Friday, October 24, 2008

My Calculators, DId not get Correct Data.

Wroking Around, Hope to get something out soon.
Data Was Emailed, getting copy placed on Psite. In few minutes.
Sorry for the delay.

Dear ALl, Yen And EUro, APs on the Psite, Good trading

Those that can, this maybe a nice time to risk a little, either in futres and/or options markets. Please understand, especially, futures , encompass the big money. Do not do it, unless your investable capitel, NOT SELF WORTH, is north of Million Dollars and even then. Do not riks more than couple couple points. Deep out of the money calls may do the trick as it will not cost much and strictly limits your loss to small amount. Please, Please, This is not for everybody and I am warning you to neither assume, I know anything, or ever did, Just an idea for super rich amongst us. I totally walk away from this statment, right now. I am not performing this trade myself.

ONE MORE TIME, DO NOT DO IT, Unless you have investable(free ) capital , not self worth, larger than Million Bucks ( PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER on the right side of the screen)

07:56 ET, If YEN does not go down here fast and hard, there is another leg up that will come around 12:30 ET and could be even more devastating. SO, be very careful, in all markets here. Let the YEN break down before you start beating on it(:-

08:23 ET, YEN moving lower as suggested! must make big break down before 9:00ET, if not another bad lag up maybe coming between 12:00 and 13:00 ET.

08:46 ET, looks like we may have exhausted our potential decline in YEN. Forget above statment about market for now.


xerxes said...

good morning dear boris

xerxes said...

when i woke up this morning i could smell the napalm :-)

boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
So did I,
Good Trading Dear Xerxes,
Good Thing, I was almost 85% protected on my positions, which is a lot for me in general. Must have felt something

Good Tradnig

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning, I see we have a meltdown. Boris would you please send psite attachment so I can get in to it again. Glad I didn't add to my investor position yesterday. Might get it cheaper today. This might cause a cascading effect on hedge and mutual funds to get me out at all cost. Thank you, waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
We added back in 2% yesterday. And that is not much cosnidering we lifited it initially at 1260.

Good Trading
I am sending you the Psite

Good Trading

John said...


Good morning- I am in 98% cash and will wait .


You are correct, It does smell like napalm, I remember that smell from 1967 :)

old john

daveo said... appears that one currency is distinguishing itself from all the others this morning. Wonder which one ? Does it continue ?

boris said...

Dear Dave,
I was fully protected against YEN and, in fact, faught the SOPITALIST JPMORGAN traders this morning and thank god fleeced them from few DOllars or YEN as one wishes.

This is a JPM mafia pushing JPY with monopoly money and they have success for those who can not protect themselves and get their way.

They can go to hell, before they ever make a penny from me.

With their robots trading currency markets with monopoly money.

Good Trading