Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Invitation Only Site

Dear Readers, We have the Psite and we could have another if need be.
What I propose is to make the psite or a new site as an invitation only site.
This means that people will/must login with their own IDs and will/can discuss whatever they like.

Ths site will help a lot, those interested in Other than Stocks Market, to whom this may be useful.
Make sure that you agree with using your own GOOGLE login for this site

Please let me know also, if you prefer to make psite for that purpose

Good Trading (my email Only subscribers invited to repsond to this

05:11 ET, Please Note the Daily Update Fresh On Psite
05:31 ET, Dollar Update Note On Psite
Largest Majority, in fact so far, 100% of subscribers would like a site where they can discuss anything, including their positions, without fear. Who can argue. It is not even the premeditated listening in that we fear. Just the fact that facts are public creates crowd. Then that shows up on screens as odd lotters all doing the same thing and BINGO. Experienced people see that. I am not going to expand on dangers of being unprotected. I think it is plenty absorbed by all at this time.
My Sincere thanks to all and most, who in all of this mostly worry about my health with so many things to do. Hey GUYS/GIRLS it is all wordy with this bunch of subscribers. I hope I can find best solution for us to freely communicate.
0833 ET, MDS in the same state, see psite


tim9lives said...

Yes,,,that is great idea Boris having another protected site.

(And if possible,,it would be great if you could somehow track it to make sure we are not being spied on. Or somehow try to prevent someone from giving out their ID on some other board. )

But, no matter what,,I think having a site in which we can openly discuss some of the more sensitive subjects would be great.
I remember the way it was before we became a subscriber based system.
I was able to grasp the subjects better, whereas sometimes now, I find sometimes I have doubts.
Thanks again my friend- Tim

boris said...

Dear Tim
Thanks for your input.
I gues any organisation when growing requires restructuring and I am afraid I may not be able to defer this much longer

Good Trading

Mommy said...

hi Boris,

I sent you an email - thanks,


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Boris I am with you on anything you choose to do. These are computers and logging in to another site is no problem as long as it doesn't over work you. As always, waldo.

daveo said...

Boris, absolutely up for a protected site. Daveo

tim9lives said...

Dear Boris,,,I do want to add something.
What ever you do, take your time and try to make it so once it is done,,,life is easier for you. I think you do work too hard. I love your opinions,,,but you need to take care of your health also!
Waldo is right,,do not overwork yourself.

But just a site for paid subscribers so you don't have to spend so much time with the e-mails sounds like that may save you some time....but,,what do I know. I can barely use Excel.. :-)
I am just an Indian,,,you are the Chief my friend.
Thanks - Tim

Vishal said...

Boris, this is a good idea, please, lets do it!

daveo said...

Dear Boris, thanks for daily this morning. Had to get my bearings. Can't say on what though : ) Daveo

boris said...

Dear Dave,
THese Days are very voletile and trying.

Not much to do.
THis is the SOPITALIST world

Anything you grab is good in these kind of situations

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello Dear Boris.....

Thanks for all your great help recently :-)

When I register with google to post here, it seems to expire, requiring me to re-register completely every so often....

I'd like a site to discuss issues...
It's annoying to re-register constantly....


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

(AP:PARIS) France says it will host a European financial summit Saturday in Paris, bringing together a handful of European countries to deal with the international financial crisis.

A statement from President Nicolas Sarkozy's office said the meeting is to bring together the leaders of Germany, Britain and Italy as well as the president of the European Commission and the European Central Bank chief...........

Haven't heard much about French banks having big problems with the credit cruncheroo. They must be in critical condition...


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Greetings Boris,
Volatility to much for me, so have used time to pack and move.
The private site seems an excellent idea. I concur with my colleages that we want you to
have a hassle-free trading day.
We all benefit when you are healthy and creative. I'm sure the YBR,MDS and Beasts were developed
under those conditions.
Many years ago an investment advisory letter wrote a scathing comment about people copying his letter and giving it away.He said he would make those people buy subscriptions to every person who received it. I agreed 100%. Today we have computers and ideas travel at quantum speed and not just every corner of the globe. Traders often talk about trying to find the edge. You provide us with a very Big Edge. But that edge disappears and can even be used against us when the
"pirates" attack.
But the simple truth is stealing a man's creative ideas is just plain criminal.
Thanks again for bring so generous
with your time and ideas.

Got to get back to packing.Support
you in whatever design you create.
Like Xerxes I have to reregister
on Google every day.
Have a great trading day.
Still have my Yen puts. Only down
small change.

Jason said...


I heard a report yesterday in regards to the Europian Union nationalizing banks. I beleive this is exactly what the ultra elite are trying to do. The more centralized the world is the easier it will be for them to control it. Nationalizing banks under the EU would give them direct banking control over many countries with one swoop. You have to admit the Sopitalist are very smart folks.
Thank God they are not smarter than Boris. :o)