Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attraction Points(Apoints),ASIA & EUROPE

Just watching this chart, there is a bit of a something missing for me get really excited about shoring it. That is for the normalised oscillator to make a bit more progress to the upper limits shown in the past , 19 area on the graph
Please, remember, Market that is "SUPPOSED TO BREAK" and does not break, Will probably rally stronger than anybody can imagine. Do not fight this market. Stop yourself out and go live for another day, if the shorts do not work. IF MARKET DEMONSTRATES STRENGTH HERE AND JUMPS OVER 1330-40 area, One has got nothing to fight this market with. It is too strong . I can only hope that nobody waits for 1340 before getting themselves out, because the stops have to be tighter than 2-5 SPX points, I play even less ( 1-2 points). And even less when I watch the markets 10 cents on Qs. If I could not trade that way, I would try to scale in and even big points will translate into small loss as the trade amount is small. If I could not afford to lose much chasing market then I would wait for it to go down 1234 or 1247 ( as a minimum) before contemplating to find short entry point. Remember, as NONE MACHO as this sounds, it is easier to hit the man/market when he/it is down recovering a bit, than when it is up strong.

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