Wednesday, September 10, 2008

attraction points(Apoints)

1217 1210 1200 1187 spx 1244 1251 1261 1274
Looks like a lackluster day that fits into Little spike but not more than that. We may have a day or two more like this.


JVE said...

Very quiet forum today, sort of an eerie feeling when things go this quiet...

boris said...

Dear Jve,
I guess everybody know what to do.

WHat is on board must be all to clear.

GOod Trading

sharon said...

gold and silver are dumped by investors. new age?

boris said...

Dear Sharon,
That is the best time to be accumulating

Good Trading
Slowly, but Surely

Hopper said...

Hi Boris,
Are your Daily Update APs for SKF ok?

boris said...

Dear Hopper,
It looks fine to me
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אנטי-סופיטליסט said...


John said...


I did okay today again. Was quiet for some unknown reason.

Waiting for the ybr days

old john

John said...


Did you watch ENER today.
that thing moves.

old john

boris said...

Dear john, I did not watch ENER.
But id did seem to make a very nice move up following the drubbing of previous 2-3 days though(:-

I think this may base with energy stocks in general. It was a BUY on the shakers list at much much lower prices.
Good Trading

John said...


I remember ENER but I chose JRCC instead. I did fine but the indexes are just about enough for me.

Old john