Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let us Celebrate the Knowledge

And Golden Anticipation.
Dear Readers, Our subscribes, Knew and patiently waited for the Bottoming of this market. And guess what like the old pros, everyone here was ready. From John, to Blaine to Lag to Waldo to Boris ( yours truly). We were full of anticipation. I could not engrave enough in everybody head that the DVY needed to be bought ( UP 9% almost in a single day, without leverage). Hallelujah!
What a bunch of traders we have here. Do not yet know if 1070 (only 50 points today's low) or 9999 on Dow only 500 points below the low of the day will come to pass or not. Nevertheless, anybody who did not see the bottoming as a process failed and missed and will miss it again. Bottom is time and price frame. Sometimes it can be caught exactly. Did anybody listen to Dear Blaine today!( Congrats) but more often it is preparation and readiness to strike when the time comes. We were ready today.
Let us celebrate the Home coming,maturation of this wonderful Blog and even more wonderful people, investors , subscribers who populate it daily.

And I miserable standalone ( always like this at times of truth) told you to SELL THE GOLD and SILVER at the height of 5-7% gain ( only excess not core holdings), Were did I get the courage when the world is shouting new bull market in GOLD to tell you that we are in the mini bear market and need to be unloading excess? I do not know, you maybe able to tell me after you worked with me for a while(:-

And for a weekend joke, I must tell you. I have a stock named after my initials. It is called BC. This freaking thing is up 12% today and up 50% since last July Bottom, which we have also called here flawlessly. ( BOATS ANYONE?)


John said...


You must have bought a bunch of boats

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
YOu got that right(:-

GOod Trading