Thursday, October 23, 2008

Allen Greenspan, My Model Did Not Work

Dear Greenspan, is troubled. He discovered that his model of "free markets" does not work. That is what he told the Congress Committee investigating what contributed to financial mess. Too bad Anti-Sopitalist started publishing after he finished his term or actually because of his term. Does Bernanke Model Work?
Why does Corrupt Media Hold these people in high esteem, Queen Even gave him title of "knight"? I guess it takes 18 years at FED to understand that "FREE MARKETS" is a fiction only on the tongue of those, who would like us to believe they exist. Does Paulsen Model work? Does American blend of CAPISOPTAILSM work? I am telling you, that in USA today nobody cares. As long as they can get the bread on their table the could not give dam. When one has couple million Dollars worth of mortgage he/she can not afford to seek and serve truth. To look the other way when lies are detected is norm not the excetpion.
Do you really think Media is there to protect you? Think again. They are the part of creating the celebrities like Nicole, Brittany, Michael, Greenspan, Gates , Paulsen, Buffet, Bill Gross etc. The media does not question what they do. Well, if they do, they will be out of jobs as the "celebrity" will not talk to that media person anymore. So why should they? They have needs too. Right? Are you lucky coming here. You have the need too. The need for unbiased information and regular media does not provide it my Dear Reader. Please keep coming for your own sake and for the sake of the future better world.
Good Trading
Note: I hope this gives you idea why I threw all media units out of my room and read very little of "world" opinions. Most of those are not worth the media that carries them to us and I just told you what media is worth itself.


John said...


I could tell you stories about news media types that I ran into when I worked. All shoved under the rug.

old john

John said...

And Boris,

You know what I did for a living, how did I run into so many holier than thou media types? some on nationwide tv, local tv, local newspaper?? What a joke.

old john

aaaaaaum said...

The "they" did this to rule forever! with help from The China Price forever! If you can't beat the they, maybe you can marry the they. Does anyone want to marry the they?

boris said...

Dear John
Dear Aaaaaaum
Thank you very much both
My Dear Friends

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello Dear Boris...

I was looking at the Big Picture for the Yen and I couldn't make out the number in red on the bottom right as it is obscured by the graph....

Could you e-mail it to me please...

BTW, what number is below that one?


Vishal said...

Yen just hit 92.78, OMG, a penny for your thoughts dear Boris.


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Nikkei is within spittin' distance of the '03 low


אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Hello Dear Boris.....

Did you see this:

Maybe now we can get some nice, ice-cold vodka on the cheap for the liquor cabinet :-)

The article says that if the ECB doesn't come to the rescue, EURUSD will be at parity in no time....

Problem here Boris is that your charts don't show any AP's that low....yet :-)


sharon said...

Dear Boris

good morning,

should we wait for KINDER MORGAN ENERGY today? maybe a good price will be quoted.


boris said...

Dear ALl,
Yen And EUro, APs on the Psite
Good trading

boris said...

Dear VIshal,
Psite has next APs down.
one is very close to your quote

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Sharon,
Yes, Hopefully KMP could be bought cheaper today.
Wonderful company to own.

GOod Trading

tim9lives said...

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I'm sure you know this,,,but I wish the readers on this site would all support you.
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