Friday, September 12, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE


curaki said...

Good morning Boris,
do you think today, it was the bottom for EURJPY?
Thanks, Ivan

boris said...

Dear Ivan,
Please see protected site for full answer
But I do not think so.
GOod Trading

cezarfi said...

Dear Boris,
Message on protected site understood.
I will never ask questions like I did yesterday on this site again.
I´m amazed that sophitalist did not stopped you and your site yet, literary or by making a financial offer you can not refuse.
If or when it happens I would understand, I would miss you,though, my friend.
Good trading&wish the very best to you.

boris said...

Dear Cezarfi,

SOpitalists can not buy me.
I was on WALL street making incredible amounts of money, spending too ( if you know my kids(:- )

But I could not take it any more. Born in the wild I want(ed) to be wild and die such( hopefull long time after SOPITALISTS all killed each other as their dreaded practices have finally caught on the masses).

I am a free person and could not breath the air in JPMorgan buildings it was all staffed with the cent that was too offensive to my humble upbringing. Their manners and arrogance, even is it did not work on me, their feeling of supeririority, which really is laughafable as they are just a modern day thieves did not appeal to me.

I was born on the wild rivers of RIONI of GEORGIA KUTAISI and in my heart I remain that a singular warrior figthing waves and waves of water,oil, currencies.

If it was not for my now departed mother, I would have never taken a book in my hands.

But being from the wild side, she insisted that I should not be and gave me 2*4 on my head just enough to shake my brains for somthing more useful than fighting the streams of wild waters.

Well, you can take the man out of wilderness( some call it nature ) and make him like WALL STREET, MULTINATIONALS, GOVERNMENT, CENTRAL Banking.

YOu see darwinism is all good, but what do you do when all the tools are owned by other side? How do you fight the injustice.

Dear GreenShades said there was a lot inequity in USA and world.

I wonder who helped create and sustain it. Wall Street is a primary mechanism of sopitalism , while the head is at the FED

Good Trading

John said...


Good morning

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
GOod MOrning to you

Good Trading

John said...


For your information- Mark L. lives in Houston and is evacuating. I saw it on the link on your site.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Dear Mark, L
Is a very very nice guy.
He has always been a good participant/contributor and now he does and excellent job on his own.

God Bles him

Good Trading

Wanderer said...

Dear Boris,
Good morning.
Thanks and have a great day - and weekend!
Good trading to you.


boris said...

Dear Bert,
GOod Day to you and our
Northern friends from CANADA

Good Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Dear Boris/all.

This is what I am seeing:
The weekly NDX has made a large triangle (from the top in December) and has broken down. If this is true, it is possible that she now is back testing the low side of the triangle.

What I think is that Dow and NDX is much higher at the 31th December or at the selection day in beginning of November. The time is running out soon for the bears and the regular bull run into the November 9 could be starting.

What I am waiting for is Oil to visit the 80's some time the next few month. The 30 year cycle pointing to a top in 2010 and should be higher than 147.

If there is some thing called a safe bet I think that would be long silver and short gold for the next years. Silver has fallen 50% and gold less. Silver is in a cycle that she should out perform gold.

And then it is timing. Here is Boris the master. I sold my puts yesterday morning which was bought a month ago and are flat. I am no day trader (it is to emotional for me).

Kind regards

boris said...

Very good Staff,
Dear Howard,
I must say that I agree with majority of the things, minus details that always look different on closer examination.

Thanks a lot
Good Trading