Thursday, October 16, 2008

attraction points

903 896 885 872 spx
931 937 948 961

30.108 29.778 29.242 28.577 qqqq
31.501 31.831 32.365 33.032

898.9 889.6 874.6 855.9 es
937.9 947.1 962.1 980.8

100.488 100.288 99.962 99.560 jpy
101.332 101.532 101.856 102.260

10:26 ET, If YEN holds up in here, we have chance of an excellent rally. It has not broken down and it is poised to pick up as long as 100.50 does not give up.

11:06 ET, If there is going to be rally then this is a great time to start here and now
11:14 ET, YEN is looking for another support point at around 100.1x

11:24 ET, I think market listened to us, we started a rally. Long SSO from 26.70. STp 26.75
12:00 ET, I took some profits here on 1/2 and will let 1/2 ride as a free trade

112:15 ET, this rally started slaggish and without currency support at first. It could be cahnging in here

12:22 ET, Indeed, the character of this rally has, now, changed for the better, still need to clear, 920 area on ESmini for continued trust

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boris said...

Dear Reader, Subscriber,
You note, how discorant the entire thing is Even the ANTIDOLLAR members do not know how to devide their "small fortune" here.

As Energy seems to be perking up, while gold had an upperhand in previous Antidollar rallies.

That is exactly what you expect at this stage. STOCKS MAKET IS IN THERE fighting for its share with currenies at al.

Crazy. Ha

D said...

this is one crazy market, I can't get my equity trades settled fast enough to capitalize on both sides of the market now...sooooo fast!

Vin said...

Hi, Boris.

Yen is now much healthier compared to the lows. By "changing" do you mean to suggest that the rally will gain strength?

In any case, thanks for the ideas. APs have treated me well again today thus far. :)


boris said...

Dear Vin
It is always much better to see the rally in stocks supported by YEN, or it could be fake

Good Trading


lagscrew said...


bought some twm this am and is even now--think we test the bottom

have some ung from 2 days ago which is ok so far--may hang on to that one--getting cold and still a lot of it is off line from hurricane

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

yen is trying to help the market but market is not acting to the yen as of yet. waldo

boris said...

Dear Lag,
Dear Wadlo
Thanks for reporting
GOod Tradng

lagscrew said...

man they are screwing with etfs--Boris what are they doing knocking everyone out of positions with stops?

boris said...

Dear Lag,
You can not have actual stops in this god forsaken, liquidity deprived markets.

It has to be all mental

GOod Trading

lagscrew said...

mine is a strained mental stop

tim9lives said...

Dear Boris,,,Thank you for the compliment.
I knew you would understand what I was talking about because, you have talked many times of your childhood and your humble beginnings.

In all honesty,,I have also begun to get trapped into the Sopitalist Tricks,,,,and I was reflecting back and talking to myself as much as I was to those on this board.
It is easy to get wrapped up in this IMO.
And take care my friend-Thanks again- Tim

boris said...

Dear Tim,
I always find your articles, thoughtfull and to the point.

God Bles you My Dear friend and May God Bless With More people with that sort of understnaing, so that we could get out of out of this morasse faster.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Reader,
Looks like we cought another bottom today.

How many times did we do that in a matter of 3-4 last months.

Practically every bottom of significance, that is how many.

It is ridiculous to even compare us to somebody else on any criteria that makes sense.

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Thanks Boris, I bought more sso on the lows today and now green on my average. Let's hope it's up from here. thank you for keeping me calm, just knowing where the market may turn is priceless. waldo

boris said...

Dear Waldo,

Good Trading

Vin said...

Great intra-day call, Boris. :)

boris said...

Dear Vin,
ENJOY My Dear Friend

Good Trading

D said...

Re: volatility

I talked to a buddy that was a floor trader from way back in the 80's and told him this is a market where you only enter a position you can live with for a few weeks. After entry I go do other things.

I have left more money on the table over-trading this year. I haven't been on the wrong side of any major trades that I can think of, just hasty entries/exits that cost me additional profits.


boris said...

Dear D,
Wisdom beyond words

You go it man. Here you need a conviction and hands off. Or you head will be handed to you or you will end up making much less.

You go that right.

Words to live by My Dear Readers.
Dear D, as usual know what his is talking about and, unlike me he can write it in ENGLISH even I understand(:-

Thanks Dear D
Good Trading

jimww said...

Dear boris You are the best currancy trader I know of, and I am sure this helps you keep in charge THE SCALES OF BALANCE OF VALUE of all the asset paper properties.Rest my friend rest, no need to repond , rest. your friend in Phoenix Az. Jim

boris said...

Dear Jim,
Good Trading