Friday, October 10, 2008


HIT THE SUPPORT ZONE ON SPX AND NOW UP 50 points from there.
THis could be a bottom if not the bottom. Stay alert

803.1 767.4 709.3 637.3 es
954.0 989.8 1047.7 1119.9

831 811 780 729 spx
925 944 976 1027

28.8 28.0 26.8 24.8 qqqq
32.4 33.1 34.3 36.3

99.356 99.316 99.251 99.170 jpy
99.500 99.524 99.564 99.629

10:11 ET , As I told you the intradays are almost unimportant in this volatile world, we did hit the ES MINI SUPPORT ZONE RIGHT AT THE OPEN. Now at the resistance. Need to jump over this to place the bottom in, Remember 906 is former bottom, no it is resisting us.

10:21 ET, watch this rally coulr resume if the JPY does not break down before 10:30 ET. here. watch it, Please watch it


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris/all,

Thank you for all the support and the graph's and much more.

John: XLU's H&S was correct (but I did not trade it), Nice call.

The long positions are taken earlier today.

It will be to emotional for me to follow this, so I'm going out and will start the computer before the marked is closed.

Best wishes for the weekend to all.

lagscrew said...

Only have small 8% position in GLD

In and out of QLD this morning for small profit


also hear they may shut down markets around the world

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Lag, they have shut several markets down last night. I believe there were 8 of them. waldo

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Nothing seems to be able to stop this market crash, not even the government Plunge Protection Team!

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

The yen is killing us right now. waldo

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Yen is killing the market

That is for sure.

They just need to call BOJ and say
Put the YEN in the market.

they are not doing it and that is where it is

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers,Subscribers.

I did some more bying today. It was nice to get FPL over 4% Yield. i waited for this a long time(:-

Good Trading

lagscrew said...


the way gold is acting here heading down maybe things are at a bottom????

boris said...

Dear Lag,
GOld is just another antidollar and sometimes it rallies and sometimes stocks and sometimes OIL and sometimes currencies to act against ANTIDOLLAR.

I maintained that the YELLOW metal is in MINI BEAR and not changing my mind ont that.

Yet we need to remember that the SEEFUTURE still has some role fo GOLD till... SUBSCRIBERS know...

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

I am not old enough for the depression times but now after living thru this I know why they were jumping out of windows killing themselves. Just think of all those hegde fund managers that has been wiped out. Margin calls galore the past few days. when that stops the market will rally. waldo.

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

go mkt go. great call Boris. waldo

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,
Just some Canadain Banking news I found interesting...

"Countries around the world were ranked on a scale of 1 (banks are essentially insolvent and need government bailouts) to 7 (everything is A-okay). Canada placed first, with a score of 6.8, followed closely by Sweden, Luxembourg, Australia and Denmark.
By comparison, the U.K. ranked 44th, United States ranked 40th and Germany ranked 39th.
However, before you rush into Canadian bank stocks, keep in mind that the scores were based on the opinions of executives – and let's face it, they have been known to overstate the health of their banks in recent months. Indeed, although the United States was low in the rankings, it still generated a score of 6. That is, U.S. banks might rank low on a relative scale, but executives, nonetheless, think things are dandy in the sector."

From Wikipedia's Great Depression in Canada page:

"Canada did have some advantages over other countries, especially its extremely stable bank system that had no failures during the entire depression, compared to over 9,000 small banks that collapsed in the United States."

boris said...

Dear Wadlo,
Dear Hopper,

Good Trading