Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Please Note the MDS update On Psite and Email


John said...


good morning

old john

boris said...

Good Morning Dear John,
Good Trading

diesel said...

Hi Boris,

The cost of credit default Swaps on USTreasury debt has risen above 30 basis points, and now stands at a higher level than McDonalds. The USTBond swap was 22 basis points just a couple weeks ago, and only 6 bpts in April.



אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello Dear Boris.....

The Fed, according to their " H.4.1 Release" of 25/09/08, have inaugurated a "supplementary financing account" from which they can print till kingdom come, and they already churned out over 600 billion...

The bailout bill will allow every single bad loan/derivative/CDO/whatever, to be bought by Treasury...

Will your tools be able to adjust, with sufficient time, to the upcoming pulverization of the USD?


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...


USD keeps going against CHF. Any comment?



boris said...

Dear Bob,
We did not say it will not or can not right?
We said limited. That could mean couple percent even repretiton of high.
Good Trading