Monday, September 22, 2008

Dollar Situation Alert

15:00 ET

Dear Subscribers. In light of today's and this weekends development, we are not changing our timeline of Dollar events, but we are changing the price possibilities of those time lines. That means that our outline remains in the time form, but changes in terms of where the actual highs and lows may end up regarding recent Dollar highs. Please see the PSITE for the text on this issue.

15:29 ET, Another small update has been added.

Couple words about the situation in USA and world. I have never said it was good, or you would not be on this site at this time. This site was created to warn people about the play WITH FIRE that sopitalists of the world are conducting in USA. So, just the fact that you are reading here is/should already indicate to you of all the things I had warned. Debasement of Dollar , Economic/Financial Rape etc. Which can not be in isolation , as it requires almost a police state to accomplish all of those things without taken to court.

What else is new? Well there are some things that are new. Apparently size of USA problems is as large or larger as the worst of those imagining had imagined.
Government is trying to push things fast and faster, to perhaps follow some other agenda as well. I am not sure exactly where they are leading us, but first they managed to put us on our knees, now they can do whatever they want. I do not know what is coming, but I look at cycles of history similar periods come up very prominently. Like 1930s. It has not lead to a good decade and a half and the coming decade and a half may not be better either.
What To Do?

I can not describe what to do. People are different with different needs and habits and persuasions. All I can say is that, please read the history of the world in years from 1920 to 1945 , see where have you been , imagine you are in 1939? What happened to the Major power then. Is that what could happen now? I can not answer this question for anybody. Everyone will have to answer these questions for themselves. I can try answer specific questions though. God Bless You, Force Be with you.


Aboot-Bull said...

what about crude can i short it here again ?

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good day.
An excellent time for an antidollar update and clarification. Thank you.
I look forward to the next seefuture chart with great anticipation.
Good trading to you.


boris said...

Dear aboot-bull
anything can be shorted any time. If you posess the technique and knowledge of the short term trading.

We do not recommend here trades to even subscribers.

We give them information to make the decisions

But we do not "give them" trades.

Good Trading

John said...



old john

boris said...

Dear Bert,
Good Trading
Thanks a lot My Dear friend.

JW said...

Dear Boris,

Does this change the mini bear scenario for gold and oil? Thanks Jay

lagscrew said...

buy sso 54.3

Aboot-Bull said...


John said...


Empire of Debt - that is what we are.

old john

boris said...

Dear Jw,
I prefer to think that that is not the case, at this time.
On the other hand if we see GOld Shoot to new highs, that could.

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

You have a pressure chart for dollar on the protected site. For us who are relatively new to your service, can you please add a few words of explanation to the chart so that it can be more accurately understood as I really don't know what the chart means.



boris said...

Dear Bob,

The pressure chart for Dollar ended up the for testing purposes.

I will publish it though today. I hope

Thanks My Dear Friend
and Good Trading