Tuesday, October 14, 2008

attraction points

1005.95 986.20 954.09 914.31 es
1089.30 1109.05 1141.04 1180.94

33.70 33.37 32.12 30.56 qqqq
37.39 38.16 39.41 40.96

101.873 101.533 100.979 100.295 jpy
103.307 103.647 104.198 104.885

955 920 865 795 $spx
1100 1134 1190 1259

826.75 814.70 795.11 770.84 xau
865.55 877.60 897.12 921.46

While we are at it. Here is a second challenge.

If you can find anybody that has given to their subscribers , roadmap, SEEFUTURE type of document and performed as given, I will do the same again. Subscribe to that persons service and bow my head to him/her.

Here is an acid test for a system that is good and workable.

1) Is it given before it happens. That is you do not depend anybody to tell you it happened
2) Is it totally explained usage wise ( not where it comes from, but usage)
3) Is it easy to use
4) Is there a track record people catching bottoms tops with it
5) Is the method universal across all securities and be used as confluence/confirmation mecahnism

While itme 3 requires some work on the traders part. The other 4 are totally met at the get go with AP system. We have a track record of catching all three major bottoms , July, sept, Oct. In fact one of the was caught by student of ours. Ha ( can you show us anybody that did that?)

Ok. As long as any of the above criteria are not met, I do not want to waste anybodies time on this subject. when you find system that has met these 5 criteria then there maybe something to talk about.

And that is a lesson to you. When/If you go some place else and the system given to you does not satisfy these criteria, run aways. Do not stand there run AwAY!

By the way , John, is a perfect example, why and how this system of AP work. Even with his ( own admission) limited computer and NEAR ZERO trading experience he was able to use the system, because it is not that difficult. He makes mistakes , like we all do and I know John has a hard time following confluence, due to the computing power and cognizance needed for that( that is why I watch minimum 3 screens at once), but here he is, with all the deficiencies functioning and willing to put the energy in it , because the system talks to inner JOHN.


KB said...

Boris...your comments "You prove to me that somebody else did come closer than me to yesterday's bottom and I will give you a free subscription for life and I will personally subscribe to the advisor you gave the information from"

KB said...

I will take you up on your challenge.

I do not want to post the link to the site / advisor here as I would rather e-mail it to you and not make it publically available. Where would you like me to send the link to his calls....which are the most precise I have ever seen....including Soros etc (BTW, I used to work closely with Soros) group

boris said...

Dear Kb,
Please send me info
to bchikvash@aol.com

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris, Thanks, your intra-day calls were amazing during Sept. I sure understand your need for change. Same here: opening day at Beaulah Park! Putting on stops and go watch ponies. Ha, might be other ways to enlightenment.......Good trading, Jsolos

boris said...

Dear Jsolos,
Thanks you , that will work
when there are no subscriber responsibilities.

By my nature I feel guilty if 2 minutes have passed after email reception and I did not answer.

What can I do. That is me, but
ENJOY your work and life
Dear JS

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear KB
Gave me the person who is really good.

Really really good.
I believe , homestly thought that, my methods are so mathematically precise that even he can not compare to my methods, due to its preceision and confluence that adds the reliability to the model

Having that said and respecting KBs wish, I think , while good, he does not have a) scientif approach and( at least nobody knows) b) he is one dimentional, therefore lacks what we call the coincidental confirmations.

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear Readers,
I also want to put clear emphasis here on the following. Even though daily AP's come in a set of 4 the probability of the 3rd or 4th AP being hit is absolutely close to nothing. They happen one in a blue moon. So, what you are left with is the 2nd and third, which, by the way are often less than .5% away from each other.

Now is this is a big choice for AP's you bet not. Matters are more complicated for intraday AP's but there again, we look for confluence between the 4th adn 5th intraday with second and third of Daily.

Now, that is not complicated my Dear friends and these numbers are often so close that nobody can miss the zone.

So, there you go, my method is completely explained, in terms of the methodology

Thanks and Good Trading

boris said...

While we are waiting for developments in the market, here is a little story I told before.

Most of money I have ever made in the markets was oct 20th 1987. 87 crash.

17 thousand Dollars in 17 minutes and it turns out I made this moeny from George Soros ( of course Mr Barselinno mad 5 millions), but 17 t was good for me (:-

Not detracting anything from Dear Soros. Just telling like it is/was

Good Trading

boris said...

I will state one more, thing this is an education for all readers , subscribers.

When markets are volatile, for get the intrady ( forget completely alomst). It is the dailies that are in play, like last 2 weeks it was all those dailies that played.
I showed them to you.

I would also say that I have yet to see a single person that within hair precision caught the lows of July16 and October 8.

Also these dates were given weeks before (ha....).

Good Trading

John said...


I am not going anywhere. when you fold up your tent , I will fold up mine

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
You will always have a special place, whatever tent I have build with GODS help.

You are the best of the best USA has to offer.

God Bless you my Dear Friend.

Good Trading

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,

I wonder what will be higher sooner... the SPX or the spot price of gold (with both under 1000).