Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Please note the intra info and market outline for today at Psite
Frankly My Friends, Market is already acceding my projections into later high. Do not know what to think about it. It is either a rocket or we just come back to normal move.
I am sorry, I am beginning to worry that there are no solutions to USA problems. I had looked today at Rober Reichs Blog and what I saw made me realise, we are doomed. Sorry, this is first time I have expressed this opinion and I am truly sorry for it is what i see.
You see hundreds of people with zero market and/or economic savvy that advise the government about "how to solve the crisis". Everybody wants Nanny State , for themselves, of course. I looked seriously at what is going on there and I lost hope. ECONOBUBBLEHEADS will never realise what hit them and will go for help to the same people ( SOPITALISTS) that hit them. Hallelujah! our beloved USA, melting pot of the world showing the light for the future has finally melted. It is all done. Nothing unites more than the desire for the government that does something "for me" individually and hell with everybody else. Yes the pot is melted and CROOKS won. That is exactly what they wanted. Nobody has a solution of SMALL GOVERNMENT THAT OBEYS CONSTITUTION. I fear the directions this herd can be taken into. GOD HELP US


boris said...

Dear Lag,
Good luck
welcome back
GOod trading

John said...


I like the "BroadBrush" commentary on the market. thanx

old john

boris said...

Dear John
Thanks you very much
My Dear Friend

I am here for all of you.

Whatever I can, whenever I can,
I will hold nothing back

GOod Trading

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Boris, I am a little confused about the time posted on psite. I am not a military man so don't understand military time. thank you for comments. waldo.

boris said...

Dear Waldo,
Sorry again.

Look there again. Sorry

Good Trading My Dear Friend

John said...


0300 hrs- 3 AM-

0600 hrs-- 6AM

1200 hrs-- noon

1800 hrs- 6 PM

2 yrs USMC -plus 30 years other employment using military time:)

old john

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...

Thank you Boris and john, very helpful, now I can go start my apple jack. 50 gallon of it. waldo.

lagscrew said...

buy GLD 85.5

אנטי-סופיטליסט said...


I have expressed this many times on the site. It is the nature of every Empire to become big, bloated and soft. The turning point in my eyes was the " volunteer" army. It is not volunteer but uses poor people with a lack of education ( like they did me). When no one wants to fight for their own country, it is over. I am not saying I agree with all of our global excusions, I think Iraq was a huge military error, but when the general population refuses to fight. It is over.

old john

boris said...

Dear John,
Iraq, was not a huge militiary error, in my opinion.

What it was is the NATION BUILDING in IRAQ, whcih DUBYA started in spite of stating exactly contrary during the elections.

He said. "I will not go into nation building"

But that is what he did and that is the mistake.

I did think that few people needed to be hit on their head couple times, So that they could remember what could become to them, if they tried again 9/11 thing

But from there to 9 years 9 trillion dollars and 90 thousand war verterans on medical support was not my idea about what needed to be done.

Dear Bush turned IRAQ into 150 OIL and that is exactly what VP wanted too.

That is not what I bargained for, but I made my last mistake, like those people on the REICHS blog today.

Never ask GOV/SOPITALISTS for anything, you do not know what you get for

Good Trading Dear John

Totally agree, People not wanting to fight for their government. So, draft was not needed, because they drafted Social Security to destroy the purchasing power, while paying for the "rented army"

Sorry, Dear Friend , I understand you and I do admint my mistakes in my judgement. Never ask this GOV to do anything in my life. I never did before, I never will again

John said...

My last rant, not good for the blood pressure. Cheny had 5 draft deferments when he was 18 to 22. I am his age. Now he is the champion of military might. What a f###ing joke.

old john

JW said...

Dear Boris,

I am sad to see you turn to the negative on the USA, it really pains me, but I am not surprised. I have had great fear all along, and still do. Not for myself, but for our children.

When the country has a president like Bush and senators like Peliosi and Reid, how could we be anything but doomed.

Visit San Fransisco if you want to see what the rest of the country will be like in 20 years.

Iraq was nation building. Am I wrong or have I read we are building the two biggest military bases in the mideast there?

Will we also be turning these over to the Iraq's?

boris said...

Dear Jim,
So true.

Yes, you mention exactly right people. USSR enslaved people exactly vi the same methods.

Dump your parents. State will tace care of them
DUmp Your husband we will raisy your single parent child

Make people dependent on state and then PUF! gone. No more USSR, no more pensions , no more anything the SOPITALISTS(formemrly calling themselves COMMUNISTS) took over the resources and factories and that was it.

I wonder! Am I stupid, does anybody see the parallels?

Looking at those people at the Reichs Blog, how can I conclude anything else.

One guy was actually spelling out.

"hey, my house is underwater, mortgage costs are higher than the value of it. And I have three friends down the road all in the same situation and..." Just give us the money. Or make the home values go up...

My GOD I am speachless
I am numb. I feel nothing.
Just emptyness all around our great country.

I never felt so helpless before in my life. The people I despise most won. I do not know If I can make any difference for the masses anymore, while I can hopefully try to save few souls.

I feel like I am on TITANIC, the final grab is ON. Hope to wake up to something better, but I doubt!

Good Trading

tim9lives said...

Dear Boris and John,,,I fully understand what you say about USA and military.
And I agree about Volunteer army using the poor,,,and it is sad IMO when I think of these young men who are patriots,,,nieve,,,but still patriots.
However,,,it is not that most Americans are not willing to fight for our country IMO,,,,it is more-so that the educated class has studied history IMO,,,,and concluded that most wars in recent years have been fought for wrong reasons,,,and in many cases one can even say lies. That is why we have not had Congress Declare War in Korean War, Vietnam War, and Iraq Wars,,,these were all "Police Actions" so to speak.
They did not dare to have a real declaration of war,,,because that would require an honest discussion of the impending war.
I say if Americans ever were threatened in the future,,,really threatened,,, and told the truth about a future war being absolutely necessary for survival of the USA,,,,I am sure in my heart that volunteers would be knocking down the doors to join and defend the USA.
But,,,when I look at the world today,,,I don't see many countries which would want to threaten the USA in that way.
I see the threat as economic in nature,,,,and I always think of Stalin who said he would defeat the USA without ever firing a shot.
I think when we do get defeated,,,it will be without ever having a shot fired,,,for we will defeat ourselves.
Corruption and human nature are the enemy of the USA IMO.
Take care--Tim

John said...


I agree totally


FYI my wife loves you. Made enough coffee money this week to take her to the Cubs game in milwaukee.

old john

boris said...

Dear Tim,
Corruption In USA is legislated. You needed to bribe in USSR here you make contributions.

The only problem to make the free speech( lobby) work without corruption is to have constant money and let people legitimately fight for a pie that commensurate to the economy. Then some reasonable distribution of wealth and power appear.

I am afraid, after bringing the FEDeral (un)Reserves in to the picture we lost that and it became possible for the lobbiests to grab the "GROWING" ( really(:- nu, INFLIETED - see VOcabulary) pie first and does creating the SOPITALISM possible in dimentions unthinkable before.

Wise were the old MiddleEast thinkers who thought that money was the root of all EVIL, but now even ARAB countries are drawn into the Untraditional Loans. SOUKUS that call them.

My Dear Friends Older Egiptions had an exactly right Idea. You start fiddling with debt and you are dead. Moral goes out as soon somebody ( bank, borrower) sees OPM ( this is different from what you think) this is Other Peoples Money

Good Trading

boris said...

Dear John,
I hope that there are many Johns in the world , who I can still help. I certainly had my ego handed to me when I realised that there is so much shouting in this world that my now feeble voice no more cuts it.

But hey! I can get over my incapabilities...

Tell you Wife I love her too... brotherly way of course(:-

Good Trading

jimww said...

Dear boris I just wanted to say thank you for all you try to do for the little traders of the world , I try to tell people about your site to help you. How it went for me yesterday I bought sso at 52.39 in the morning and it fell immediately so I knew I was in for a hard day sweating, hung on and sold at 52.41 cause I knew they would hit it the last hour which they did but could not buy the last 13 minute rally too fast then today the rally with no selling in this fake credit crisis and I am sitting looking again . Oh well all we can do is keep fighting and try and take some money from the crime bosses. I understand your hope for America it is troubling but let us fight on and do what we can , I am just a little guy with few resourses could barly get an up tick yesterday and now can not get a down tick to let me in , I am discouraged but NOT beaten let us as human beings keep up the good fight , help all the little people in any which way we can till the end of time. Jim

boris said...

Dear Jim
I shall try!

Sometimes just exahuation gets me
But I am a darn good market forecaster ha!

GOod Trading

pit5577 said...

Money is not evil. Money is a great invention of humanity. It enables exchange and thus wealth.

There are 3 problems:
2)creation of money only as debt
3)monopoly issuance

Money nowadays is only borrowed into existance, be it by banks via fractional reserve banking, be it by the FED. That s a ponzi scheme and not sustainable as everyone can see who did not (only if he did not) attend an economy class at university.

States criminalize the issuance of money by any other than the central banks. So those decide the destiny of the country. We need competition in this sector as well.

Another point, and probably the most important is, that the scheme of the international mafia is: take debt in the name of a nation and get paid the interest for this debt. I think that´s the basis of the whole scheme.

We humans can invent nwe things, and my proposal is the creation of new forms of money: we may have different forms of money which perform different tasks: need to store wealth, and to circulate as money. These are different tasks.
The circulation money can, e.g., delberately be given the quality to loose worth in a certain time and thus will be spent readily. Only one possibility, as example for:
we humans can go forward in our inventions. We invented money and find serious problems with our inventions. Now we make further inventions in this sector. We improve and evolve.

WE ARE NOT DOOMED! We can change the conditions, and it will make a better world!

There are not few groups working on this subject, on the whole world. Many are stupid and have a lot of misconceptions and thus discredit the idea.
But I think that s the way to solution.

boris said...

Dear Pit,
Nobody is doomed forever, but we are doomed in the next few Years, because as forecaster that is what I see.

If I turn out to be wrong that will not be first time.

Yes , problem with the money is exactly what you said. The Ability to create it out of the thin air. And as long as that ability rests within the MAFIA , FED we will be doomed.

Mone is the source of EVIL was the EGIPTION/MUSLIM JEWISH too idea and not exactly in the term of money, but the "interest".

As you said that is the part where MAFIA makes the money.

In any case.

There is not lack of technology to do anything, but MAFIA will keep doing what they want, because that is the way it is.

I do not disagree with anything you say. Except with the premise that somehow techies can rule the aspects of the money..

Money is a very low tech staff. It is a book entrie and computers make those entries very easy, but it is still FIAT.

Good Trading

pit5577 said...

Ok right to the aspect of FIAT, right, that s also a critical point.
Therefore a friend of mine developped a system where money is created by every individual and is backed by his promise to fullfil the said value in form of work.

That is: this money is kind of time based, it represents hours of work. People may freely agree on a factor of how they value the respective work such as 1 hours work of a neuro surgeon is more worth than 1 work of gardening.

This approach should solve the problems of money supply. A gold backing is no sense as it does not adapt to the quantity of value that exists, or really, is created by work and ingenuity, but a currency must do that, adapt to the quantity; to the upside, and to the downside also.

These are innovative approaches. You won t hear about exactly that idea often (other than other models which are, as I mentioned, more widely discussed) but this is courageous new thinking even if it appears simple. Or rather, the thing is not as complicated as we are made to believe. This is only a trick to keep us from organizing ourselves. You said it, too: money is simple. Especially in giro form. Numbers in computers. Point is to have it represent the existing value, for not to have inflation or deflation but stable money.

The idea may sound ridiculous. That s why I call it courageous: the courage to appear ridiculous while it s not at all ridiculous but exactly the thing to do.