Friday, October 03, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning Boris....

Do I know Ralph?


boris said...

Dear Xerxes,
I do not know(:-
If you know Ralph

Good Trading

Sqroot said...

Morning Boris. We'll see in a few hours if it is good or not - LOL.
Looking at your pressure chart... kind of hard to talk about without dates or time scale, but notice the first time blue line exceeded pink SPX line (far left), and 2nd time (under P in 'sell/pressure'), and under the 'e' in 'mktpress'. All quick double bottoms, then up.
Guess we'll see if it repeats. Happy trading!!

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Sqroot,
THose were in a "different" envirnoment.

That was a bull market now we have the bear market.

But Buyers take the market up.
No argument there from me(:-

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Good morning,

Xerxes, I don't think we know each other. I do not normally post. I am still a novice doing my best to learn from the good people here like Boris, Old John, Lagscrew and many others.

I am in the Seattle area but originally from Old John's neighborhood. I came to Seattle about 30 years ago to work for Boeing.

Good Trading,