

My goal is to leave on the face of this earth mini and maxi Boris's that will generate more and more awareness and growth of ANTI-SOPITALISM to finally leave the SOPITALIST no way to continue their clandestine operations. Hey, I may not be able to accomplish what I want while I am alive, but I will settle for it after I am dead too. I will be glad to hear in my grave that it happened. And believe me, I will. I have ways of being here even after I am gone.

NOTE: if you are not into conspiracies, let me leave you with this. At the end of the day, there is very little difference between the CONSPIRACY and ACT OF POWERFUL GROUPS in self interest, which totally trumps the interest of common man. If you like the, powerful self interest better than the world conspiracy, be my guest. Just know the results are the same.
Dear INVESTOR, On any Print of below 800 on SPX, toss in 2.5% in the market on each 10 point break below that. So, on 800 toss in 2.5% on the break of 790 toss in another 2.5%, on the break of 780% toss in another 2.5% and there it stops for that. Then if/when market rallies back above 860 ( only after it has reached the 780 and below), toss in another 2.5%. And then stop and place the stop loss order for 5% below 770=SPX.
This is a public service from me to you and please see the disclaimers on this page. I am not GOD, not even a half GOD, but I know that market has not been this cheap for a long, long time and while it may go lower, nice YIELDS on stocks will "pay you while you wait". Please make sure these are percentages of your moneys usually dedicated for investments in Assets , such as Bonds, Stocks, Commodities. If you do not understand it, read the ASSET pie charts on the SLIDING window on this page. God Bless you.


Tina1000 said...

Thank you for your words dear Boris.
For what I have learned for past year I wouldn´t agree more. I see that more and more people will awaken for the the truth. Maybe things will have to get worse before they get better, but believe me, eventually these bastards will lose. We are whitnessing their last desperate attempts to maintain their power. In these turbulent times it is important for all of us to be centered and hold the vision of new better world in our minds. The change may require old structures to collapse first, but it will come. Keep the faith.

John said...


good morning. I read your comments. As you know, I am of the same mind.

old john

boris said...

Dear Tina,

Thanks, I am told women are a lot more perceptive than man. I should know, my wife can beat me in human affairs, even as I am supereducated and she just graduated 8 grade.

I love womens intuition. They have a better smell, better vision, better reaction and coordination. They seem to make up in wisdom and flexibility what we awkward man overcome ( try to ) by force.

Your opinion therefore is very important to me Dear Tina.

God Bles you.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear John,
Thanks Brother,

Thanks for being there.

World/America desperately needs people like you. Honest , brave, experienced , unassuming. Just doing what looks right.

God Blees you Dear John

Good Trading

John said...


thanx for the compliment, it means much to me

old john

sharon said...

Dear Boris

I think the world becomes less supportive to the Sopitalists. take a look on Abarmovith and Lebaiev (someone mention Africa?)

it happens once in 100 years when people say - enough is enough is enough. by the way, even though they are still paying for thier disillusionment.


sharon said...


boris said...

Dear Sharon,
Undoubtedly, people are waking up to the BS of world underground and not so UNDERGROUND FIAT money mafia, but if it was so good, we would not allowed 1 Trillion dollar extorsion that we just alowed USA goverment( controled by them) to perpetrated on unwilling public.

Did you see, how the stalwarth FREE CAPITLISM supporters WARREN BUFFET and JACK WELSH and STEVEN FORBES, have supported it all.

Look, I think we are long way from from where we need to be, the fact that LEVIEVN and ABRAMAVISH maybe falling a bit that maybe because PUTIN may have found other horses to run with. You know, he does not like dameged goods(:-

In any case, I sure hope that you are right and I do agree people are more aware partially because people such as us try to show them example by example how the sopitalism works and they can see patterns themslves.

Thanks Dear Sharon,

Very Good Young man, I hope can carry the right things into future.

Good Trading

jill said...

Your words this morning sent chills down my spine. You have a unique perspective on the world and how it operates that is refreshing to read.
When you talked about your past in the USSR I was reminded of my father who was B-52 pilot. He constantly told the family that there were Russian bomber (he called them Bears) pilots who had similar responsibilities but also had families and loved ones at home just like mine. I was very young at the time always thinking my dad would not return or a Russian family would loose their dad. It was always exhilarating when he returned home as, I am sure, it was for Russian families to see their dad return safely.
Thank you for all your work.
I understand your limits on posting but what you do reveal has kept my head above water. Your work is much appreciated.

boris said...

Dear Jill
We need people like yourself.
Conginzant that there is DARK side oprating in this world wose only interest is enriching themeleves and had with anything that is Dear to and me and average people like us.

Fortunately the life has thrown my way tools and education that is unique and I try to use it the best way I can/now how.

I need people to be aware of the Dark side , otherwise they will go on doing things that appear normal to people, while they maybe preparing for things more devastating people have ever seen.

This will not be first time as I said. ONce you brought the people to animal insticts anything can/is supportable at that stage. Usually cool Germans warned up to Hitler. Can you imagine how manipulatable the less educated ( historicallY) peple can be committed to?

I hope, not to see the bad things, I hope, exposure scares them.

As you can see I consider nothing sacred. If people that I name think they are innocent they can say so. But , I did not know, does not cut when you control millions of people and trillions of money.

There is something wrong with that.

There is a failure of gigantic prportions, when nobody is accountable for collossal errors.

It is scare when that happens, cause it must be indicating that nobody cares anymmore. Including those that should protect and enforce the laws in USA and elsewhere and that is a state from which nothing could can come out.

I thank you Jill, for raising the interest on this subject

Good Trading

John said...


I looked at the chart. From what I gather playing with this silly computer and visiting many different sites, everyone is looking for a massive selling climax. All the sopitalists on tv are looking for the same, bothers me when everyone is going the same way.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
It would not surprise me if FRIDAY has not sucked too many on the shot side and we could get the fake out on the upside with the true bottom coming , in fact in mid NOvEMBER, another new MOON on NOVEMBER 14.

We do have the date of 26 Oct as a possible high low point ( So Tuesday could be an important pivot day)

Good Trading

John said...


thanx, when every one is looking one way- ??

I have been reading a little about the "Black Swan"- very interesting.

old john

Aboot-Bull said...

Dear Boris,
I'm offended when i sugested those ideas few months ago you laughed at me....


D said...

Boooooris -

Price/time are we thinking 965ish in 1-2 days, or what are you thinking in terms of time specifically?


D said...

Conspire: “To join or act together”

boris said...

Dear Aboot-Bool
Pleaser remind me my faulacy.

What are we talking about?

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear D,
I d onot know really,
This is a type of spot, where anything can get flipped any minute.

If we were to jump, Yes, that could be possible. Or even more. There are only two good patterns here as I can see.

Jump up and go down into November or go down straight. But the Yellow on the asset picture bothers me. It is usually pretty good sign for jump up. It is not always, but enough.

So, we just need to bre ready for this gigantic range of 770 to 1070. How incredible is that?

Let us look at the APs also, not all happens at once.

So till tomorrow.

Good Trading Dear D

Vin said...

John, Boris,

I too see overwhelming bearish talk about longs waiting for a capitulative sell-off before jumping for the long haul. However, sentiment data for Friday, like ROBO Put/Call, ISEE Index, and money flows on ultrashort ETFs all show positioning for a near-term upward move. The sudden 5 minute sell-off into the close surely caught many by surprise.

John said...


old john

jimww said...

Dear boris You are my brother ....I stand beside you even unto death ... you give me hope for the tree of life. Can not say any more I have computer problems ugh , Jim.

Vin said...


Several in my generation have been skeptical for the longest time. Action may not happen (though the fervent opposition to Paulson's plans is a sign), but the questioning will prevail. Fear not, there will surely be people harboring mini boris thoughts for at least another 50-70 years. :)

Greenie said...

Dear Boris,

Please check this link. I was the one, who said that Ahmadinijad was a paper tiger, whereas you thought he was Hitler's cousin or something.

I agree with your current description. Media and their masters in US create all these 'monsters' to keep people scared.

boris said...

Dear Greenie,
While we agree on many things.
Let me just say, being HITLER like does not require toe be tiger.

It just requires hate.
Which Mr AH has a lot.

That all I rally meant.

You and I are not kids to believe that a an ant like AH could stand up to USA, if USA was not allowing him to play his game(:-

AH standing up to USA was like me or you standing up to SHAQ and telling him we will beat him up if he does not listen to us.

Ridiculous ha.

Just to make sure that history is correcly intrepreted. Already in 2006 ( Safehaven article) I wrote that AH was a SOPITALIST player.

Just making records streight.

I said there. Either he is a shrudest Sopitalist player or he is degenerate to stand up to USA.


Thanks my Dear Friend.
I know in my heart that you love humans and hate SOPITALISTS.

In spite of our disagreements, I can take that away from you.

Good Trading My Dear Friend

pit5577 said...

New password for psite doesn´t work.

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello dear Boris.....

I hope you had the greatest of weekends!

I am confused about your franc/yen call/chart....

I'm not sure why you think it is yelling at us. Please explain...

To my amateurish view, CHF/JPY has 60 written all over it....

boris said...

Dear Pit
Password Just changed

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Who, XERXES?

Ok, it may have 60 on it next two to three months, how about 121 in 3-4 years.

All I tell you is that on the historical bases the currencis in this pair are skewed to the future benefit onf Swiss Frank.

I have other cyclical reasons to believe that we are around the turn area and if you take the trade need to manage it like anything else, but the statment here is very simple.

This pair , in a long run favors SWISSY

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers,
I have provided couple more number to watch for the possible bottom in the markets.

The are there on PSITE.

Notice the Password Change for Psite.

Good Trading